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  1. Must say our corgi was an excellent mouser. Only took her once to figure out more mice would be coming out of the burrows and from then on she'd kill the entire nest as it got flooded with the hose. She was super quick.
  2. Weight Loss - what is safe rate?

    Go Mezza!! Seems you've got the right balance if he's not feeling like he's missing food.
  3. Just saw this on FB and thought be people here would want to know. Basically black hawk grain free salmon possibly causing gastro upset in multiple dogs so company has removed from shelves. https://www.watoday.com.au/national/western-australia/australian-pet-food-pulled-from-shelves-after-perth-dogs-become-ill-20181107-p50emg.html?fbclid=IwAR1i7G2I2RPaESHV9S0cu87VUzRuUKzt_1Ce773QF8NczVdfEoU_eBTpBlI
  4. Weight Loss - what is safe rate?

    You could try turkey mince DDD. I use that for one fatty cocker and one fat intolerant westie. The westie is tricky for pills, so I put one in the middle of a turkey ball not much bigger than the pill, the aim is for it to be gobbled down fast. Too much mince and he'll eat around the pill. If that happens, just do it again and drop a couple of fake balls before the loaded one I don't rush weight loss. Prefer slow over rapid unless there's a medical need to lose weight fast. I generally do it by reducing portions, which is why I go for slow as I don't like cutting too much food straight up. Any decrease to rations should see a drop in weight and after a few months if more needs to come off, reduce ration again until they're at a good weight. If you look at 6 months it's a loss of around 70g per week, 300g per month.
  5. 9th Storey Apartment

    Admittedly I've only owned one staffy, but they are very active dogs IME. I wouldn't think them suited to apartment living. I moved with my boy into a 2 bedroom unit when he was 10. I've got a 200 sq metre courtyard - that's approx 1/3 of a standard house block. That was just ok size wise for him in his golden years. I certainly couldn't have had him as a younger dog in this space, he would have been super destructive.
  6. Another bad for pet shops

    It's not omly antibiotics causing resistant bugs, it's also the plethora of germ killing handwashes. Plain soap and water does the same job and doesn't create resistant bugs.
  7. Jordit, his last surgery was done at 13yo. We removed the aggressive tumour as it changed from the pea size it was for four years to grape sized. I beat myself up over it until I realised whatever decision I would have made would have been wrong. If we'd left it, that tumour would have killed him. We removed it and the subcutaneous came up. So it was a no win for me and once I realised that I coped better. The vet said the subcutaneous was probably linked to what we removed, so it's just how the cards fell. We were lucky up till then. I think his first mast cells were removed at 8yo. Staffies are very prone to them apparently. He had other joint issues - arthritis, fusing spine, neuro issue with back legs. So discussed chemo with vet vs removal as required. We went the second route and he got another 6 years. Apparently dogs respond differently to chemo than humans, but I just didn't want to put him through it. Our margins came back clear on the first two removals, done at the same time, so that probably helped my decision. I'd discuss with your vet if they could reoperate and take more margin. As I noted above, we had to do that, and it went really well. He was prob 10 or 11 for that one. It was huge. ETA Ops were done by my general vet, but she is VERY good. I travel 25 mins to see her when there's vets literally 500m up the road...
  8. My staffy had multiple mast cell tumours removed. What eventually killed him was a subcutaneous mast cell that couldn't be removed and I had to decide the time had come. He was still happy in himself but the tumour started to bleed and was starting to impede his movement, so I saw the vet (was seeing her monthly anyway) and we decided it was best for him. We discussed chemo with the first mast cell, but due to his age, I decided against it. We removed 6 from memory. The one that killed him, the vet had warned me it was a very aggressive one and to be prepared. It actually went silent for four years, which was a blessing. Once it took off though, he had two months. The not clear margins would be the problem. It sounds like they can't reoperate to take more? We had to do that on a stomach one and that had a good outcome. He always came through surgery well and the vet was very happy with his recovery, otherwise I may have looked at other options. But the vet was happy with our approach to monitor, remove if something changed or grew fast. He lived to just shy of 14yo. Was always happy in himself and as comfortable as possible. It's so hard when they get old. You want them to live forever. For me quality of life outweighed quantity and as I said, we had a lengthy reprieve before the end.
  9. Staffy

    I would get someone in to help you and teach your family how to work with the dog. Staffies are beautiful but being blocky and solid can easily knock children over. Children behaving inappropriately with dogs is the main cause of bites. Dogs warn before biting but children don't see and most often parents are also oblivious. You need help to establish rules to keep everyone safe and that is best done by a behaviouralist working with the dog in its family situation.
  10. Breeder Take Backs

    When I got my westie, I was just thankful to get one out of the four pups in the litter. Like you, I'd talked to the breeder about myself and what I liked in dogs. From the moment Max came home I knew he was exactly what I wanted. He is perfect. You may be disappointed now not to be getting the pup you've been discussing for three weeks. But unless it has something unique, another litter mate will still be a good dog. You've been waiting for this particular breeder for ages. If I were you I'd accept their decision and ask them which other pup they would suggest for you.
  11. Breeder Take Backs

    If the other pups are from the same litter, what is it about this particular pup that makes it non interchangeable for you? I thought it common for breeders not to allocate pups to people until they were older as matching personalities is important.
  12. Escape artist

    The way we fox proofed the chook pen, and would work for a dog, was to run chicken wire under the ground about a meter in from memory- whatever the height of the roll is. Can't dig through that. Also did the whole top so foxes couldn't climb in, but unless dog is jumping out, that wouldn't be necessary.
  13. Personally I have never understood the need to give up a pet due to renting. I rented for 20 odd years with pets. I was a quality long term tenant. When I needed to move because properties were sold, I only ever looked at places that allowed pets. I've only in recent years bought somewhere, so it's not like I haven't been in the current rental market.
  14. Are you weighing the food you feed or guessing the weight? It's an excessive amount of food if you are weighing it.
  15. Vets and lack of knowledge

    Rascal, that's not a vet issue, that's a bone lazy, cruel owner. Casual cruelty really irks me. The owner didn't mean for it to happen so somehow it's ok. I could never be a vet. That sort of owner would be the end of me. There is no excuse for a dog to be matted and dirty between grooms. Laziness pure and simple. If they can brush their own hair, then owners can brush the long haired breeds they chose to purchase.