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  1. Brisbane Vet Recommendation

    This would be your nearest large veterinary centre I think. I have no personal experience of it but the facilities look OK. They also recommend the Animal Emergency Centre at Underwood (information on their website) for out of hours care. http://wmvh.com.au/
  2. What Would You Have Done?

    I think you were remarkably restrained actually. Talk about an overreaction by those girls! You have to be very careful in situations like this though - drunken girls armed with glasses can cause serious injury. I wonder if Ernie was the only dog who approached them - seems unlikely on an off leash beach. Absolute idiots - you were in the wrong place at the wrong time, not your fault at all.
  3. Separation Anxiety

    Oh yes - tried kongs, puzzle toys, thundershirts, music, adaptil, behaviourists, etc etc. We got him at two years of age so unfortunately the behaviour was firmly entrenched and seemingly incurable. I wouldn't have taken him if I had known of course and I think the only possible solution now would be rehoming to a multiple dog household but the family won't hear of it.
  4. Separation Anxiety

    I am extremely "bothered". If I knew he only barked for a short time when I left or arrived home I would be ecstatic! As it is I know that he will commence barking about 10 minutes after I leave - no matter what I do in the way of "distractions" - and not stop until I walk in the door. Unless I leave him with someone I can't enjoy any outing at all. I hate it but my OH doesn't really think it is a problem as nobody has complained and we have tried everything to cure him so his attitude is just to let him bark. It doesn't make for a happy life though
  5. Puppy Farms

    There is nothing said because there are no plans to shut down puppy farms. They will be allowed to flourish under any government & sell to pet shops to meet demand as long as they adhere to the current codes of practise that governments decree. Licensed by councils, registered as a business & kept in approved size cages as long as they obey the "rules" in theory they will be permitted. The animal cruelty laws do cover everything already, they are just either not caught out or the laws are not used or applied correctly. The deterrent is probably the $30 fee per dog which will not affect volume farming of dogs. Some deterrent! Another grandoise statement aimed at attracting a few votes. The devil is in the (lack of) detail. The key is policing any laws and unless that part is legislated its all a waste of time and grandstanding. Though Labor at least makes some noise about animal welfare issues - I suspect many in the LNP belong to the "its only animals" brigade.
  6. Ldh At It Again

    If people are too stupid to ring the council or ask a vet what to do to find their lost dog then they shouldn't have a dog in the first place. Thank God LDH are out of Brisbane at least. There should be a cooling off period of at least 24 hours - poor little dog
  7. Pee Post

    I would be really interested to hear if this works. I live in an apartment with my little dog and have been considering one of these to try and train him to toilet on the patio when I am unable to take him out. Good on you for considering a rescue. Be patient with toileting issues though as it can be challenge for a rescue dog and stress of a new place can cause issues - as with any dog.
  8. Doggy Gift Box Dissappointment

    Great customer service anyway - sometimes products just don't meet expectations but the response of the business is key. IMO this company has responded professionally which goes a long way towards building a business. Unlike many we have seen who engage in less than professional - to put it mildly - responses if someone posts something negative about their products or services here.
  9. Happy 5th Birthday Amber

    Happy Birthday Amber - such a beautiful girl! Heres hoping for many more birthdays to come.
  10. Rspca Australia Xmas Guardian Angels Ad

    Its just marketing - the most attractive models are always used! I saw a story on the local news about how the RSPCA shelter is at capacity because of the holidays coming up and people dumping dogs. They showed the most gorgeous little fluffy - no way that dog would have been there available for adoption even if if you went straight out there. :D Its just to get people there to have a look and hopefully fall in love with something. They use whatever ploys they can to attract people and I don't blame them particularly this time of year when they are inundated because so many low-lifes think animals are disposable.
  11. Dog Stolen Gold Coast

    You could tell that the dog was a real sweetheart - what a low life scum. Chances are the police know who he is.
  12. Interrogation By Breeder

    Just want to endorse these comments. You will be living with the temperament a lot longer than the looks will appeal :)
  13. My Dogs Are Fighting!

    If something happens in the meantime and you need some urgent help I believe RSPCA has a behavioural help line. Also Dr Cam Day does emergency consults - his reviews are not all negative though he is expensive. Just some ideas :)
  14. Interrogation By Breeder

    Can understand the request for pictures of house and yard and where the dog will be sleeping - also a Google map search can confirm the authenticity of the photos in most cases. A vet reference is also reasonable - providing the person has owned a pet before. But a personal photo? No, that is going too far I think.