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  1. I agree. Not silly. Just sounds like you really care and love them. Sounds like you have done an awesome job and you should feel very proud sending them off to their new homes. But you're still allowed to miss them.
  2. I agree with you Persephone. Watching them laying in the sun really working a nice meaty bone puts a smile on my face. Zena used to put so much effort into a bone and her teeth were great. Of course bones help clean their teeth!!! Zena showing off her pearly whites Love that girl
  3. I have always given my mini schnauzers lamb off cut bones. Any size. I trim all the fat off and they thoroughly enjoy chewing on them. For hours sometimes depending on the size of the bone. Every second night I give chicken necks for dinner. My vet always commented on Zena's teeth especially. She was 9 and he always said for her age her teeth were extremely good and especially for a schnauzer as they are prone to having bad teeth so I'm told. No tartar buildup, not worn down and certainly we have never dealt with any cracked teeth.
  4. Molly in a cute coat bought off eBay. It's water resistant on the outer and polar fleece on the inside. I can't say she loves wearing coats but once they are on all is forgiven and forgotten. This was on our recent road trip and at minus 2 degrees I was taking no argument from her. When at home I put her coat, just a polar fleece shop bought one, on her after dinner when it's quite chilly but it must come off at bedtime otherwise she just doesn't settle.
  5. I met two cuties while on our morning walk today. I had no idea what they were but the very nice gentleman owner certainly knew mine was a schnauzer. He commented on how nice she was ( lucky I groomed her on Friday as otherwise he'd have had no idea. She was so hairy and scruffy) I in turn asked about his which were two Japanese Chins. One black and white the other red and white. Both males. Very cute and very friendly to both me and Molly. Further on our walk we encountered a sharpei. Most unusual morning. Mollys regular friends, a border collie and a poodle were no where in site. Nice to meet others.
  6. My mini eats raw - chicken wings, necks and quality fillets, small portion of roo once a week and sardines once a week. Occasionally gets kibble mixed in but usually I use mixed veges. She gets lamb off cut bones twice a week. I get the bones from the butchers and if they have fat on them I trim it all off. Treats are given but monitored as minis are prone to getting overweight. Have to watch that. And my girl loves her food. All food.
  7. Just have to watch if feeding kangaroo meat as it is very high in protein and too much protein isn't good for the kidneys.
  8. Thanks Canisbellum. Sounds cool. No amenities or powered sites needed for us. We are very self sufficient as we love going to remote places.
  9. Hi Canisbellum, just wondering if I could be cheeky enough to ask where exactly is this great camp spot. It looks awesome. Is it open to the general public for camping? We love camping and are always looking for new places to go and somewhere where the doggies are welcome.
  10. How cute Love the floppy ears.
  11. Hi. I'm so saddened to hear your story. We lost our little girl, her name was Zena too, just spelt different. We had to say goodbye just 10 weeks ago. She had just turned 9. Too young to let go. It is such a hard thing to do. Our Zena had a type of cancer too. We were told barely a month but she lived for two months. She fought it really hard. Such a strong little thing. There was nothing we'd could do for her as it was found too late. I know I can't give you any advice or help but when my Zena was diagnosed just reading and hearing from others who have been through similar situations seemed to help me. My advice is to make every day count. Take lots of photos and make more happy memories. I still cry for my girl almost every day. We talk about her all the time and I know that she is still with us in spirit. Just know that we are thinking of you. Look after yourself and your girl. Spend time and just love her. Keep her happy and comfortable. My thoughts are with you. Great poem too.
  12. I'm with you RP. Everyone seems to be making reasonable comments but yes, how would you feel if it was your dog. And honestly what were two young boys doing with knives and arrows. What is the world coming too.
  13. Thumbs up to you Boronia. Nice thinking. All that you mentioned is what he deserves.
  14. Wow. Sometimes I just wonder what judges are thinking. So easy for some people to just get away with anything. I feel for the poor woman. It must have been very distressing for her and she probably feels let down by the justice system. Such a sad time for her.
  15. After a very upsetting last few months, after saying goodbye to our Zena, we decided to go on a much needed break. We love the outdoors and camping and decided to take Molly on her very first road trip. She is used to camping but it's the longest she has spent travelling in the car and away from home. She appeared to love it and we were very proud of her excellent behaviour. She is our little sweetie. Love her to bits