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  1. Just wondering if anyone uses or can recommend a pet sitter in the hunter area near Cessnock nsw. I just need someone to check in, feed , clean up and spend a little time daily with my dog when I go away, occasionally. My local vet receptionist has suggested a local lady, business name “sleep well pet care “ anyone used her ??? thankyou in advance
  2. Just starting to look for another puppy after loosing my boy at Christmas. It's been awhile since purchasing a puppy and previously went with a registered breeder and only a little bit of research and mainly my gut instinct. But this time I would like to be a bit more prepared regarding breeder selection. I just want to know, how can you research breeders breeding history, dog history, health history/ scores and any litter history of limited and main registered puppies. I understand they can give me linage of breed history, but wanted to know if there is a register of some kind, other than just the history or scores they pass on to puppy enquiries. Looking at getting another bullmastiff and just trying to ensure I get the right temperament and healthiest puppy as possible. Thankyou in advance
  3. Just wondering what everyone uses for bathing a large breed dog. I'm currently using buckets of warm water and in hotter weather a hose, but my back is starting to complain and thinking about purchasing a dog bath. Looking for a good second hand one ( any tips to look out for would be appreciated) or possibly a new one.(any brands reccommended??) Have seen the barf brand dog bathes website and they look good,does anyone have any knowledge on that brand. Any advice Thanks in advance
  4. Just wanted to know if anyone uses or can recommend a dog remedial massager in the Newcastle or huntervalley area. My boy is getting on in his years. (Arthritis, hip tpo at 12 monthes old, currently on monthly cartrophen, meloxicam, pernaease powder.) Just wanted to see if it helped him, even in a small way, or just a relaxing massage for him. Thankyou in advance.
  5. First things first, she is adorable. I have very limited experience, first time owner of a bullmastiff, who is now nearly 8 years old. You delema seems identical to what our boy was like around that age. If possible,I would highly recommend contact and discussions with breeder or breeders of the breed. This wasn't available with our breeder and i didn't think about other breeders or contacting a bullmastiff club of our state at the time. We were attending training from puppy till about 4 1/2 years, but with his behavioural issues we went down alot of avenues, one on one trainers, behavioural experts etc, but I feel what worked best for us was research, understanding the breed and understanding him and making sure we just relaxed. We could have done things alot better or different, but we aren't perfect and we have learnt alot and are still learning alot about our boy and this amazing breed. Also the link by persephone would be very important and useful reading material. You definitely will need guidance and assistance because if she is anything like my boy was/ is, it will make each stage manageable or give you tips and guidance. Only one thing from experience... I didn't feel trainers, no matter how highly regarded, with minimal varied breed experience, ie only one or two breeds, weren't ideal with our behaviour problems. Good luck, and enjoy her. The bullmastiff is an amazing and unique breed!!!
  6. Happy gotcha day Stan!!!! I have loved all the antics and stories about Stan, many giggles shared :-) Big hugs and belly rubs sent your way.
  7. A sheepskin underlay and a mink blanket. They were on sale, too cheap to not get them! A lot more extravagant then his usual blanket but he soooo loves it and snuggles for hours.
  8. Hey there CooperRR, We went down the path of tpo about 7yrs ago. I still feel that it was an uncertain decision we made, that we had no experience in making and we left it completely in our specialists hands. Don't know if it was the right or wrong thing, but our boy is now 8, and is getting around fine. We were highly recommended David lidbetter in Sydney, and I would continue with the recommendation. He is amazing. Briefly.... Our boy developed a slight limp, xrayed,very bad hips, vet then specialist "David ",quick decision req due to age and growth, went ahead with it, I think 4weeks between each side done.Had to keep rested, clean etc, even put ice packs on him to reduce swelling, he was an amazing patient and seemed to understand. Limited /monitored in everything, alot of car trips to give him a change of scenery :-) But all went well, kept it slow and steady for the next 12monthes, didn't do physio, but that is a great idea though, if available. It is invasive, and there is large risks, so make sure you are comfortable with the decision.
  9. Hey there redangel, Just going off our personal experience, our boy had flare ups skin issues, rashes, yeasty areas etc with his skin over about a 2yr period, on and off, with no noticeable reason/ contact/ allergy/ season etc, trying all suggested options from the vet, he was very hesitant on blood test, until we had finally went enough is enough for our poor fella, we had to sort it out. He said we should visit a specialist, have a chat and go from there. Wish we had done it soooo sooner. Seen Linda at sash, and she was amazing, each case would be different,but we didn't need a blood test, just a management plan, but it's been over a year now with very very minimal skin issues, and we should have done it sooner, as even though it was a little costly, atleast we know where we are at, and what to do, everything else was good to try, but really a waste of money, as she could of got us on the right path sooner, and a more comfortable life for our boy. Good luck with it.
  10. My experience would be separate saving account. Currently insured with pro sure, $875 year. Insured for 6 years for my 7yr old bullmastiff, he had hip issues before insurance, so all issues re. Hips not covered. Fine with that, but I didn't claim anything for first 5 yrs,but within the last year, lumps, skin specialists etc, I have been putting in claims. Shock horror, they delay delay delay,need more info extra copies of history etc etc last straw for me was still ongoing claims from at least 4 monthes ago, they now think my renewal wasn't paid for this year from back in June!!! I had to prove I had!!! Then they said it had been an error on their side, sorry. I am at this stage, over it completely. So next dog, will be separate emergency saving fund!!
  11. We use to send our boy to playhouse pet motel wyee for many years, he loved going there. (didn't know it changed hands). I would of highly recommended them, we just changed to Akuna near cessnock 2 years back, as it is closer for us and recommended by our vet and a close friend. Akuna is great, but still thought playhouse went that extra mile. We used Terrigal Pet Resort once and would never use them again. Would recommend just popping in to the kennels that are near you, ask a few questions and have a look around. Good luck!
  12. Just wondering if anyone went to the Sydney dog lovers show today, I am just deciding whether to go tomorrow. Any comments appreciated I know anything relating to dogs is interesting, just whether it was good enough to drive down from the Hunter valley, or just spend the day at the river with my boy!
  13. Thanks staffyluv, photo wouldn't show it really well, cause it isn't a lump or bump,its just raised. You have to be looking at it, comparing sides, and really feel it when rubbing over him. Just funny that it is a reasonably large area that's risen on his back muscle, as if he has bumped it, been bitten or done something that has caused swelling, but doesn't really appear to be any of those???? We have had a few bump/lumps/tags on his underside in the last 2 years that we have had removed and tested. This is just a little different and the vet didn't seem to know what it might be? I guess I will know at the end of the week :)
  14. About 5 weeks ago I noticed a raised area (not a lump or mass) about 2inch x 2inch wide, but only minimally raised. It's is on the left side of his back,in his back muscle area? above his flank. By chance the morning I noticed it I was going to the vets for another issue, as it had only just appeared, the vet wasn't overly concerned and just to monitor, come in asap if any changes, otherwise give it a little while, so no change in raised area, still eating drinking etc , not sore to touch, so I went back 4 weeks later, the vet now not to sure, doesn't want to go poking at it just yet as it's not your usual lump or mass, he gave me some anti inflammatory, ilium meloxicam, and monitor come back 2 weeks,then possibly do ultra sound, stick in some needles for samples etc etc. I go back in 1 week, boy is still his normal self, but raised area still there, just after any ones thoughts experiences ideas of what it could be, just curious!!! (and also worried) He is 7, healthy weight, active. Thankyou in advance.
  15. Thankyou for the replies. His skin issues as the dermatoligist told us, appears to be a mild case, more environment etc, his skin is yeasty gets red, but he doesnt lick at it or appear itchy. (we did suggest maybe he is just too lazy to bother :) ). so she thought it unneccessary to do allergy testing (at this stage) more of a barrier assistance, oil supplement, spray, ointment cream, alternate shampoo/ conditioner.So until a 3 week follow up, i wouldnt be changing his diet, we just want to atleast have a more consistant plan, and manageable, something that can be reduced and increased depending on whats happening skin wise, so hopefully barrier plan works. But....just didnt get into the food discussion, my fault as i was trying to take it all in. I have just always gone with whats suggested, never checked out options and after feeding him on royal canin for that long, i have noticed the market has boomed in options, and after reading previous topics on dogs on line, i am now aware there is a huge difference in products. So yes, probably over thinking it, and he does love and look good on skin support, just have noticed discussions on black hawk, raw diet, any grain free options, and just wanted to see what dogs are enjoying, and whats keeping them healthy inside and out :) trying to work out what ingredients are necessary for a large, sensitive skin, slightly older boy has overwhelmed me. Thanks for suggestions Googling and printing, ready to read up on.
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