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  1. 'Exemptions' are not not going to save anyone. They are temporary at best. Exemptions don't prevent people doing the wrong thing. If you promote a standardized environment as the only 'correct' method of breeding and raising dogs, any one taking advantage of exemption will not be doing the the right thing. Sooner or later it will be noticed. You have changed the expectation. Only being held to COMMON expectation reduces the incidence of failure. There is nothing common to our expectations ATM > Our expectation depend on what 'group' you are aligned with. Those aren't favorable to groups you aren't aligned with. So outsiders won't look for the benefits of a group that doesn't do anything for them personaly, they will hold that group responsible for its lowest common denominator. If you won't be part of what people share in common, you won't meet common expectations. The K.Cs are not aligned with 'dog breeders' and owners. They are aligned with Pedigrees. The Difference of K.Cs could be accepted as part of diversity in practice. But if they won't practice an acceptance of diversity themselves, they will be rejected or destroy their own purpose. This process gains momentum and theres not much time left. Expectations are almost destroyed. Police, Guide dogs for the visually disabled, Customs breeding centre? Meeting at Bulla tomorrow night will be interesting.
  2. Will the Federal and State Government canine breeding programs have exemptions? Do they already in ACT?
  3. My first litter of pups who needed supplementary feeding had me tube feeding every two hours one puppy, the others took the bottle... most of the times. Day and night. I was/am a woman possessed. How innocent when I left my vet initially with one container of milk replacement. Any other ideas on a large litter? Below is our bottle box/plastic container. Saving me time. I can sleep for longer periods, as feeding 11 took over 2 to 3 hours. I like the container idea as when pups are full they drop off to sleep, and I can stimulate them to toilet in lots of 4, instead of one which requires frequent hand washing on my part. Safe as the pups cannot roll off tablets etc. Easily washed with disinfectant, What do you think? Please share. Looking forward to weaning I tell ya!
  4. Critique please. I realise very young and session tooooooo long!
  5. Congratulations on your new puppy. What are your plans for your puppy. Why did you pick a Labrador RETRIEVER? You mention a current advertisement on Dogzonline, which I believe is mine. Adderslot litter? In Europe and America, they are differentiated by field and show. I do not know of one successful field bitch owner in either UK or US who would breed to a non working/field stud dog. The thought would not enter their minds. Diluting working traits.....o the horror! Buyers know of the differences overseas, not so much for obvious reasons in Australia. I do not breed for the pet market. Not that they do not make great pets, they do. Would simply be a waste of working field genes. I breed for working traits and most pet owners have a bias towards what they have seen/know. I do not use any Australian stud in my breeding program. My choice, my "selection". My money. There are extremes both pros and cons on both sides. They are all Labradors, but different!
  6. Are you asking as a breeder or buyer, and what type of buyer.......pet or various field applications, hunting home, retrieving trail home, police sniffer dog etc.
  7. Fascinating. Quick google for information on the breed suggested 500 to 600 dogs, and they have closed the stud book? Why? Very small number of dogs.
  8. Sensational, we do live in exciting times. Article raises so many questions. Was Bart from non paddock parents? Ooooooo so many questions. I breed working labradors so inheritance is contemplated often. Love it!
  9. Hi planetpink, I have a hilux 4x4 tray with five permanent crates. Covered. My main concern was dog comfort. Crate size was a nightmare. I cannot imagine your vehicle being high enough for crates and draws.
  10. In which arena either in competition or other,do you test/gauge your dogs Huski?
  11. Enjoyed so much. Thanks for posting. Laughed at the saliva flying.
  12. Do the dogs return to you when out of season?
  13. I bet! I tend to use the puppy toy frame only when the pups are inside. My example above was on a hot stinking day. My pups generally as they mature like to roam around my backyard which is 1/2 acre with lots of different surfaces and tunnels etc. Plus they play tug with each other (my old clothes).
  14. My used puppy toy frame. I think it needs repairs LOL. I breed working labs. Can you tell????
  15. Like this? :D So cute. So big! How old were the pups, Spotted Devil?
  16. www.youtube.com/watch?v=stC1wNKfPIw
  17. Teresa MacPherson is not unknown in Australia! Only last year Teresa MacPherson (Chair of FEMA Canine) and another U S A highly skilled FEMA (U S A ) Urban Search and Rescue instructor Deborah Burnett) delivered SARDA - Search and Rescue Australia Inc. first Canine Search Specialist course in Victoria. Field bred labradors are bred for very different traits than show/bench.
  18. A video I took, after arriving at a favourite training site. She was fresh out of her crate, and placed on a sit stay. I was keen to take some photos,there was a delay while organising my video device, frustration was building, so instead of photos took this video. At her worst! Why I bothered to command quiet...no idea.
  19. Fair question, as the breeder, of my barker, I have pondered myself. So many traits I am breeding for, in my programme, drive, nerves, health. Watched the Crufts agility finals. Thanks so much to everyone who replied, seems barking is accepted as I noted dogs in the Crufts youtubes barking and achieving remarkable focus. JRG, including a field bred a spaniel in the final. Some working requirements require their dogs to bark, say search and rescue when locating a victim (rather than passive alert - sit to drugs etc. All OK. I will add video, as my problem youngster is still barking!! Mainly at the start of training. Sorry for delay in responding to this thread. I appreciate all the reponses.
  20. Raised right, training excellent. Breeding...well I bred her..so excellent too! ha!
  21. Kavik, had you trained your dog to bark on command??????
  22. Sometimes with Nitro it is certainly due to frustration. I know the vocalisation makes me frustrated!
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