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  1. Our BC boy had an undescended testicle and we had him done at about 18 months. it cost $400 which I felt was reasonable given it wasnt a straight forward op.
  2. Amy Pie, that video is brilliant. It brought a tear to my eye and I dont even know you! Well done to you and Trixie, I cant wait to show mstr 14 thatone. Oh Ptolomy,she is so beautiful! I totally love your puppy pics, I had no idea Toller babies were so incredibly gorgeous :) Yes beautiful, I have seen your dogs and they are gorgeous :D
  3. The tumble drier is a monster in disguise. :laugh:
  4. Hi I used Hanley Vet, $200 for a dog under 20 kgs, includes 3 days pain relief and antibiotics and after care visit to remove stitches. no collar which is no big deal. :) ETA hes in maddington
  5. Heres an update. The surgery went well, he fully recovered quickly. The testicle was fairly easy to get to and the fee was $345 including microchipping. I was happy with that:)
  6. Im getting mine done next month, he'll be 17 months - also a BC. He has a retained testicle so I have opened another threadfor advice. Im getting him done as I have been advised he will be less 'flighty' and more attentive at agility? he is a really good agility dog, but likes to smell the lovely smells and pee on everything. :laugh: ETA no aggression or food issues here, he'll let his JRT companion take food if she wants it and I say its ok. hes a really easy going chilled out loyal dog.
  7. Hi just wondered if anyone had any experience of their dogs having a retained testicle and what the outcome was? (In terms of desexing, nothing else) for example, is it a straightforward procedure? are there any extra fees and charges? Is it a great deal more? is it a longer recovery? Were booked in at the vet next month so Im sure he'll cover all that but just interested in others experiences? Thanks
  8. Yay well done everyone I bet your all so proud Nell is really good,... well 'good' anyhow She is respondng well to training and structure but still has a strop now and again, (she isnt a JRT bitch for nothing ;) ) but nothing that a quick time out doesnt sort out! No really she is much more settled now, she is enrolled for puppy agility next term too. I took her up there last week but just carried her, her little tail never stopeed wagging for 20 minutes This week she can actually walk around on the ground
  9. Hi what's on this weekend at dogswest? Is it obedience it conformation? Thanks
  10. Nell was vaccinated at 7.5 weeks and will be done again at 13 weeks. that will be it until she has a booster at 12 months. Thanks for the puppy advise everyone, all comments taken on board:) Ill keep you all updated. Ive just come home for half an hour between shifts and she is delighted to see me, ran to me prancing round, Now the kids are home and she ran to them too so shes getting better for sure.
  11. Happy birthday Bear Oookay, Im after some advice please. My lovely Nell who I brought home 2 weeks ago, has remained really quiet. I thought she would have come out of her shell, but she is taking her time! She is now 11 weeks old. She is really timid and sometimes aloof. The more worrying part is that sometimnes she has growled at us (aggressively - not playfully)SHe seems scared of us sometimes so I think the growling is a fear reaction. The thing is, I cant recall her being spoooked? SHe has no reason to be scared. SOmetimes, like just now, she seems to want to play with me, others, she runs and hides unless I have food in my hand. I really need to bring this pup out of this situation, but Ive never seen a pup so young be scared. Obviously she has her reasons but she cant tell me. Ive hand fed her some meals to build the bond and that seems to be working (slowly)We have started puppy school and the trainer has given advice about just taking it really slow and gentle with her. SHes quite good at touch target, sit drop etc in short training sessions. Is there anything else anyone can recommend? Any other bonding games? SHe is really good with our other dog Fly and I wonder if she has bonded to him more than us? We give her one on one but she still seems to prefer Fly. I need games that reaffirm the humans as the good guys! Ive contacted the breeder and left a message so hopefully she will get back to me ASAP. Any ideas please? ETA sorry, Nell is a Jack Russell Terrier.
  12. I can send you her number if you like? Or just google 'train a pup. - Carolyn read'
  13. I know, never mind, I'll still 'have' to hold and cuddle and play and smell her breath and paws.Ill do it sitting in the car and on my wall and at the shops. Oh well, someones gotta do it
  14. I've just had confirmation pups not allowed until 12 weeks. I suppose I was thinking it should be quite safe as everyone who goes to k9 will be responsible owners and fully vaccinate their dogs...... When I think more about it, anyone can go there, so Nell won't be going until she is fully covered:) She will however go to her puppy class at carolyns every Saturday to gain those vital puppy manners and skills:)
  15. Ive checked their website it doesnt say anything on there. Does it not just mean that they cannot join classes until 12 weeks, which is when they would be on the ground and vaccinated? It doesnt say anything about carrying a puppy? I'll ask when I'm down there tonight, Im sure Ive seen young pups being carried.
  16. Where abouts are you going? I want to go to puppy class with him, will probably wait until he is 12 weeks though. Not sure where to go though.. have seen some really badly run puppy classes Ive just read elsewhere that pups are not allowed at K9 until 12 weeks I might have to leave her at home Boxagirl, Im going to Carolyn Reads 'train-a-pup time'. She comes highly recommneded and I used her for our BC 'Fly's puppy classes. Its run on her property (very safe) she has chickens and lawnmowers etc, others on here have used her too. She recently was nominated for an award in Melbourne to do with puppy training and behaviour She used to do a set 5 week clasee but I believe she has altered the way she runs it, I think its now a kinder-pup 'rolling' class, so she does socialisation, plus the basic obedience but also the 'next step'in obedience, sort of kindy/preschool She used to do the beginner class at Souther River, but took this year off to focus on her puppy class. I would recommend her
  17. Oh ok Thanks, I might nip the kids)(both kinds) home and come back (Im only 5 mins away)
  18. It's against K9 rules to take dogs younger then 12 weeks on the grounds to make sure if anyone asks you let them know she is 12 weeks ;) Is that true? I didnt know that, I was going to take 9 week old JRT Nell there tonight and carry her? hmm, maybe I better ask and check
  19. Tell me about it, how boring having to carry a puppy around having to smell all the breath and cuddly fur
  20. You get expelled if you don't go... and people think you are fictional... :p It is also just full courses set up... I still can't run so no point in going If I could just do work on contacts it would be ok ;) Oh yeah forgot you have a busted ankle There is full training though isn't there? just time amended I think? Whats the go with the AGM? What do you do with your dogs whilst the meeting is on? Ill be at training but with my 13 yo boy and his dog plus my pup, I cant really attend an AGAM with all them!
  21. I'm sure she would lovethat. Are you doing puppy classes with booker anywhere? We start on Saturday ETA she will be at ACWA tonight havign some socialisation (in my arms of course)
  22. Yes she is smooth coated. She will be joining the agility puppy class next term
  23. Introducing "Buguya Mary-Kate Ellen" AKA 'Nell"
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