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  1. I don't think it reasonable to ask you to pay for the semen. You paid for a mating that did not take place therefore you prepaid for the semen.
  2. You should have come to an agreement on whether a fee was payable before the ai was done. Agreements between the owners of the dog and bitch are whatever is mutually acceptable, there is no hard and fast rule. Did a mating actually take place the first time the bitch went to the dog? If there was a mating there is no obligation for the owner of the dog to offer a free return (you pay for the mating not the result) but most breeders offer a free return as a courtesy. If no mating took place but you paid the stud fee anyway, then you should not be expected to pay for the semen for the ai as you have already paid the stud fee.
  3. Show 4 weeks after pups too early?

    No Yes Yes Multiple reasons not to take her to a show, no ribbon is worth it. The puppies should still be drinking off mum, this is when they would be getting peak nutrition off her. She won't be looking or feeling her best, will be exhausted and will certainly stress being away from her puppies. And very importantly, she could bring home a disease to them such as kennel cough or worse parvo.
  4. Dry food and infertility in dogs

    Interestingly there was a program on tv that detailed how the Mexican yucca plant was the original active ingredient in "the pill".
  5. Buyers should be aware that currently there is NO requirement for NRCA members to test for JLPP, so ask to see the JLPP cert no matter who you buy from. My information is that there are NRCA members who are not testing.
  6. It's a very good article Meg but please remove the reference " Puppy buyers should be ensuring that their prospective breeder is an NRC(a) breeder ". There are non NRCA members such as myself who are embracing the testing of breeding stock. In fact I have a litter on the ground now and both parents have been tested "clear". As it stands the article is prejudicial to non NRCA members who are doing the right thing. TIA
  7. Litters Due July 2014

    How do I post Pics? Can't see A "post photo" icon?
  8. Litters Due July 2014

    So sad to read your post, that is the downside of breeding. Doing the right thing for our fur kids can be the hardest of all. ♡♡♡
  9. Litters Due July 2014

    Kuhnheit - Rottweilers. Born 19th July. 5 Pups - 3 Natural Bobtail Girls; 1 Natural Bobtail Boy; 1 Longtail Boy.
  10. Litters Due July 2014

    Kuhnheit - Rottweilers - Due 21st July
  11. Can You Beat This Offer?

    My strangest one was the woman who wanted to trade in her Poodle on a Rotty puppy. ???? What The ???
  12. Natural Bob Tail Rottweilers

    Forgot to add, I have been breeding them since 1977.
  13. Natural Bob Tail Rottweilers

    Nbt Rotts have been around since the first standard but with tails being docked have been "invisible". From memory the last time they were mentioned in the standard was 1970. They are still around and there are several breeders keeping the Nbt line going.