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  1. February Kepala Sunday 8th Feb

    Yes please Simone & Meagan and Taavi (Finnish Lapphund). I think Nicole also said that she would be bringing tahvo
  2. Litters Due November 2014

    Well, she came early and we had six healthy bubs born on Oct 30th!!! 5 boys and 1 girl.
  3. Litters Due November 2014

    We are due this Saturday but temp has dropped this morning... So we may have October babies
  4. Litters Due November 2014

    Juddabug - Whippets due 1st November
  5. All Things Whippet!

    Don't forget our fun day... It is on TODAY!!!!!
  6. All Things Whippet!

    COME AND JOIN US FOR OUR FUN DAY!!! Feel free to share with family, friends and other whippet people! EVERYONE IS WELCOME!!
  7. All Things Whippet!

    Gorgeous pups!!!
  8. Bairnsdale/east Gippsland Kennel Club

    Yes it is
  9. Bairnsdale/east Gippsland Kennel Club

    Ok thank you
  10. Bairnsdale/east Gippsland Kennel Club

    Have certificates for the Friday show this year been sent out yet! We have not received ours yet for Neuter in Group 4!
  11. All Things Whippet!

    If anyone needs whippet coats... Be sure to check out these: Juddabug Whippet Couture
  12. All Things Whippet!

    Awww Finnigan is gorgeous!!!
  13. All Things Whippet!

    We're there this Saturday!!!
  14. Sick Brand New Puppy :(

    Hoping your pup is improving!!
  15. All Things Whippet!

    Woot way to go Orlando!! I so want to see him in action again... Hoping he'll be on next time we're at KCC!