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  1. Sadly, i suspect the photographer is being used as a scapegoat to deflect focus from this "rescue" group.
  2. I have been following this whole sorry saga on the "rescue" group and the volunteer photographer's Facebook page via a link that was sent to me. A very sad situation indeed. There has been many offers on Facebook to foster or rehome these five long term dogs but they have had no reply as yet to these offers. It breaks my heart that while i am sitting here nice and warm next to the fire with my dogs, these dogs are in cold kennels in the west of Sydney.It must be freezing there at night. Thank you Tootsie Roll for starting the conversation.
  3. We need to advocate for the voiceless, even if it is seen as whistleblowing.
  4. In memory of my little dog Kendra who was given her wings four years ago today. Always loved and never forgotten. Until we meet again.
  5. The morning after my little girl was given her wings i was awoken by her barking and another time three weeks later i felt her lying at the foot of the bed where she always slept. That was two years ago and there has been nothing since, not even a dream.
  6. Thanks but that won't be necessary as when i make a pledge i keep a diary next to the computer with the dog's details, the date, the shelter name and the amount i pledge. Once the dog is adopted, rescued or sadly PTS, i record that information to avoid any confusion. Thanks again .
  7. Thanks everyone for you kind words and advice. What upset me the most was that i did not even make a pledge on this dog and this "bad apple" rescuer was trying to take advantage of my kindness and scam money from me. In her words it was only a "lousy $25". I informed her of the dogs that i made pledges on that day and to no avail, the nasty PM's still kept coming. Fingers crossed that she has now been blocked from sending me anymore PM's. I don't need the grief
  8. I am so upset over the abusive PM's i am receiving that i am not comfortable making pledges anymore on the off chance this rescuer rescues the dog that i make a pledge for. Thanks for listening and your support.
  9. I would like to warn the kind dolers who make pledges of donations to go towards rescue of dogs on PTS lists to keep a record of the dogs that you make a pledge for. Even though i have done this i am being bombarded with abusive PM's from a rescuer demaning money from me for a dog that i have not even made a pledge for. Just venting as it is like banging your head against a brick wall.
  10. Thinking of you Merna at this sad time. Run free at the bridge Rocky.
  11. After my little terrier x was PTS we bought her home to bury her. From advice from the senior vet nurse we were told not to let the other three dogs see her body, as it may distress them, or where we bury her as they may try to dig her up. In hindsight i not sure this was the best advice. After she was laid to rest the other three dogs were let outside and her fox terrier "boyfriend" went straight over to her grave and started to dig up the grave . He had the most mournful look on his face where as the other two did not even give her grave a second glance and carried on as if nothing had happened. After his "girlfriends" passing he literally aged overnight. For many weeks he would go looking for her around the house and in the garage. We have had many foster dogs come and go over the years but he only had eyes for her and i believe that even though it has been two years now since her passing he still misses her. My condolences on the passing of your beloved cat. It is always hard on the ones left behind to grieve, pets included.
  12. Kendra


    May you have beautiful memories of your beloved Sinna today.
  13. Two years today on Christmas Eve 2009 my little heart dog Kendra was given her wings. Thinking of you today and always my little Angel. I will light a candle at your grave today in honour of your memory which will never die. Run free at the bridge with no more pain. You were dearly loved and will never be forgotten. Goodbye my Angel. Until we meet again.
  14. After my much beloved" little girl "dog who was given her wings on Christmas Eve 2009. It is my tribute to her.
  15. Does anyone know of one that they can recommend while i am away on holidays.
  16. Can anyone recommend dog friendly accommodation on the Central Coast within easy drive to Gorokan where dogs are allowed inside.
  17. Can anyone recommend dog friendly accommodation at the Central Coast within easy drive to Gorokan where dogs are allowed inside.
  18. I couldn't agree more, I can't understand why this place gets so much In donations, when there are so many others who do a hell of a lot more for their animals on less money and are so much more deserving of funds More money for that green stuff you like to use so much Dr Smith! How about actually using It for the animals In your care and their desperate need of new facilities just for starters! They are good at PR and raising money. They have a very good reputation with people who aren't "in the know". Maybe rescue could learn some things from LDH - how to fund raise being one of them. A reputable rescue group likes to be able to sleep at night with a clear conscience.
  19. What a shame that Mr Samways had no family otherwise they could contest the will.
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