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  1. She's beautiful Selkie. I own a black and silver mini schnauzer. She has had 2 litters and the stud we used was black so naturally she has produced a few pure blacks. They have grown to be stunning dogs. A friend of mine owns a few mini schnauzers too but also has a black giant schnauzer. Gorgeous animal. Love my schnauzers
  2. Reminds me of a Christmas Day many years ago. I had my 2 small children and a male mini schnauzer, on lead, at the beach in Hervey Bay. All of us having a great time playing at the waters edge when next thing my dog was in the jaws of a Rottweiler, off lead. Owners nearby but doing nothing. Thankfully my dog was not injured. Once free the kids, dog and myself all went straight home rather shaken. Too many people out there believing their dog can do and go anywhere it likes. My dogs are only off lead in designated areas or when I know we are absolutely all alone.
  3. I have also been following this thread and I am over the moon that you are finally getting a new family member. Good luck to you and here's to many good times and memories made. Can't wait to hear what you name her. Happy cuddles to you.
  4. Hello to you and your family. I have only recently joined this forum and I have found it quite good. Interesting topics and very comforting when we lost our little girl.
  5. So sad to hear of another lovely dog leaving their family. Brodie looks like he was quite a character. We said goodbye to our sweet girl 2 weeks ago and it is hard. I still cry each day for her but at other moments we talk and laugh at things she used to do. She was only a little girl ( mini schnauzer) but she has left a huge hole in our lives. Just take it one day at a time. Our thoughts are with you. Hugs to you and your family
  6. Isn't she sweet Lovely photo. Hand feeding is just what we do when necessary. I hand fed both my girls when they got picky with food during their pregnancys and I hand fed Zena almost every day of her last few weeks with us. We do it because we love them.
  7. I agree with westiemum. Chicken necks, wings and beef/lamb bones. All fresh, no chemicals and yep, know what they are eating. As well as great for teeth bones keep them occupied for a while. My girls absolutely love nothing better than sitting in the sun chomping on a bone. My vet always comments on my girls teeth. Great for their age. Mini schnauzers are prone to having bad teeth apparently. I have never had to physically clean their teeth.
  8. Aren't our fur friends just amazing how they get us thinking and then the next moment it's like they read your mind and up they get once more. Treasure the time you have left with her.
  9. How terrible for you now that you are disappointed with your product. Can't imagine why the plaque hasn't been screwed on. Definitely not good customer service. At times like this you should be very pleased with what you pay for and totally satisfied. I'd definitely be ringing first thing Monday. After all it's something you want to look at and cherish.
  10. It's obviously not the way we want them to come home but when my Zena came back to us it actually made me feel calmer somehow. Maybe just the thought she was back with us. I don't know. Hugs all round
  11. Lol. That bought back a long forgotten memory. We once had a male schnauzer who put his head in the bin for who knows what reason and as he pulled back the top of the flip top bin came too and stuck on his head. Never did that again.
  12. Tough decision, probably the right one. Just been there myself barely 2 weeks ago. Your friend will need your support. Tough times. So sorry.
  13. The things we do !!! Lol
  14. Thankyou T and S. Glad to hear somebody else's fur friend lasted longer than expected. All doggie cancers are terrible and it's awful to watch them go through it. Brave little souls. Molly is being great. So glad we have her. Would be lost otherwise.
  15. Yep. Lots of smiles and lots of tears. Talk about her all the time too. They may not be here with us any more but will never ever be forgotten.