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  1. Blessing in disguise if you're on a diet - two locks would deter both you and Stan (I'm a long time Stan fan!)
  2. Tonka, because we figured she would have to be Tonka tuff to recover from a neglected puppyhood. Lily came with her name. Being a foster carer, I get to name most animals and have come up with Hugo, Marie, Blake, Quinn, Sera, Caillie, Marissa, Jane, Gabriel and am currently calling my 30+kg foster pup Puppy.
  3. If you are still to board your dogs, I think I know who the in-home carer is (if she's got two black girls). I left my elderly grey with her for about two weeks and was very happy with how she was looked after. I would not hesitate to recommend, or leave my dog with her again.
  4. 2 of my own dogs here. One is my 11ish year old greyhound and the other is a 4 year old mutt. Also fostering a year old bull arab type, and can't imagine owning any more than that! I suppose it is a bit more difficult as they have such different needs - my grey would prefer 10 minute walks at a sedate pace, whereas the other two could go much further, much faster. Also the foster and my mutty could always use more obedience training, which I do in small increments every day. I am in awe of those who have a heap of working dogs!
  5. If the owner was really irresponsible she would not have microchipped, registered or done any vetwork on the cat. I vaguely recall reading something that states that if there is no proof of ownership, then the person who undertakes feeding/care of the animal has the most legitimate claim. Doesn't help, of course, that I can't reference that. FWIW I think that strictly outdoor cats, unfriendly can be rehomed to certain situations eg farms, stables etc. Otherwise trap, neuter, release programs are also of value.
  6. dogbreedinfo says: Weight: Males 32 - 35 pounds (15 – 16 kg) Females 30 - 35 pounds (14 – 16 kg) Although that seems very light to me! And if you don't know if your dogs are purebred, then perhaps just go by the standard of being able feel the ribs. Probably won't be able to see the last two through their dense fur.
  7. I was knocked off my pushbike once by an out of control dog. My dog didn't even look at me but just wanted to play with the other dog. Oh, the shame.
  8. Aww, that last photo is divine. Seeing your progress is very motivational!
  9. Has your pup improved? If there are no medical reasons, she may just be really slow to recognise her body signals perhaps. My mutt took close to a year before she stopped peeing inside, which frustrated me as my rescue before that took two weeks. A friend of mine told me that her boxer took about six months to be fully housetrained, but her new pup has picked it up much quicker. She thought maybe it was because he had the older dog to copy, but that doesn't explain my girl.
  10. If necessary, 2 bread bags, or 3, or 4 perhaps? I find them adequate to contain 2 poos if you tie them like sausages. Just to add, a few non-dog owning friends do actually save them for me too, which helps. I think mumof4girls meant that one bread bag would be more than adequate for one dog! I can see it taking four or so poops to fill up... Maybe I should stop visualising poop so much :laugh:
  11. A quick note to those who want to use only biodegradable bags - unless you do anything other than throw them into a bin, they won't break down anyway as landfills are so tightly packed that the environment becomes anaerobic. I use nappy bags when out in public, and at home I've (well, my partner) dug a hole for a metre long PVC pipe, which is where the poop gets thrown down. Apparently if you throw some bokashi down there occassionally, the worms will take care of the rest. We'll see how well that works when summer rolls around!
  12. Hi all, I'm going for a holiday for approx 2.5 weeks and need a carer for my two dogs. I found a thread the other day that recommended a DOLer who had greyhounds and did in-home minding. Unfortunately I just tried searching for it again and couldn't find it. If anyone knows someone who does in-home minding, or else a reasonably priced, small boarding kennel, please PM me or post on this thread. My dogs both inside desexed females. One is a 10 year old greyhound and the other a 3 year old ACD x. Both are very tolerant of other animals, as I foster cats and dogs as well. They are also good with kids as I have a toddler and live in a court overrun with children, whom my dogs adore. Thanks!
  13. Appollo Archie Arkhan Armand Arminius Asher Aussie x2 Axl Bailey x 4 Balou Bandit Banjo x2 Bardigrub Barkly Bart x 2 Barton Baxter Basil Bear x2 Benji Benny x2 Bennett Benson x2 Benz Beowulf Bert Bertie Billy Bing Bluey Bosch Boss Boxer Boyd Brady x 2 Brock x 2 Brockie Brody Bronson Bruce x 2 Brutus Bud Buddy Bundy Buster Caleb Cannon Caramel Carl Carter Cash Casper Cedar Champ Chance Charlie x 5 Chester Chester McNoggin Chevy Chip Chisel Coco x 2 Cobber Connor x2 Cooper x 4 Cowan x 2 Cruise Cuba D'Artagnan Dakota Dalton Damit Danny Darcy x 3 Dashx2 Deakin Deek Dean Declan Delgado Denver Denzal Dennys Dog Deputy Dexter Diablo Diesel Digby Digger Dinky Disco Doc Dog Douglas Dozer Dragon Drifter Drogo Dumas Dylan x2 Dyson Ebon Eddie EJ Elijah Elliott Elvis x 2 Edge Enuff Esky Fender Fergus FEZ Fido Fionneaghan (Fionn) FlashBazil Flash Harry Focus Fox Frank Franky J Holden Fred Gandor Gimmick Granger Gatto Greedy Griffin Gus x 3 Guiness McGuinness Gypsy Hail Hamish Harley Harrison Harry Hemi Henry x2 Hiram Hogan Hudson Hugo x 2 Ivan Jack x 3 Jackson Jacques Jake x 3 Jasper x 2 JayDee Jethro Jett Jingles Jock Joe Jonty Jordan x 2 Joshua Judd Juggie Kahn Kaiser Kasper Kaos Kiba Kei Kippy Kisho Kobe Kyle Kynan Kyojin Kyzer K9 Leo Leroy x2 Lestat Link Logan Louie Louis Luca Lucky Lughie Lukas MacKenzie Magnus Manny Mars Maui Maverick Max x 4 Maxey Maxie Mel Merlin x 2 Merlot Merry Micah Midge Milky Milosh Minook Mistral Mogwai Mocha Mokha Morrison Morris Moses Mr Darcy Mungo Murphy Murray Nammu Napoleon x2 Ned Nelson Nicky Nigel Nikolai Nipper Noah Nova Nudge Nugget Nutnut Oberon Obi Odin Ollie Oliver x 2 Onslow Oscar x 2 Oso Oz x 2 Payton Percy Piikki Porsha Porthos Punch Quick Rafe Raffy Ralph Rambo Randy Rasta Rauri Reeve Remy Rex x 2 Rhaegar Rhino Rico Riku Riley Ripley River Roary Rocks Rocky x 2 Rolly Rommi Rookie Rory Rove Rover Roy Jones Jnr Ruff Ryan Rupert Rusty x2 Sam Samurai (Sam) SARGE Scout Scrap Scratch Sebastion Shadow x2 Silas Skeeter Snitch Snoopy Sonny sox Speed Spencer x 2 Spike x 2 Sport Spud Stanley Steed Sterling Storm Sully Swanky Tama Tango TanninBazil Tazz x 2 Ted Teddy Tey Dog Theo Thunder Tiger Tirra Toby x 2 Toffee Tonka Trojan Trusty Tub Tusca Tye Tyrant Tyson Ulf Valentino Viserys Vulcan Wade Wags Walker Walter Watson x 2 Weave Will Willow Willy Winston Woody Wolf Xander Yelka Zac Zander Zedley Zep Zephyr Zero Zeus x 2 Ziggy Zontie
  14. I will keep an eye out. Please tell Jenny & Janine to look out for a lost woman with a wiggly bottomed blue heeler x :)
  15. I had this crazy idea that KCC Park was ridiculously far away. Google maps says it's 20 minutes away :D I will come have a pokesie around this Sunday then! Thanks for the suggestion.
  16. I haven't signed onto DOL for ages, and just got on today to ask the exact same thing. For now I might just train my dog near our old obedience club on training days, so that I can work on desensitising her to other dogs. She's the opposite of FA though, as she has too high a positive value for other dogs. I'd eventually like her to become a therapy dog, and compete in agility. I have no suggestions myself, but will be following your post with interest :)
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