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  1. To me 3/4 cup of VIP dog roll with equal parts beef sounds like a heap of food for a small breed dog.
  2. what a long and confusing explanation of things! but i go with reward based..
  3. jillybean

    Too Excited?

    Submission & Excitment Urination are 2 different things, I don't think the puppy is being submissive to the Cat? Oh really? I wasn't aware of that. My vet referred to it as submissive urination, but I guess in Chloe's case it was always to bigger dogs.
  4. jillybean

    Too Excited?

    It's called submissive urination and they do it usually when they want to play, but want to show that they're not the dominant one. You'll find your dog will slowly grow out of it.
  5. The vet hospitals at Winston Hills and Glenhaven are owned by the same vet, and if you manage to get him (Gordon) he's great!
  6. Aldi sells it as pet mince, however it has preservatives. Comes in a 1kg bag for $4 or $5 i think? Can't remember as I only bought it once ages ago.
  7. We have a persimmon tree and alot of the fruits have been falling off thanks to the birds who peck at them. I think Chloe's been eating them because she's had the runs today and I haven't fed her anything else different. I haven't actually seen her eat one but I've seen her rolling them around chasing them! Other than that she loves all fruit but doesn't get it very often.
  8. Did she fall on her head or hit her head very hard on something? Sounds like a haemorrhage..
  9. Yes that's exactly what I was trying to say.. She already has to sit & stay before I open the door, give her food, put on her leash and all that kind of stuff.
  10. I use a variety of things.. Usually something along the lines of VIP puppy chunkers, cheese, frankfurts and bits of cooked chicken breast. The cheese seems to be the winner though!
  11. My 5 month old puppy is really good when it comes to obedience, but it doesn't mean that's she's still not a typical puppy! She can sit, drop, stand, stay etc on command and is totally focussed when I have my bum bag with treats, but she still digs massive holes in the mud, rips up her blankets, tips the plants out of their pots, chews through slippers - u get the picture! So unfortunately it didn't work in that sense for me!
  12. She is about 5 and a half months. As far as I know hip dysplasia is not a common issue with beagles? Although I could very well be wrong! She sits square, and she can also drop square. It's only when she thinks she's going to be there for a while that she'll flop her legs out to the side.
  13. Breed and age: Beagle, 5 months Product name, size and cost: Eagle Pack Medium Breed Puppy, 15kg, $108 Daily amount fed: 1 cup How long does the bag last: Few months, not sure because this bag is still going! Average cost of feeding/week: No idea Anything to add: Chloe normally gets more meat than dry food, eg. lamp flaps, chicken necks, roo's tails, beef mince, roo mince, sardines etc
  14. Yeah, right!! Sorry but I've just spurted coffee all over my keyboard. Can't stop laughing. The beating of the offending item will surely get you a ride to the funny farm. I read about this in a book too! Can't remember which one though. They gave the example of if a dog chewed up your shoe, you beat up the shoe and yell at it etc. It did warn not to do it outdoors where neighbours could see/hear you though!
  15. Thanks for all the replies. At this stage we've only just started classes so haven't even given a thought to trialling! Guess the instructor doesn't know what she's talking about then...
  16. Chloe & I have just started obedience classes a few weeks ago. She's going well so far - has learnt to sit, drop, stay, stand, heel etc. However I've noticed that when I ask her to drop she does it fine, but if I then ask her to stay in a drop she will shift her legs out to the side and sort of lie down (as she would when she's lazing round). I've been told this is a lazy drop and isn't really acceptable. She only does it if she thinks she'll be there for a while. If I ask her to sit then drop then stand she does a normal drop. How can I correct this before it becomes too much of a habit?
  17. The butcher I buy most of my stuff from has offal and pet mince in the freezer all the time, so it must be fine!
  18. Obviously it's a heap better if you can trim their nails without making them bleed, but it's not the end of the world if one does end up bleeding. It makes you feel horrible because it does bleed a fair bit, but I don't think it really bothers the dog too much. A bit of flour stops the bleeding quickly. You could always cut a tiny bit off and file the rest down whilst Brunos on the couch with you?
  19. My Chloe got desexed yesterday and I asked for one of those collars! I also couldn't stop giggling at her because once she was in her crate she couldn't turn around with it on, plus she was still drowsy. Hope Cody's feeling more up to eating soon!
  20. My beagle pup did that to her bed too, then fell asleep innocently in the middle of the mess. She's been sleeping on a towel in her kennel or on her trampoline bed since, she doesn't get a new bed till weather gets colder!
  21. Don't stress about it too much, she'll grow out of it. My pup went through a fear stage where she was terrified of anything moving - eg. bikes, kids on scooters, lawn mowers, elderly people on electric scooters etc and would pull on the lead to try to get away from them. But it seems sometime in the past couple of weeks she's out grown that and is now happy to try to chase kids on bikes! Just keep being firm with her, especially if she's jumping up on furniture when she's not allowed.
  22. The regular sized ones are attached to an adjustable belt strap so you don't have to clip it to your waistband.
  23. If there's a heap of fat on them I'd trim it off, but otherwise I usually don't bother. I found a butcher sort of near me that sells them for $1.50 each, and they're massive!
  24. I have a black dog bag too and also use snap lock bags inside. I did see the liner socks but they're about half the price of the bag and you have to wash them! So much easier using snap lock bags. Only problem is that my cheeky beagle sometimes manages to stick her whole head into the bag if I bend down since it stays open!
  25. There's lots of foods around which have better nutritional value than Pal (even if it's the all natural Pal). Have you tried the Eagle Pack holistic range? 3 cups of dry food in one go seems like a LOT of food! Perhaps it's not that your pup doesn't like dry food, perhaps it's just not hungry because you're overfeeding? You could try moistening the dry food with some warm water to make it slightly softer and also more smelly which will encourage your pup to eat.
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