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  1. Do u mean EIC ? I know it is a relatively new test. Some breeders have had their dogs tested, and others think its a waste of money and arent bothering to do it. It isn't compulsory. I had the opportunity to have a test done on my young boy. I got a deal on coat colour test and the EIC test. To be honest, I only really had it done as his father turned out to be a "carrier" and as he is planned for the future I wanted to know. Thankfully he came back clear (yah) But there does seem to be a fair few dogs that are being tested as being "carriers". Not sure how many are actually "affected" though. Dont think there is enough being tested to get an actual picture of what is going on. Maybe in spite of what was posted about PRA, maybe those not chosing to do it are right and that it is a waste of money. Labradors have been around a long time before EIC popped up..... so dont think its "that" detrimental. But time will tell. I think hip and elbow scoring and PRA testing (as long as it is accurate :rolleyes: ) is much more of a priority as far as health testing.
  2. I've seen a few labs with skin problems as pups, and either a change of diet or some treatment for skin mites and the problem has resolved itself. Heard one vet says it was linked to puberty and hormone changes as well.....but I would of thought not in a young pup. Good luck though....I do hope it is something simple and not major like some poor dogs get.
  3. ;) I dont have a problem with the requirements of being an accredited breeder - just the costs involved. Times are tough !! As Oakway said.......there are unethical breeders everywhere so any new scheme, new association etc is not going to make a brass razoo of a difference. When I first joined - it was a PUREBREED dog forum....full of breeders offering great words of wisdom and experience far beyond anything you see on here these days. I didnt see the abuse and the rudeness to new ppl that joined asking questions, or towards ppl that have a difference of opinion. Things were discussed and in most cases, resolved by an "agree to disagree" or some valuable advice was given and a happy pet owner. DOL has grown a lot since then....there are a lot more "pet" people coming here (and not saying thats a bad thing) - and so then the breeders got their own seperate forum, but unfortunately, a lot of the ppl that had so much to offer have left the site because of all the nastiness etc......... and it really is such a shame ;)
  4. Dog shows have always been for entire dogs - so I dont think that has anything to do with the drop in numbers in the show ring. Perhaps it has to do with the nasty ppl around the showring. Since we started showing, we've seen quite a lot of new ppl come and go in that time. Everyone is your friend when you are new, but start winning and then its amazing the change in some ppl. Plus there is the costs involved - entries, petrol etc. The dog limits on how many dogs ppl can own etc makes it hard. When the oldies are retiring and you cant have any more until they go.... then what do u do ? The Friday night shows - well that makes it hard for ppl that work to attend these shows - so a drop in numbers. The fact that we can't camp or stay over at the grounds any more for double shows means that ppl that would drive down for the weekend, now don't bother. Well then all the dogs with vasectomies or that are naturally sterile could go in the neuter classes then. Yeh well whatever....see above..... nice dogs in peoples yards can be shown in neuter classes.... if ppl are that passionate about wanting to do it, then support the neuter classes or keep your dog entire. Next thing is people will be wanting to show dogs that are on the Limited Register - cos then they'll be claiming its discrimination yaddy yaddy.... what next...cavoodles, labradoodles, mutts ? There are plenty of activities for "nice" dogs to do without turning a dog show into a "pet" show. Where do you draw the line ?? What if you are a newbie to the show ring..... you come out with your dog - who just happens to be an outstanding example of the breed and all of a sudden ppl are approaching you wanting to use your dog at stud ? Just maybe, your thoughts on never wanting to breed may be changed and just maybe, you'd love to see some puppies from your beloved following in their dads footsteps...and maybe, it might help to encourage or increase the rapidly declining purebred dog world. Breed clubs could hold fun days....thats what mine used to do. You'd go along with your dogs, there were activities to do.... we'd have obedience demonstrations, agility courses set up, flyball demos, retrieving demos, drug detection dogs, and fun games to do with your dogs - you could chat with breeders etc.... thats where you get to see what breeders are producing.
  5. Well I for one consider dog showing is to showcase "breeding" dogs. If a dog has a vasectomy cos it is sterile - then its not IMO lines suitable for breeding and should not be in the showring. There are probably dogs being shown, that will never be bred from because they are naturally sterile, and who would know ? Doesnt mean I have to think that it is right.
  6. Teamsnag..... that could of been a bad accident If you look up the latest Dogworld there are some other clubs that entries go to Joy and her phone number is in there (I rang her to let her know I had some more entries that I had collected coming for the Caboolture show). If you cant find it, let me know and I'll PM it to you.
  7. very sad if ppl are doing this........ it kind of adds a bit more to the other thread on here about ppl cheating...... to me showing a dog that has a vascetomy is "cheating"
  8. trailer tampering at SACA in south oz - and it wasn't young kids trailer tampering happens in QLD too
  9. Hi Kaffy - I would think not. I've owned dogs from down south that stayed on their paperwork (they were already registered in my name). Those that I sent in to have transferred from breeder to my name then came back on Dogs Qld paperwork. And if you show your dogs and then get titles etc...I think they will then put them on to Dogs Qld forms. The registration numbers all stay the same for the dog as obviously that differentiates what state the dog was bred in by the first number/s. But you could always give them a call and ask them just to be sure.
  10. It was Australian Air Express and I checked the price on my receipt and it was actually $31.00 - that was airport to airport though.
  11. OT but.. I have met a lab with what is beleived to be EIC (no test done, it's only a pet) and I was with him once during an episode the symptoms were more seizure like, the dog I know which likely has it sort of freezes from the rear end forward but his eyes stay aware and he looks frightened. After a time lapse (I think at the longest was like 15 minutes) it's like he begins to unfreeze and gets back feeling slowly in his front limbs (upon which he gets up and tries to walk but can't ) and it moves back until his rear end has feeling again, the time I was with him we then helped him stand and he just gave us this cheeky look took a few wobbly steps and was off running again. I've never seen it myself (thankfully)....but must of been quite scary for the owners I would imagine and yourself seeing it as well.
  12. Sure Teamsnag - I'll let you know as soon as I have them in my hot little hands
  13. Thats my PO box so I'll check it today and I have another one to post, so will send them to Joy together. Glad I checked the DogsQld site out as they still have my contact email address incorrect.
  14. I had semen shipped up from Sydney to Brisbane and it only cost $39 for same day service ?? Or are you guys referring more about frozen semen ? (obv the overseas stuff is, but I meant local)
  15. Banjo looks like a lab or goldie is that right ? If so, one thing to be on the look out for is EIC. But if you say the neighbours kids let him out and he run around like crazy, then I doubt it would be that. EIC = Exercise Induced Collapse Briefly, it just means that dogs affected by it can collapse (and sometimes die) after strenuous exercise. Its probably been around for a long time, just we couldnt test for it back then.
  16. My guess is that he has been fence running in excitement at the dogs playing down the back.....and its quite warm and muggy out...so he has probably just got overexcited. I would hose his feet and under his tummy....and try to encourage him to rest so he can cool down. The blood could be from running at the fence. My guys when playing will often come up puffing and panting and some hop in the water bowls, or I have several clam pools and they will come and sit or lie down in them. My aussie and my high energy Lab are kept in a run during the day, as they play a lot and would keep running around all day and possibly overheat. However, I would still keep an eye on him for any other signs just to be on the safe side.
  17. Unfortunately the entries arent coming direct to the club, but instead going to the cataloguer - so we dont know what entries are received etc. However they will still be accepted up to the weekend (as far as I am aware)....so if you posted it today, you should be right.
  18. NOPE, I've just accepted that those too frightened of being subjected to scrutiny will condemn anyone who has the courage to stand up and be counted. All I see written here is a reaction to fear of discovery. Belittle, discount, condemn and take all steps to destroy something which is threatening to you. I'm a much more positive person than to choose to become part of that. And yes, I'M AN ACCREDITED BREEDER !!!!!! AND PROUD OF IT. Can you say that No I didin't think so. No... but I'm not afraid to stand up and say ...... I'm an ETHICAL breeder and proud of it I dont find the new system threatening at all. All my dogs have health checks, all results are here should any "official" wish to view them - dogs that have not passed are desexed and rehomed. I've read the accreditation scheme and yes I can tick all the boxes....... but , and everyone keeps saying its $22....but its not just that fee - its the advertising fees as well to go into Dog World (as this is also one of the requirements). Not everyone can keep affording to pull money out of nowhere all the time. Unethical breeders are still going to become accredited and anyone that doesnt beleive this can happen is seriously kidding themselves.
  19. Thanks Pixie_meg and Hesa Well done to you to Pixie....I just read your post about your dog cutting its toe. Hope it wasnt too bad
  20. For anyone that lives on the northside and Durack is too far to go - the Caboolture Kennel Club also do show training held up at the Elimbah Sports Ground at Elimbah on a Wednesday night. Starts at 7 pm till around 8 pm. Feel free to PM me for details. Thanks
  21. Thanks TeamSnag Well done Crazy Daisy Our baby is called "Gem" And agreed it was a long night and we didnt get home till wee hours of the morning.
  22. But Steve HOW do you know that all your members are "ethical" ??
  23. Its not just $22 though - you have to also pay to advertise in the Dog World as well - which is $75 for one small line I think it is. I looked into the whole thing, downloaded all the forms....but its really another fee and just more money each year - its just getting really ridiculous. But I also agree that it is wrong to say that anyone that is accredited is "better" than anybody else, just like the MDBA saying that cos a breeder is with them, then that makes them more ethical or better.
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