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  1. Litters Due January 2019

    We have Cocker Spaniel puppies due 20th January 2019. Confirmed by ultrasound yesterday.
  2. 6 Week Old Puppy

    Is your puppy from an ANKC registered breeder?
  3. Introducing Jeff

    Jeff is just divine!
  4. Maddison

    RIP Maddison. Such a beautiful girl.
  5. Rip Anna (Annabelle)

    So beautiful! RIP Annabelle
  6. The Welsh Corgi Club of NSW may have details of any litters available/planned. Contact details: Mrs J Georgiou 0416 253 108 (02) 9411 4233 I googled this so not sure how up to date the information is. Good luck in your search. :)
  7. Well done, sounds like all your hard work is finally starting to pay off! :)
  8. Vale Loki

    Such a beautiful boy. RIP Loki. x
  9. Sleep Well Beautiful Girl

    What a beautiful tribute. RIP lovely Greta x
  10. Eye Removal Options

    My sister's little Shih Tzu had one of his eyes removed a couple of years ago due to a tumour behind the eye. He copes amazingly well. It did take some adjustment but, at 14 years old, he runs around like a puppy. It's amazing how well they can adapt. :)
  11. Sucession Of Placings?

    Baby Puppies can also be entered in 3-6 months sweepstakes :)
  12. National Puppy Day!

    This is Sophie:
  13. Foster Dogs

    Beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing.:)
  14. Pra And Fn Testing

    Hi mum01753 I've just had these tests done on my Cocker with this lab http://orivet.com.au/. I rang and ordered the kit, my vet did the swab and I sent it off to the lab. It took 21 days to get the results. I had no problems with Orivet at all. My vet didn't charge for the swab as it was done as part of his annual check up and vaccination. Ellie
  15. Poor little boy. Unbelievable that people could be so cruel.