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  1. Moreton Bay Regional Council also has breeders licences and you are meant to quote the number when advertising litters. I did not think this was a trial though - I thought this was the rules going forward. When I applied for my breeders licence someone came and inspected my property. I do not believe there is an expiry date on this permit. If you register you dogs it is worth getting as I pay the desexed rates. But if you are someone who does not register your dogs anyway, why would you apply for the Breeders licences!! I agree that sometimes these rules do not capture the people they are intended to.
  2. I cannot comment on Northlakes, however cannot speak highly enough of stafford. When my dogs was just 11 weeks old she fractured her elbow in 3 places, including through her growth plate. This was a serious fracture which high potential for long term damage. Surgery was done by Jason. He did a great job. Today, she is now 2, and you would never know. My only advice, being very strict about activity during the recovery period. We had to crate our pup for very long period of time and post surgery she could not run, jump or play
  3. They look great! Do they have mesh on both sides of the crate or just one side? There is only mesh on the front and top. The top can also has a zip like the front. I find that this is enough ventilation - even here in Qld on a hot day.
  4. I have the ones that fold up into a bag. This is them Link I like them as it is only 1 trip from the car. I can carry 2 of these, a chair, I have a bag/chiller that is a trolley, and have the 2 dogs. The only downside is they do not have a mat.
  5. I second this. My Labs practically inhale dry food, never chew it, so I'm scared of them choking on it. As much as it may seem wrong to still be soaking kibble for adult dogs, my two get soaked kibble to this day and I'm happy to keep it this way. They get the odd chicken neck (which also get inhaled, lucky if they crunch it once!) but they can chew wings and larger bones. I third this :) I use go slow bowels for most of my labs.
  6. Clean the ear with warm water to get off any blood, then paw paw cream It helps the ear heal and keeps the flys off. Also spray some insect repellent around the ares. However, the best solution is to keep the dog inside for a few days until it heals.
  7. I agree with everyone else - you need the DVD! I definitely could have not used this method without the DVD. In the next few months I am going to start teaching my third dog with method, so I will be watching the DVD again.
  8. I have had great success with 2x2. I have trained 2 dogs with this method. My first agility dog I trained with the slanted poles and she never got it. So I retrained her with 2x2. Do you have the DVD? Maybe you should go back to working closer? If he is running past I would suggest he does not understand yet what you want him to do. Training weaves is hard and can be very frustrating when it does not feel like you are progressing. Maybe have a break for a few days.
  9. I have several of Susan Garratt's books and DVDs which I love. I have to say the boom Agility Right From The Start looks good. Have just done a search and the cheapest place to get this is the UK Book Depository. $35 including postage. Some places want $55 plus delivery.
  10. what I have found works best is wetting a towel and laying it down in the whelping box. Every few hours re-wet it. I have used frozen bottles, but they prefer the wet towel.
  11. I lost my girl in October and it gave me alot of comfort having her cremated as I knew she was coming home. I could not bear the throught of not knowing where she went. There are heaps of different options for what the ashes come in. Generally the standard package is a box that is designed for burying. I chose a photo box. It has a slot for a photo and a plaque and the ashes are behind. It just looks like a photo frame. However we have not put a photo in as my partner is still unable to look at pictures without getting upset Sorry for your loss. It is a very sad time.
  12. No lick here. However one of my labs is a real kisser! I have to push her away and fight her off but she often manages to get one in.
  13. My fav is Susan Garrett's Shaping Success. I get my agility books/DVD's here. My other recommendation is the Crate Games DVD. This is also great.
  14. I stopped using them as I am too impatient! I can't remember their timeframe maybe it was 2 weeks or even 4. I would just call and check with them?
  15. Sounds like an excellent class to start with. Often people at too eager to get on equipment instead of working on foundations.
  16. ADAA also have clubs on the southside. Check here. While formal obedience is not required, there are elements of obedience I think are necessary. These include stay and recall. Also you dog will need to be able to work off lead in an enviroment with alot happening. I have seen people come to agility lacking the above and it can be very frustrating for them.
  17. I think it no-one's business but the person who lives in the house if they keep their dog in the front yard. In a previous house where I had my dog in the front yard my elderly neighbour loved it as my dog would alert them to anyone in the street. Also I think it makes sense to make the most of all your yard, front and back, for you dog to have the most space.
  18. Absolutely worth it. I have many dogs and family with dogs and how my puppy interacts at puppy school is very different as they are out of their confort zone. Firstly your puppy needs to get use to puppies of all shapes and sizes, secondly she need to learn how to focus on you will all the distrctions. The puppy school at my obedience club the puppies do play off lead in a contained area for the first 10-15 minutes. In the current class there is a small breed and she is less than 1kg - she is comping just fine!! There has also be in other classes where the small breed pup has been alittle unsure the first week - you should see how their confidence changes over just 4 weeks :-)
  19. I think the stick are fantastic!! The sticks and just in an oil - so safe. Also they are not too over bearing, you just flip the sticks every week. You need to buy the good ones that are $25-30. I usually buy mine from Myer. They last ages - not sure exactly how long but it is at least 6 months.
  20. I train a puppy class and there are usually 1 or 2 pups every class that stay very close mum/dad. Like people dogs have their own personality. Some puppies want to run and play with other puppies, while others like to watch. The aim of socilalisation is so your puppy/dog can nicely greet others dogs and people. So long as there is is improvement each week don't panic. I agree with others.....maybe find a new puppy school.
  21. Bugger! Another option is to get a small normal tunnel (one you know it good quality) and make your own chute.
  22. My last litter I was feeding my bitch goats milk. It was very difficult to find and expensive. Because of this I did not feed it to the pups.
  23. I agree. At home I have plastic jumps but I do not think they would be good for alot of use. Unfortunetly unless you make it yourself it is difficult to get equipment that is inexpensive.
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