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  1. I live on property but still have a securely fenced front and back yard and don't allow the whippets to roam at all. That would be my suggestion to you. Also only take your Whippet out on a leash and train it not to harass the livestock. It can be done but will take work and you probably still could not leave it with the freedom to roam unsupervised.
  2. .
  3. Thank you Stellnme and Scottsmum, your thread has helped me too. Since I wrote my comment above I have been to the vet, and he was equally as helpful. One thing he said to me is only focus on the quality of life reasons for letting her go, not any other factors because then I will just feel guilty. I won't take up anymore of your thread with Feather but I'm glad I read it.
  4. I have just read this thread. It caught my eye because I am about to go through something similar and am trying to work myself up to making that final decision. Every word you wrote hit home with me, I understand what you went and are still going through. How lucky he was to have found you in the twilight of his life.
  5. My friend got some recently with whole heads attached. He said the dogs loved them beaks and all.
  6. is he thin? Does he seem hungry? I'd be basing how much I feed him on those things. BTW this thread is in the wrong place. You can ask Troy to put it in General or Health and nutrition.
  7. amazing that if she was friendly she'd been living rough all those years. You'd think she would have buddied up with someone.
  8. What does the vet think?
  9. Such a huge problem nowadays because there are so many breeds of dog that aren't suitable for just anyone to own, but it's a free country and there's nothing stopping certain types of people owning certain types of dogs. What can you do?
  10. You're such a softie
  11. She's been doing well ever since. Back to eating, although she has to be hand fed, but I indulge her because I suspect it's a bit of senility that is the reason she just stares at her food and wont pick it up herself, and even if it is just being spoilt, I dont care, it's not that hard to feed her by hand, so what if she's got me wrapped around her skinny little paw for the time she has left.
  12. Feathie hates having her photo taken but I got this last weekend while she was snoozing outside. I had a friend and his dogs come to visit and even though she mostly sleeps she still doesn't like to miss out on anything, so instead of sleeping in my bed, she still comes out to socialise, by sleeping in public :D instead of in private. That's Neko she is using as a pillow. IMG_4170dpp by kirislin, on Flickr
  13. I saw that too. Very clever.
  14. Feather whippet will be 15 next month. She is thin and frail and takes a lot of nursing, but she's only on one medication and although she mostly sleeps she still has her moments of joy, happiness and animation, so I don't think her time has come. That almost changed in the early hours of Wednesday morning. I was roused from a deep sleep by a dog panting under the doona. I pulled back the cover and poor Feather was just laying there, immovable, panting frantically with bulging eyes and bright red gums. She'd lost bladder control which she NEVER does normally but the area around her mouth was just as wet from her panting. My my poor little girl had got too hot under the doona but was trapped by the other dogs and possibly my legs, and she was too weak and frail to get out of there. I yanked all the bedding off and laid her on a damp towel and then put a damp face washer on her chest and turned the fan on her. I started syringing water into her mouth but it still took about 20 minutes for her to stop her frantic panting. After a while she seemed calm but when I tried to get her to stand she couldn't. She could use her front legs, but her back ones just dragged behind her. I just lay beside her till morning and continued to rehydrate her by syringing honey water every few minutes. I made an appointment with the vet but the earliest I could get in was 11.45am. She hadn't tried to stand once since I'd "rescued" her from under the covers at about 2.20am. I carried her outside once it was light and she was weak but able to have a wee, but when she came back inside she didn't want to open her eyes and the inner eyelid was halfway across her eyes. I wondered if she might have had a thumping migrane from dehydration. I sat sat beside her on my bed with my hand on her chest feeling her heart beat so weak, and her breathing so slow, I was sure she was dying. I even rang and cancelled the vet appointment as I didn't want to stress her and thought she wouldn't make it to 11.45am anyway.. But that time came and went and she just continued to lay there peacefully. Then sometime around 1pm she lifted her head and her eyes looked a bit clearer. I lifted her off the bed and she was able to make her own way outside for a wee, then toddled back in and went to the fridge making it very clear she'd like a bite to eat!. So I happily fed her and since then she's recovered and is back from the dead to her normal self! I know she won't be around for very much longer, we take each day as it comes, but clearly I had it wrong on Wednesday and she told me, not today mummy, not today.
  15. I hope that lying selfish idiot never gets another pet.