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  1. Crufts To Feature Crossbreeds For First Time

    You mean like inheriting a hip joint from a cross mastif mother and fitting into the hip socket from an 'oodle' father???? Yeah I know what you mean. That should guarantee good hips :laugh: :laugh::laugh:
  2. Crufts To Feature Crossbreeds For First Time

    What a pearl of wisdom - I don't think. I know someone who had a crossbreed that had an overshot bite and hip dysplasia. I wonder how they figure crossbreeds don't inherit problems just like purebreds do.
  3. Sick Dog, Vets Don't Know What's Wrong

    That's exactly what I was thinking and then saw that poodleslave had already suggested it. It would be wise to rule it out.
  4. Unsettled After Whelping

    Very good advice.
  5. Growth Plate Fracture

    I had a 4 month old puppy who had a similar break and had a pin put in the lower hindquarter. The vet said at the time that it would have been possible for the growth plates not to grow properly and for the leg to be a different length from the other one. After rest and removal of the plaster and pin she slowly made a great recovery and got her CD title after 12 months of age. She was completely normal as an adult. So hang in.
  6. Out Of A Horror Movie?

    I'm sure we would all agree here on this forum that dogs are very intelligent animals. So in that vein, what would the 11th dog waiting to be shot be thinking as all the others meet their fate? As was showed in the cows in Indonesia footage each cow that came for the kill appeared to be terrified. Stop for a moment and contemplate the horror.
  7. Husband Wants Me To Return Pup

    Talk to another vet. Get a second opinion.
  8. Husband Wants Me To Return Pup

    Demodex is treatable and not necessarily a lifetime problem. Consult your vet for treatment or perhaps get a second opinion. All dogs carry demodex as latent, just some react and break out for some reason. Demodex is the result of an immune response, but that does not mean that you will have lifelong issues. It is quite feasible that you could go on with this puppy, after treatment, and for it to have a normal life without recurrence.
  9. Town Split On Dog Shootings

    dog-owner I do feel sorry for your predicament, and I can imagine the heart ache you are suffering. I did not mean to add to your angst - I was talking generally, I hope you can get some peace soon as you obviously did love your dogs.
  10. Town Split On Dog Shootings

    In my quotes I said nothing about using guns - I advocate a "can't happen" approach on the part of owners of all dogs. If owners figure that some day a gate may be left open and house their dogs accordingly the "oops moment" would not happen and neither livestock nor dogs would lose their lives at all.
  11. Town Split On Dog Shootings

    Crisovar, I agree. All life is precious whether chooks, dogs, or livestock of any kind. It makes me dismayed to read answers here that trivilialse the death of the chooks who probably died a horrible death. All animals deserve respect.
  12. Town Split On Dog Shootings

    If people love their dogs they will go to whatever it takes to make sure the dogs do not leave their property. If the dogs leave the property then the onus is on the owner, not the livestock owner. If someone leaves your gate open, its your fault for not padlocking it or leaving your dogs inside a locked kennel instead of a yard that is not really secured. Too many times I've seen dogs wandering free and I'm sick of being accosted by dogs loose on the street. Its time owners realised that it is THEIR responsibility to keep their dogs in.
  13. German Shepherd Dog

    Nobody here is interested in a one-off demonstration that denigrates the breed we love. Every thread that involves the German Shepherd gets hijacked. There are always other breeds to visit for those who don't like to see the breed prosper in the public eye, which is what this thread is designed for. Constructive comments would be a pleasant change.
  14. German Shepherd Dog

    There may be individual GSDs whose hocks wobble, but this is a long way from your statement about GSDs who simply cannot stand upright on their feet and fall over completely on the ground. To continually focus in on the individuals in this breed that have loose hocks and then overlook the fact that there are many more individuals who are correct, it appears you have a beef about the breed for whatever reason and I don't believe this thread is the place to air it. By the way, I'm sure we can all dig up the dirt on any breed with unflattering videos.
  15. Another Dog Attack Overnight

    I agree there are unfit people out there when it comes to owning dogs BUT as breeders we should be sifting out the unsuitable ones BEFORE they get a dog. This is a protection for our respective breeds. No doubt there are always some breeders WHO will sell to the first person who brings the almighty dollar and that is bad for all breeders. I believe it is up to the breeders who sell the pups to instil in the buyers about their responsibilities of keeping their dogs on their own property and on lead in public. If people do not have fences or are unwilling to take those responsibilties I deem them unsuitable to own one of my breed.