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  1. Walking The Dog Log

    Sorry iv been MIA having a stressfull time here at the moment but the dogs have been getting out for there walks have only missed a couple of days .But i have cut the distance back i think Hudson has sore back legs so i will take it easy for awhile. Too much road work i think . vicki.
  2. Mdba Pacers Fundraiser

    Just bumping it up before it gets lost !
  3. Yeah i found the thread I think i did get the first email but i cant find it . Thought i would ask if any other emails have gone out at all . Im hoping i haven't missed anything that i needed to do.
  4. Mdba Pacers Fundraiser

    Sending a email of to you today. I should be able to put some books out in SA for you "great way to get the word out "
  5. Walking The Dog Log

    We missed walking last night i was just to tired and fell asleep oops!!! but we went out tonight and extented the time poor Maya i thought i was going to have to carry her the last 10min but she made it, was not going to be happy if i had to carry a 18kl dog :rolleyes:
  6. Can Vaccinated Dogs Get Parvo?

    They sure can know of lots of dogs that have had all there vac's and still come down with it. Vet has said it just means that they may not get it as bad and getting a yearly vaccine does not increase the protectection.
  7. Walking The Dog Log

    Glad to see everyone is getting out with there furbies Im getting out with the kids and they are loveing there walks Maya has lost more wieght and starting to look like a new dog and so much more active. Have a great weekend everyone.xxxxxxx
  8. :D That is just too cute!!
  9. Walking The Dog Log

    Have been getting our walks in even managed to take them to the beach tonight for a lovely walk . Allways gives me a laugh watching ppl's face's change when they see 4 or 5 staffords walking towards them as was the case tonight. Well done to tho's that have gotten there walks in ;)
  10. Walking The Dog Log

    well i dragged myself out the door last night as i had been feeling so sorry for them and maya was sitting and scrathing at the front door, it allmost killed me Atleast tonight i was feeling so much better and got in a longer walk. I am so pleased that i am getting the dogs out for walks Maya is a new dog she has got so much more energy and looks so happy. Hope everyone is feeling well happy walking................
  11. K9 Force Workshop In Adelaide

    I didnt get my email
  12. ok lets see....sheep- purebred alpaca- purebred horses- purebred dogs- purebred ---except 2 rescue's same breed chickens purebreed cats 1 purebred -1 rescue The animals have there own filing cabinet for all the paper work
  13. Walking The Dog Log

    Thought i should pop my head in. The poor dogs havent got out for there walks the last 2 days and they wont be going tonight ;) . I have been feeling so unwell the passed few days and theres no way i can take them out i feel so bad as they have gotten used to going out before dark they now sit at the front door waiting Ill have to see how i feel tomorrow.