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  1. My dog loves canned sardines! I tried buying fresh mackrel once and she refused to eat it. She picked it up by the tail and tossed it around like it was a toy, then left it to fester out in the sun when she was bored with it. Clearly sashimi is not her thing...
  2. You'd probably need one of the larger sizes. To fit the specifications for air travel your dog needs to have enough room to be able to stand up and turn around in the crate, as well as lie down. I think it also needs to have a metal door rather than a plastic one, and a solid floor (rather than a cage type bottom where things can fall through). I actually took my dog with me to the shop and tried out various sizes.
  3. I used to have this problem when my dog was a little younger. It was especially bad when I was wearing a dress/skirt - she'd attach herself to my hem and/or go for my bare ankles! I tried everything but the only thing that worked was squirting her in the face with a spray bottle. She's 1 now and she doesn't do it anymore, so hang in there!
  4. Chloe used to do this. I don't know whether she's stopped because she's growing out of it, or because it's just not as warm anymore. Either way, she now also has a large tray type pool full of water which she lies in/digs in when she wants to
  5. Probably best if you just google it and find one which is closest to your area. There are a couple around here that I order from - they all deliver for free if you're within the surrounding suburbs/city. One will actually personally deliver it the same day/next day just in her own car! Great service
  6. My beagle pup was outside through the day from right from the time I brought her home. I just had to make sure that all gaps were well blocked and that any plants/furniture etc that I didn't want destroyed was moved.
  7. Snoozer products are pretty pricey, and if you're dog's still inclined to chew (as most puppies are), I'd just stick with something cheap for now. Lol Denier isn't actually a type of fabric. It refers to the density of the fabric. So a higher denier just means that it's stronger/thicker. Does your pup actually eat bits of the towel, or does he just chew it up and rip it up? I'm sure it's fine as long as he's not actually swallowing it. My dog ripped up a few beds, several towels and a piece of carpet that I put inside her kennel. She now has a trampoline bed for outdoors which she can't destroy. I now line her crate with a folded up polar fleece blanket folded up several times. She's been fine with that, hasn't ripped it up!
  8. I bought Chloe some of the Petstages toys but she never really got that excited by any of them! She prefers toys that squeak or 'do' things... My fave place online to get toys is Pets Wares Plus http://www.petsplus.com.au/pet-supplies.asp Large range at decent prices Chloe really liked squeaky toys and soft toys when she was a pup, especially things with long arms/leg! Goodluck with the pup!
  9. Chloe gets some kind of raw meaty bone every day for one of her meals each day, and Eagle Pack kibble for the other. She has all different cuts of chicken, lamb and beef.
  10. I buy the Coles brand natural yoghurt and it seems to last for a few weeks at least.
  11. 2.5 cups of kibble sounds like alot to me for a 10 week pup? I would definately cut down on that and give a few chicken wings as one of the meals.
  12. I wouldn't worry about this too much, it happens to lots of puppies but they tend to grow out of it. Chloe used to do it all the time but now that I think of it she hasn't done it in the past few months.
  13. I have a beagle and bought 2 coats for her this winter. I got a polar fleece one and a waterproof one. Both of them only lasted about 3 wears each before she ripped them off and ruined them - chewed up the zip, pulled off the straps etc. So I figured that she couldn't have been THAT cold if she was trying to take them off and happy to run around in the night and in the rain without them. She has a kennel which she can hide in if she's cold outside, and she sleeps indoors in her crate with a cosy blanket. She runs around and plays in the rain and doesn't seem fussed. So to answer your question - I don't think all dogs need coats!
  14. Braces are painful! I wouldn't put my dog through that kind of discomfort, and they definately wouldn't understand why they deserved such punishment!
  15. I don't see any reason why you can't keep reoffering it to them assuming it's just the plain dry food. Just tie a bag around the whole bowl before you put it away.
  16. Chloe won't eat chicken liver, but she'll eat any other kind of liver or offal! Strange girl.. I usually chop it all up and mix it in with her regular food. She doesn't seem to mind it like that.
  17. Try the Reject shop! They have some toys at the moment made of simlar looking stuff to Kongs and for just $3 each! So far Chloe hasn't been able to rip them apart, and she's usually pretty good at that.
  18. I always freeze mine too coz otherwise it only takes Chloe a couple of minutes to clean it out! She gets a combination of any of the following - yoghurt, cream cheese, peanut butter, ripped up schmakos, liver jerky, cabonossi, chicken, cheese, puppy chunkers, apple, pear etc. Just shove it in and freeze!
  19. Chloe gets grated apple along with other grated vegies in her BARF mix. Otherwise the only time she gets fruit is if I use it as treats in training, or the bits she gets if I share my fruit with her. She loves apple, pear, nashi, nectarines, peaches, watermelon... We also have a persimmon tree and she ate all the ones that fell off!
  20. Need to get more Drontal tablets (not the chewable ones, but the actual tablets). Priceless pets don't sell tablets. Where else can I try?
  21. Chloe will be 1 year old in August! Here's a pic of her when I first picked her out at the breeders - I think she was only about 3 weeks old! I wasn't even allowed to touch her yet. And here she is at 8 months.. Her colours have changed so much!!
  22. Chloe gets eagle pack puppy for small to medium breed dogs - the one that comes in the yellow bag. It's always been dark brown.
  23. There's nothing you can do coz he's just too cute! Imagine trying to discipline a face like that! :lol: Have you tried a spray bottle? That's the only thing that would stop my dog from biting me when she was a pup. A quick squirt in the face when ever your pup bites - they hate it! And soon enough even picking up the spray bottle will make them stop.
  24. Ah so my random guess was right! I'd say the only way to get it is to make friends with a friendly farmer...
  25. Lots of dogs get that! Completely normal, and easy to clean - just wipe with a damp cotton pad.
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