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  1. Definately an old wives tale !! So many ppl say it to me when they see the labs sprawled out like frogs - I just chuckle...... my oldest girl has moderate hip dysplasia and has always done it (so its definately NOT a sign of good hips) My young boy does it and he has 1:1 hips.....another girl does it 3:4 hips As for the squiffy sit......I do remember someone telling me at dog obedience once that was a sign of bad hips if they sit off to one side. Ummmm.......I dont think so on that one either. My girl that does it has 0:0 hips. I do note that she does not do the frog thing at all though.
  2. A bit late for you now......but one of the things I tell people that ring me looking for a Labrador puppy. For starters, sadly not all registered breeders are ethical. Anyway....I always tell them to ask to see the hip and elbow scores of the parents and DO NOT take the breeders word. Ask...if they do not show them too you... thank them and walk away. I am probably over pedantic when I have puppy ppl here.... I show them hip and elbow scores, PRA certificates, basically any bit of paper I have on the dogs that I have bred. A lot say, but we don't know what we are looking at. I say first get them to show you....write the scores down.... ring me back. I was the same once.....with our first Lab we asked if the parents had been hip and elbow scored......YES they had. Great we said (and this was before it was compulsory), but we thought well its been done and they bred them, so must mean they are good scores.....ummm.......turns out, not. Our dog has moderate hip dysplasia. She is quite old, has had no hip operations, nothing. She is starting to get athritis now...but she'd still try and chase a ball if we let her. Its not the end of the world and too many vets say "operate now to prevent problems"....but if it isnt broken, then dont try and fix it. If we hadnt of decided to go down the path of being a breeder, we would of never got her scored.....we would never have known there was a problem. She would of got to this ripe old age and just put her slowness down to aging and athritis etc. Back at the time, we rang the owner of the stud dog (pups were registered in her name, not the bitches owners) and told her the score. She said she would never let her dog go back over that bitch again.....but you know what...she did.....another 2 times We never asked for anything from any of them...... we learnt a hell of a lot from it..... and also would never refer that stud dog owner to anyone that asks who has puppies.... Do I think the breeder in your case was wrong ? Yes I do. But I also wouldnt go looking for a problem thats potentially not there.
  3. Dont remember what the advert was about..... just remember a springer spaniel.....and the dog saying "kick it to me, kick it to me" Guide Dogs = Labradors
  4. I had a bitch that didnt put on weight but developed boobs complete with milk. We thought for sure she would only have a small litter......the vet ultrasounded her at 8 weeks (I did want an x-ray, but he said U/S was better).......and no pups. Had another one also scanned at 4 weeks and vet said no babies in there......not showing any other signs - but will find out in a few weeks if vet was wrong.
  5. Are you a member of your local breed club (if there is one)? Yes If you are a member, what kinds of activities take place that you are involved in? Dog showing. Have done a breed meet and greet with a couple of my dogs at a local pet shop and sold raffle tickets there for the club as well. If you are not a member, why not? N/A What kinds of activities would you like to see more of in your local breed club? We used to have a FUN day where Labrador owners could come along and play some games with their dogs - musical mats, fancy dress, simon says, 3 legged races, fastest eater etc. You could win prizes. We had demos of obedience, agility, flyball, drug detection, retrieving etc...and apart from the drug work, we encouraged ppl to have a go with their dogs. We always took along a few dogs and always chatted to the public and it is how I met one of my closest friends. Unfortunately we don't seem to hold them anymore - which is such a shame as we always had a good turn out. Is your breed club involved in Breed rescue? Yes they are.
  6. Well I do have a bit of a weird one here...... Entire bitch - aged 4 Older desexed bitch - aged 9 When I'm out just sitting/relaxing/patting the dogs.... the entire bitch rolls on to her back under the older bitch and tries to suckle milk from her. No hip movements though......just like a pup trying to get milk from her mother. Except this bitch is not her mother. (and complete with the slurping sound too) The only connection was when the bitch was a baby, the older bitch did get in the whelping box and fed the pups just the once (she was a great mother in her time). I have no idea why she does it, and its not all the time - it seems to be something triggers it off - possibly an attention seeking thing. I've never really stressed "too" much about it, just thought it was weird. Just recently the entire bitch was mated, got milk of her own...but turned out not to be pregnant...but during the waiting to see if she was pregnant she then started to try to suckle her younger sister who was in season and she did not appreciate the gesture at all - but its normally the older one she'll do it too (just they were seperated at the time). Interestingly the older bitch is very good at letting me know a bitch is coming in, as she flirts with them - long before the male dog is interested. The last litter of pups I had here, the pups were humping each other at 6 weeks old. I thought WOW thats a little bit early to be doing that sort of stuff. Maybe theres something to the fact some lines mature earlier than others..
  7. I'd submit Noir anyway if you like it.....the worst thing is they'll knock you back. Or Labnoir....... I couldnt see them knocking back Noir cos of Shadownoir.... otherwise they'd knock back all the names say starting with "Cool" cos someone elses starts with that. If you went for something like Shadonoir - then yes that would be knocked back for sure. Thats the way I understand it anyway. I cant complain as I got my first pick. Good luck.
  8. I remember a few years ago we brought up an older pup/young dog from Tasmania. When we got there to pick him up, they wheeled him out and the guys just opened the crate straight up. I kinda screamed....noooo he doesnt know us. Luckily he didnt come flying out of the crate, but instead looked at us and then came out slowly so I could slip a lead on him. I think they must of thought he was "our" dog already as he was older and thought he'd be happy to see us. But I thought WOW I can see how dogs escape at airports if they just tend to "open" crates without asking any questions. As for the pup....I'd be pretty peeved if it was my pup at the airport and they let some "stranger" give it a cuddle. I'd appreciate the staff reassuring the pup / giving a drink perhaps, but would like to think that hygiene was adhered to before hand.
  9. Dogs will be there for the morning....some probably after lunch as well. Depends how long the show takes. My suggestion would be that if you want to see a lot of different breeds is to get up there early.... around 9.30 am when the show starts. Its a bit hard if you want to see a specific breed as we cannot tell you a time they will be on - you just have to sit and wait really, or you can walk around and perhaps talk to a few ppl.
  10. Great news - the pups are gorgeous and looks like their "special mum" did a good job with them. Congratulations to all involved - nice to hear a good story for a change
  11. Camping is available at the showgrounds - you need to pay the caretaker at the grounds though and not CKC.
  12. Just a reminder to everyone that is coming to the show - The show is on at the Caboolture Show Grounds this Sunday 20th February. Entry is via GATE 3 ONLY on Beerburrum Road - do bare in mind that the markets are on so take care driving in the area. OPEN SHOW - 8.00 AM start CHAMP SHOW - 9.30 AM start There are NO sweepstakes (this was a misprint in the catalogue) See you all there !!
  13. Well I've just gone through the exercise of emailing a couple of breeders for someone and guess how many responses.......NONE. Very disappointing :D Seriously it is no wonder ppl do go to pet shops.
  14. Contact member on here "Classicyds" - they have Jack Russells and are very succesful in the show ring and will be able to help you with your enquiry.
  15. Hi there.......I'm another fellow Lab owner and ex Aussie Shepherd owner
  16. What about "Gumnut"....... or even "Gunnut" (being as they are gun dogs)
  17. Thanks (I wont need any done for about 6 months yet....but good to know in case my regular vet abandons the whole idea :D )
  18. Is the Burpengary vets you use the one at the roundabout ??
  19. ;) The main ones I can think of were my aussie shepherds..... beavis and butthead we referrred to them. The boy "Remi" we called "Remington Bartholomew Buttsmear". (not really what I'd call out in public thats for sure !!)
  20. Bit OT, but had to have a little chuckle about this one..... some of my dogs have had their photos taken with random kids at the ekka (Brisbane royal). God knows who has photos of my dogs with their kids but I do remember one little boy throwing his arms around my big boys neck for a cuddle and me thinking OMG my dogs head is bigger than the kids. ;) Edited to add: where possible we always try to talk to the public at dog shows if they are walking past and stop to admire our dogs. The public do seem to get a kick out of us bringing out a youngster for cuddles.
  21. I called in to the vets today and I directed the staff to the forum and the names mentioned here of other scorers. I suggest you call again on Monday though Rysintira or even mid week and hopefully they have passed my message on to Geoff. A friend of mine is having some x-rays done at the end of this month at a vet in Wamuran I beleive. Vet at Narangba does them too I think (youngs road, near the high school) but not sure of the costs. The reason it does matter to the vets who reads them is that from what I understand the AVA is particularly fussy on the actual quality of the x-ray films and the smaller vets don't want the expense if the AVA is going to keep making them re-do them for things that are irrelevant to the actual bits they need to be looking at.
  22. Don't you go to Cartmills ? I had some done there just before Xmas
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