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  1. 52/2018

    Just for ANZAC day. Photo was taken on our recent trip to Clermont.
  2. Types of dogs for 6ry old with autism.

    I may be biased but a mini schnauzer might fit. They don’t shed hair, very loyal and very intuitive. They love spending time with the family. Small and very robust. I have always owned these and bred quite a few. Those that get the chance love the beach, both sand and water. My little girl is 6 and loves playing ball. The only thing is some can be a bit yappy. But not all and maybe that comes down to training. They also need grooming about every 8 weeks or so but they really do require brushing at least once a week as they are prone to getting knots but if you spend 5 minutes once a week it’s really not a problem. They are highly intelligent and personally I love them and wouldn’t be without. Good luck with your choice.
  3. Gilly is 21 today!!!!!!

    Happy birthday little fella. It’s nice to hear good stories of dogs living to a very old age for a change. Even if his body is a bit rickety. Good on you.
  4. 52/2018

    I was thinking because she knows I’m usually a push over with everything. But she was always so much better when Zena was still with us as I always did Zena first and then by the time it was Mollys turn she was eager for a bit of one on one attention. Or that’s at least what it seemed like to me.
  5. Immune mediate poly arthritis ???

    Not sure how much Zac weighs but he is just a mini schnauzer and more on the smaller size for a male. Fingers crossed for him and his humans
  6. 52/2018

    A photo of one smug, uncooperative, recently groomed (today) Molly. Why is it my own is my worst customer.
  7. Immune mediate poly arthritis ???

    Maybe it sounds promising for little Zac too then. Thankyou
  8. Kaos

    Sorry to hear your girl is now gone. Such a hard decision in a terrible situation. My thoughts are with you. At least you can take comfort in knowing that she is now at peace and is comfortable with no pain. Look after yourself and the kids now. Take care. RIP Kaos
  9. Immune mediate poly arthritis ???

    Wow. Thanks for your info. Sorry to hear things ended badly. Not nice. Apparently little Zac was diagnosed quickly. It just happened one morning he woke up and couldn’t walk and was in a lot of pain. No prior symptoms I don’t think. His blood tests are all good now though. He is on cortisone. He is usually such an energetic little guy but has been very lethargic although they are seeing some improvement in him. I haven’t seen him in a while so I can’t make any comments and don’t know the total full story. He is on a diet of meat broth and cooked meat and they are trying Chinese herbs also. They are hoping to have him off the medication in about 6 months. Hopefully theirs is a success story. Will keep updating here when I receive more information.
  10. Kaos - lymphoma

    All the best for this afternoon. Thinking of you all. Hugs to Kaos.
  11. I love the whole set up. Absolutely brilliant. Good job. Happy puppies.
  12. Kaos - lymphoma

    It’s nice that you have a decent vet who can tell you how it is but what a difficult situation. As P says maybe sooner rather than later but I don’t know if I could make that call. Although watching a dog fade and look so sad with cancer isn’t great either. Deep down we know that we have to think about how our little friends are feeling and that usually the decision made will be what is technically the right one. I certainly feel for you. Hugs to you and yours. Take care and roll on Monday when you can talk to your vet.
  13. Kaos - lymphoma

    That’s tough news. Poor Kaos
  14. Don’t know if this really counts as technically he’s not my dog. One of Mollys pups ( almost 2 now) frequently comes and stays with us and whenever he sees my mother in law, ( who lives in a granny flat off our house) he barks so loudly and even though we try to stop him he just won’t. So she tends to stay away. I love that boy
  15. A friend of mine owns a mini schnauzer, who is almost 2 years old. He has just been diagnosed with immune mediated poly arthritis. I have never heard about this before. I googled it and kind of understand what it is. I would just like to know if others have dealt with this and what is the dogs prognosis.