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  1. Isn't tripe the stomach lining? So if it's green isn't that just because it's still got all the half digested grass and all that on it? Sorry if that's completely wrong, I've never heard of raw green tripe either! Although I do remember dissecting sheep a few times at school and their stomaches were always full of green goo... What is it that's so great about it?
  2. My puppy got fed raw mince with mushy rice when she was weaned at the breeders. So that's what she got when I took her home! She wasn't a fan of kibble for another week or so, but she seemed to really like mince. So I slowly introduced Eagle Pack kibble and chicken necks.
  3. Honey Dog Biscuits 150g whole wheat flour 150g porridge oats 2 tsps baking powder 30g butter 2 tbsp honey 2 eggs 100ml milk Preheat oven to 200 degrees C. Cover a baking sheet with paper. Mix flour, oats & baking powder together. Add butter in small flakes, then honey, eggs & milk. Knead together. Roll the dough out about 1cm thick on floured surface. Cut out shapes. Place these on the baking sheet, leaving space between them. Bake for 15-20mins. Turn off the heat and allow the biscuits to dry for a further 2hours in the oven.
  4. I've been there for obedience training. The quality of the instructors really varies - some weeks you'll have a great instructor who know's the content inside out and backwards and who has a heap of great tips for you, other weeks you'll get an instructor that has NO idea what they should be teaching for the week or what you may have learnt previously. Just a word of warning - I found that they take their classes very seriously there, even in puppy pre school. So if you're going to go, be prepared to work hard training your dog! They're of the attitude that "dogs are here to work not socialise!" so letting the dogs say hello is a big no no..
  5. Lamb necks tend to have a fair bit of meat on them. Or chicken backs, which is the back part of the chicken + carcass.
  6. Perhaps it is the texture.. Will try giving it to her frozen. However she eats lamb's liver (cut up) and that's sort of similar texture.
  7. Until yesterday I thought that was the case with my beagle too! She's even tried to eat a lemon.. She eats those dried liver treats - lamb or pork liver. Ah yes I could try making pate! Thanks for that suggestion
  8. I was at the butcher yesterday getting some bones and meat for Chloe. I saw that they had chicken livers and thought I'd buy some for her as something different. She's never had them before, but she often gets chicken carcasses which sometimes have some organs still in them and she usually tries to clean them out first. However much to my disappointment she REFUSED to eat it!! I was shocked! It's the first thing she's ever refused (she's a beagle, beagles will eat ANYTHING!!!). I'd put it in her bowl along with her regular kibble and she ate all the kibble around it and then picked up the liver and flicked it to get all the bits of kibble to come off, then left the liver sitting on the floor.. It was still there this morning! So does your dog eat chicken liver?! PS. What do I do with the half kilo of chicken livers which is now sitting in my freezer...?
  9. I once made Honey dog biscuits for Chloe Actually I have a dog cookbook floating around somewhere, will try and hunt it down and type up some of the recipes..
  10. Even the regular Eagle Pack holistic has fairly small pieces anyway
  11. Even if you bought a good quality kibble and fed her that for all her meals it would still work out less than $25 a week. My beagle gets Eagle Pack (about $90 for 15kg bag) and that lasts her for a few months, although she gets that mixed with bones etc.
  12. My dog was desexed and had a hernia repair done together. Day 2 post op she was completely back to normal, running up and down the stairs, jumping up to put her paws on the table etc. I couldn't do anything to keep her quiet! Anyway, she came through it all fine so I wouldn't be overly concerned about your pup.
  13. Chloe had hers repaired when she was getting desexed also. It was a lot smaller than the one on your dog in the pic!! Her's was so small you couldn't notice it until her belly was shaved!
  14. Yeah my pup does that after she poops too! But only in recent months...
  15. I'd say it's fine to start now. Even if it's too big it just means they'll take longer to get through it.
  16. Looking for some Drontal worming tablets (not the chewable ones) in the 10kg doses. Where's the cheapest place to get them online? Ta!
  17. Chloe loves these, and the bones mustn't be too hard because she can chew them down to almost nothing!
  18. Chloe seems to be getting a fair bit more discharge than usual from her eyes in this past week or so. It's yellow, sometimes greenish and I find I have to clean it off at least twice a day. The whites of her eyes are looking a little pink too. Could there be something which is affecting her eyes or could she have picked up an infection from somewhere? Is there something I should be doing, or just wait and see if it clears up? She doesn't seem bothered by it.
  19. I don't think you need to freeze your meat for 2 weeks - that seems a little over the top. Keep in mind that dogs have a much stronger digestive system than humans and their stomach acids will kill any bacteria. They can eat meat which has been buried for a couple of days and be fine. Again with the fish, just feed it whole and as it is... No need to "prepare" it..
  20. A friend has a maltese x shih tzu but it looks nothing like your pup! It has longer maltese type fur and a squashed up face with flat nose.
  21. According to this book I read, the powder is fine. It's just the actual raw onion which isn't good for them.
  22. Chloe gets all kinds of meat - raw of course.. Lamb flaps, lamb necks, veal marrow bones, chicken necks, chicken carcasses, kangaroo tails, beef mince, chicken pet mince, kangaroo mince.. the list goes on!
  23. I have a persimmon tree in the backyard and Chloe seems to eat all the ones which fall off (unless the birds get them first) She also loves to share any fruit I'm eating - apples, pears, nashi pears, watermelon, nectarines, peach etc.
  24. Same with my dog. It pretty much has to be smelly for her to want it, so things like cheese, sausage, chicken, cabanossi, chicken chunkers etc work well. She does like apple and pear but I'm not sure it would work for training.
  25. jillybean


    Wow i wonder how long that took to teach! But the dog in the other clip is actually walking on their front paws!
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