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  1. For me, breeding was a bit of a natural progression. I never set out thinking "I want to be a dog breeder". Five years ago my partner and I bought a pedigree Siberian Husky. I entered her in a few shows, we came last in our class at every one and soon realised she wasn't exactly show quality! So we desexed her, but I had already been bitten by the show bug. I had also fallen in love with another breed. I did some research and put an order in with a breeder then waited several months for a show quality male pup. I titled him, then desexed and pet homed him. I wasn't happy with his temperament. Meanwhile, I had been campaigning another male for my friend and mentor. In exchange, I was given the pick bitch puppy from a litter he'd sired. I showed her to her title and she became my foundation bitch, with my first litter being born in April last year. I found the experience to be expensive and time-consuming, but very rewarding - the pups who ended up in show homes have gone on to be All-Breeds and Specialty class in show winners and I found some really wonderful family homes for the pet puppies.
  2. I used Phil Thomas (Queensland Veterinary Specialists - Chermside), very happy. He counted 5 on the ultrasound but said 5-7 likely, my bitch delivered 6. Cost wise it was $150 including a written report.
  3. Another vote for Peperone here, great prices and service :)
  4. Love my show stackers :) I started my last puppy on them, and at his first show (aged 3 months to the day) he stood on the table like a little pro.
  5. Exciting! :) My babies had their first dose of wormer today and much to my surprise, I actually managed to get the majority of it in their mouths :laugh:
  6. It's $165 for a Whippet sized dog where I work. That includes pain relief and follow up appointment, but not bloods/fluids.
  7. She doesn't look too impressed with the feeding frenzy :laugh:
  8. Blue brindle is a really pretty colour, I like it :) Mine were born on the 27/04/12 :) I feel like a bit of an imposter in this thread LOL, but in my defence - her official due date was 1st May. Some updated pics of my little monsters...
  9. Thanks, and good luck for tomorrow! :) Thank you! :) Well done Matilda! Glad to hear babies are all doing great Congrats!
  10. Thanks Silverblue :) Here are some photos of Winnie and her new babies. She's doing a fantastic job with them and they are all gaining weight and very content.
  11. Winter delivered five boys and one girl between 10:55pm last night and 1:15am this morning. She's a wonderful mum and babies are all fat and content :)
  12. It's all good, I have plenty of coffee :D
  13. We had a temp drop this morning and she wouldn't eat her brekky, she's been restless for most of the day...
  14. Yep :laugh: She spends most of her time at the moment asleep on her back, but she's so rolly polly that she has a bit of difficulty getting back up again lol. Poor girl, it will all be over soon!!! Temps stable so far and no milk, so I think a couple of days yet.
  15. Ok cool, so it's not just me! These pieces only *just* fit in my 9kg front loader, it's a bit of an effort to get them in there and made worse by the fact they are so difficult to fold. A front loader washer/dryer combo on the 'quick' (30 minute wash, 30 minute dry) cycle about half a dozen times
  16. Thanks :) There are 5 skulls and spines, plus an extra spine - must be a shy puppy hiding his/her little head from view :laugh: I think I can see 5 skulls and 6 spines! Matilda and Winter are copying each other :D ETA: Winnie's baby belly, pic taken tonight
  17. The thought of 7 puppies really, really scares me :laugh: That would be a huge litter for a JS!! Not long now I guess, and we'll know :D How is Miss Matilda going? Winnie is a bit over it now! She sways from side to side when she walks, she's like a barrel on legs lol...
  18. Congrats to everyone who is confirmed, and for everyone awaiting confirmation :) Winter had her xray and it's looking like she has at least six puppies on board. ETA: She's due Sun/Mon but I'm thinking Fri/Sat more likely.
  19. How long does it take for the green-backed vetbed to soften up?! I bought a couple of huge pieces recently for the whelping box, and despite being through several wash/dry cycles the green backing is still really stiff. I have previously used smaller pieces of the Snooza brand version of vetbed (Snooza 'Stay Dry' mat) in my crates and dog trailer, and never had this problem before...
  20. How are all the mums-to-be going? Winter is getting a real little belly happening now. I think the first post needs updating :)
  21. I keep a spreadsheet which I update religiously after every show, and my dogs each have a folder where all their Challenge Certs go. I'm a bit OCD :laugh:
  22. Woohoo, more May babies on the way :D
  23. Wonderful news :) Thanks! This is my first litter, so we're pretty excited :)
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