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  1. A benefit worth having

    I took 3 months LSL when I get my puppy two and a half years ago. Was wonderful. The first month revolved around the puppy. Second month I painted inside of my unit, so started leaving dogs outside for an hour or three. Last month resumed a more normal routine with longer absences from home in the lead up to returning to work hours.
  2. Tooth extraction

    Not a dog dentist, but looks similar to when my Westie got his canines. You can see here he had two upper incisors for a bit. The adult tooth came through in front of the baby tooth. Now has a perfect set of chompers.
  3. Dog walkers walking multiple dogs

    Regards retractable leads, I believe the Brisbane council rule is dogs have to be no more than 2m from their owners. Never see people pulled up for breaking that rule though.
  4. I know dogs can get spay incontinence and am wondering if this extends to faecal incontinence as well. I've noticed that Meg, the cocker, may sometimes have a poop nugget in her bed and one day was walking along and a nugget just fell out. I found a single nugget inside today and for sometime had been wondering if she knows it's happening. I've previously posted about her pooping inside in the wet, but that's a proper poop, not just a random nugget. Will discuss with vet as they will be getting their shots soon, but just curious if it is something that happens.
  5. Maremma problem, please advise.

    There's bird noise then there's bored out of their brain bird in a cage noise. Natural noise is mostly pleasant, until you have so many corellas and cockatoos that they look like snow. Then it is a dawn cacophony that renders sleep ins impossible. The same for neighbours. Most are ok, but the oblivious inconsiderate ones are horrible. I lived next to two barking border collies for a couple of years and let's just say, wasn't friends with those tossers. 7 years on they are still there annoying the entire neighbourhood while owners sit inside and do nothing to stop the mutts barking.
  6. I can't fathom how she would have got her luggage out for the cruise and not seen the dog? If it was just in the rear atea
  7. 6 month old gulping food without chewing

    Wasn't the case in the pic Scrappi. I only got the cocker a month before the pup. I understand dogs can be food possessive / resource guard, which requires a totally different approach. But under normal circumstances I don't agree with not interfering while they eat. I believe you need to be able to approach them while eating and take what they're eating away from them without fuss. You never know when a kid will touch their bowl or bone or approach them while eating or someone will feed them something they shouldn't have. So I train them that food can be taken away, meals interrupted etc. They also know their bowls and know they cannot eat from the other dogs' bowl. It sounds like the pup in the OP is settling and realising the other dog isn't going to take her food. It's only been 4 days. Unless an altercation is likely, if they were my dogs, I'd continue to feed in my preferred manner.
  8. 6 month old gulping food without chewing

    Mine eat side by side. Synchronised eating the Westie is a little character though. It took me a while to work out that he won't eat unless I do. He might nibble just to get through, but will leave most of his meal until I have mine on a plate.
  9. New cocker pup finally here

    When I got my cocker (from work at just under 3yo) fussy was not the word for her. She was fed a strange mix that got soaked and looked and smelled revolting. I transitioned her to kibble and mince, but by jimminies there were days where I had to mix it all together just right or she'd turn her nose up at it. Finally I cracked it and resolved she'd eat what she was fed. Dish put down for 15-20 minutes and taken away till next meal. Well, after the first day I'm googling my dog won't eat LOL I stuck it out and by the end of the second day she was eating. That coupled with being on a diet and now she eats whatever she's fed.
  10. Dog keeps taking things off tables

    I know with cats, an effective way to keep them off counters is contact with the sticky side up. They hate sticky stuff on their paws. I used alfoil on the couch with success to keep the cat off. May have looked rather strange, but also worked really well. Doesn't help a thieving dog problem though......
  11. We have a classified site just for work people - it's a big place. Yesterday someone put up a wanted ad for details of a reputable oodle breeder...... I know, I know. I wrote back asking why an oodle, and very nicely added some links for low shedding purebred dogs. It's one of those things where you debate replying incase they end up offended and upset. They wrote back today thanking me for my input and saying they weren't aware of the purebred alternatives. While finding links yesterday I saw a few pups of the cross they mentioned for $3500! I cannot believe the price of them. I did note when I replied today that my Westie was just under $2500 and has multiple champions in his pedigree. Hopefully they will rethink purchasing a designer dog.
  12. Has he got a microchip? If so can you find the register he is on and ask if they have his history including any prior names. You could also send his chip number to the state bodies and ask if they may be able to help you track down his breeder. They were really lovely when I was trying to track down the breeder of the cocker I rehomed from work. From what we could work out, she's Byb as there were no registered litters on her DOB. and her chip number wasn't in their records. Also ties in with the $700/$800 price the first owner reportedly paid for her. Whenever I asked the chip registry or the state clubs for help, I termed it as I had just got the dog and was wanting to let her breeder know that she'd found her forever home and was ok. I'd also say I understood they probably couldn't give me contact details but I'd be greatful if they could pass mine on for the breeder so they could contact me. ETA I'd also attach pics of her to forward on and also just to personalise it a bit and put a dog to a name
  13. Ok, this is clause item 21 of the amendment (b) must include the organisation's code of ethics and details of how the code is enforced; and (c) must include the outcome of any disciplinary action taken by the organisation for breaches of the code of ethics during the preceding year; and which goes to my first points above about consequences for reported poor breeding practises. It appears that, like in qld, anyone who sells a dog or cat, that includes giving away, has to have a source number. In 68M a register is to be maintained that will link microbreeders and source numbers. Now, I think this is of concern: 68P (2) A microbreeder who is applying for a source number under Division 3 must give the information set out in section 68Q(1)(a), (c), (e), (h), (i) and (j), relating to the microbreeder, to the Secretary with the application for the source number. 68Q (c) the following details about the relevant person or body— (i) the address; (ii) the telephone number; (iii) the email address; However they don't have to include information in 68Q(d) which is the address of the premises at which a relevant person or body— (i) who carries out breeding of dogs or cats, carries out that breeding; or (ii) who is a registered foster carer, keeps the animals; Whilst microbreeders needs to give out their personal address, they don't have to give the address of the premises where the dogs are kept. That will enable registration of dogs under others names and keep puppy farming alive and well. To me the source register seems to be working on the honour system and we all know that just doesn't work. I haven't seen any provisions that verify identities, especially for microbreeders. So in that respect, the state body asking for licence number verification is at least in front of what is required. There is a requirement on the source register to record number of litters by dog. How hard is it to just register false microchip numbers? Particularly as dogs need to be microchipped before sale, what's to stop people keeping a list of those numbers and having Ghost breeding bitches? Provided people fill in the unverifiable forms, as far as the register is concerned all is well. So easy to keep microchip details of a dog sold in Vic to someone in Qld and report that dog as the bitch of the litter. Are they planning to cross check every litter to the various microchip registries?
  14. But bluedeer, just because people are registered with eg Dogs Victoria, it does not make them ethical or any less of a puppy farmer. I think it's been said numerous times on DOL that the state bodies have little in the way of consequences when breeders are beyond dodgy. They stay registered and are allowed to continue as they are. One post recently said one state body was requiring drivers licences to stop false registrations. So the state bodies aren't enforcing good codes of practise or basic administration. Whilst I don't agree with the very subjective "at least as good as or better" or ability to change an organisations exempt status, it might force the state bodies to be more serious when poor practises are reported. I also noted the microbreeder term with 1-2 dogs not subject to the rules. I'll have to read the legislation to see if that is per address or per person. Isn't it common now for puppy farmers to register dogs in others names so they can get around the rules? This is a very easy way to do that and it sounds like there'll be no regulation on litters, breeding age, minimum standards of care for these poor animals.
  15. Eating own puppy poo

    And because they aren't digesting their food, even though they're being fed, they starve unless the issue can be fixed.