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  1. You can also get velcro ones here. Snazzy Show Supplies
  2. One of my girls had an injury to a back leg. Rushed her to local vet (my normal vet had already closed for the day) - he took an xray and straight away started talking an operation and back then quoted me around $3000. I saw my own vet the next day who referred me to the specialists at Chermside Vet Clinic. They were really good there. She had a slight tear in the cruciate and fractured toes in the foot. At the time my bitch was possibly pregnant so they splinted the leg and said we'll wait till we find out if she was or not before we take the next step. Well yes she was....so the specialist said it will make no difference if she needed an operation and to just kept her crated and walked on lead for toilet. The leg was splinted. (Poor girl trying to pee with a bellyful and a leg she couldnt bend). Anyway...the splint cut her hock open and so the vet put a few staples in the hock and said we'd leave the splint off until after the bubs. Fast forward....pups born and raised....back to specialist to find out the next step. They watched her move, looked at the leg etc etc and said nope, she wont need the operation now but may always have a limp. Luckily for me I have since had her back in the show ring, and to this day she has never limped on it at all. I am so glad that I did seek a second opinion and spent the money to go to a specialist.
  3. Member of Breed Club and have always gone to Breed Club meetings and fun days etc organised by the club ....however this year became a member of the Management Committee. My daughter is the Trophy Steward. We are also involved with our local Kennel Club - I am the Secretary and my daughter is the Vice President / Training Co-ordinator and we run show handling classes every week for new ppl to come along / and for exp ppl that have new dogs etc. We always like to encourage the new ppl at training and will help them get on their feet at shows and to meet ppl in their own group etc.... and we always love it when the newbie comes up and tells us of their successes - always nice to hear !! We recently took along some dogs to the Guide Dogs Open day and walked around letting ppl pat them etc and talking about the breed and buying from registered breeders etc......and are more than happy to chat to ppl on the phone or ppl that stop us out and about (probably talk wayyyy too much) Was involved with obedience as well, but that has taken a back seat unfortunately due to all our other committments at the moment. Have also trained in agility and flyball...but again, just not enuff time.
  4. So I am curious as to what defines a petrol Champion/Grand Champion? Do we just assume that those that cannot win groups are running all over looking for easy wins? There are people who compete only in the Metro always and have very little competition, (or those that always win easily in their breed) but are unable to crack the groups, but they pick up their breed wins and therefor the 1000 points. Are these petrol Champions? What about those that have a huge amount of Runnerup in Group or runnerup in show wins? But they still get their 1000 points? Are they petrol champions? Would you call someone who say picks up approx 20pt breed wins and lots of RUBIG a petrol Champion? What about those that are now chasing the group wins to qualify for the new titles, they are the ones travelling all over the country side chasing judges and small shows to get the wins. Why are they not called petrol Champions? I dont understand why we are lumping everyone in the same box. I am all for bringing back the old rules of Grand Champion and bringing in a Supreme Champion.. it makes everyone happy, well almost.. there are always going to be those that just complain for the sake of it. KR There are dogs that are worthy of being Grand Champions as they are great ambassadors and great examples for "their" breed....If ppl are now given the incentive to keep going towards a Grand, then hopefully numbers will pick back up again. Lets hope !!
  5. There are some mini's on the DOL breeders pages....2 advertised are in Queensland. Are you looking for a pet or something to show ? Or if you contact me in about a weeks time, I may be able to help you.
  6. I will also collect entries from anyone coming to show training on Wednesday night as well. So get those entries in !!
  7. Not all Labs are the same and they do have different personalities. I have one here that does not like water, hates getting her feet wet - yet her offspring love the water. Some dig, some chew stuff up, some retrieve, and others couldnt care less - and that ranges from babies through to seniors. Some are fine inside, others would demolish the house in 2 seconds flat.....and all of my dogs are raised the same way. The main similarity is that they all love their food though.
  8. Breed average for Labradors is 12 (it is probably a bit higher, but not everyone submits their results, so therefore a false average is created). A score of 5:7 is better than a score of 0:12 - even though both are technically under the breed average. Elbows are much more hereditary than hips, as hip scores can vary due to many environmental things. I certainly wouldnt stress over a total score of 5. Elbows on the other hand I'd be a lot more stricter over.
  9. You could go and see David with the bullies at Morayfield - he can look at her cells under a microscope and see where she is at. Lot cheaper than prog testing.
  10. I would hate to have been manipulated by a breeder in this way; i like to think that purchasing a puppy is a team effort where open honest communication is exercised. Gees...call it how you like - I dont see it as manipulation at all, but gentle persuasion. Yep, seeing as you dont know the whole long and lengthy conversations that entailed beforehand I guess its easy just to assume there was a lack of communication.
  11. I let my puppy ppl pick....well okay....too a certain extent. I had 2 pups left in one litter.... a very laid back boy and a much more outgoing pup. The man came to buy one for his 11 year old twin boys.... of course the laid back one went straight up to him and in his lap. He was smitten... oh yes, he liked this one... I felt that with twin boys, the outgoing pup would be better..... so I told him that the laid back pup was a barker.... loves the sound of his own voice...yaddy yaddy.... then he started looking at the other boy and after awhile said oh no...I like this one. :D Job done... he thinks he "chose" the puppy The other pup went to live with an older lady, who was most impressed how the pup came to her trained to sit and drop... um...we had not trained it to do that. But he was just that sort of pup and she loved that he was very laid back. Alternatively, there really are lots of ways you can get around it. A lot of people like to pick their puppies. My last litter, both the new owners said you pick for us as we like them all and cant decide. I like to find out what the ppl are after... invite them out a few times to see the pups - watch how they interact. Pups change as they grow as well. I have found that sometimes a more confident pup in the litter, isn't quite like that when you take it away from the "security". Sometimes when you take the more dominant puppy out of the mix, the little wallflower starts to bloom and a different pup emerges.
  12. I recently had a lady on my waiting list for a puppy. Then they started to really think about the work involved with a wee baby...and we had lots of lengthy discussions about it and she decided to go for a 4 month old that I had run on. Well, she is over the moon and they love him to bits. She was happy that she did go for the older one, as he had already been out and about, was lead trained, and she says he runs around with the kids but acts differently around one of the kids that has aspergers. Often breeders do have older dogs - dogs not scoring good enough to breed with, but are suitable for pet homes.... or ex show dogs that may have just hated the show ring. We have limits on what we can keep, and as hard as it is, sometimes its better for the dogs to go to a family home where they can be spoilt rather than being one of many. As for the pricing....I've seen pet shops sell chocolate labs for over $1800 or labradoodles for the same - so for a pup from a registered "ethical" breeder, who does all the health checks and breeds quality dogs - then I don't think $1500 is excessive at all. I've seen them range anywhere from $1000 to over $2500 - the latter being too much for a pet IMO. Sure you can buy them cheaper if you look around...but also have a look at the quality of the dogs. Have a look at the "breeders" that advertise gold or cream coloured Labs (labs don't come in those colours and breeders that "know" their stuff wouldnt advertise them like that)... what do they do with their dogs ? Do they have 2 pets in the back yard and just breed them ? I've seen some shocking adverts for pups.... eg. litter due in 3 weeks....will all be SHOW quality pups. Cripes...wish I had their crystal ball. Labradors are a popular breed - that is true. But unfortunately that has its problems of ppl just breeding because they are popular.
  13. I know someone familiar with progesterone supplements etc. Here is a link to his website about it. Giving Progesterone You can always give David a call or an email and ask him questions - he is always very helpful.
  14. Bump Hoping someone knows. I think its only Best of Breed, Puppy of Breed and Baby of Breed. Not sure about reserve though.
  15. I logged in and it brought up my details and let me put in an address and a breed as well.
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