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    Agility is my obsession , I also like camping, skiing and socialising :)

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  1. Glad I haven't got any money lol
  2. Dog Trap

  3. Dog Trap

    Do hire places like kneads hire traps ?
  4. I used to use it a long time ago, great wen I started out in wildlife rescue
  5. Nope, I clicked ,was still there lol
  6. Haven't been in DOL for ages , straight away I find this
  7. Found more too , some small ones as well sloppy Joe type material
  8. Yes been waiting for your reply , will send them off today
  9. I have two jackets here off my rottiex and other was for my kelpie, I can post , which pound needs them
  10. Dougal's Last Day Today :(

    Run free Dougal
  11. Aloveen Shampoo And Itchy Dog?

    I have hear d this before, will have to try it
  12. Aloveen Shampoo And Itchy Dog?

    I have used it for years, doesn't affect gizzi, but if there is something better ,woukd try it .she is shocking at chewing at her feet
  13. what a horrible thing to do
  14. Life Ban On Owning Pets Handed Out In Tasmanian Court

    hopefully more will do same now