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  1. Starmark Products

    There's a lot of that at the moment same thing with Zukes.
  2. Tell Me What Your Raw Diet Is!

    Another fan of the big dog barf here, the wellbeing and roo are great if your dog needs to shed a few kilos. I also give chicken frames, necks, beef brisket bones, salmon heads, whole fish, bone broth plus fruits and vege.
  3. Turkey Legs

    I prefer to get the wings for my lab but haven't been able to get them for a while.
  4. Time To Start Shopping

    What breed are you getting?
  5. Raw Diet + Blood Panels

    $11 a kilo wish I could find the ocean trout for that price, best I have seen is $14! I don't mind it's a treat thing, it's not every meal costing me that. I got Abbey nice decent size strips of salmon the other week, giving mostly frozen she likes those quite a bit too. Had to give the salmon heads a break as they have been a bit too big.
  6. Raw Diet + Blood Panels

    Think my lab is hooked on whole rainbow trout now Yonjuro :) Great sunday treat she thinks.
  7. Those Crazy Labradors

    Well done Ruby Very pretty girl you have there :)
  8. Getting Rid Of Ziwipeak

    Ah obviously
  9. Getting Rid Of Ziwipeak

    Whats the OP?
  10. Raw Diet + Blood Panels

    That's very interesting Yonjuro, I think I will get a blood panel done on Abbey when she gets her shots in early December. I had been thinking about it but I think I definitely will now. Abbey is still having a few skin issues even on full raw so I have been wondering if she is out somewhere.
  11. Getting Rid Of Ziwipeak

    I don't think nuggets has logged back in....
  12. Getting Rid Of Ziwipeak

    Where in nsw are you located??
  13. R.i.p. Helen Jones

    That's terrible, world so unfair to kind people.
  14. Hi Guys, Just wondering if any of you have any recommendations on dermatologists in NSW? And what your experiences have been.
  15. Your Favourite Leash?

    Another fan of the EzyDog Zero Shock, fantastic for saving my arms from sudden jolt of a Labrador that has found an amazing scent and stops suddenly. Have had mine for over 2 years. EzyDog Zero Shock