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  1. A good cry is good. Trust me I think we are all a little selfish. Which is fine. It's been four and a half months since we lost our Zena and I still want her back with us so badly. And yes I still have a good cry too. It's so hard to move on when they are such special little beings. Always loved. Never forgotten.
  2. Our thoughts are with you. It's such a difficult time. Take care of yourself and remember all the good times you had.
  3. Yeah we realise things are changing in regards to taking the four leggeds with. Probably thanks to the grey nomads. And there are heaps of them out and about at present. We found most of the free camp spots were totally taken when we were touring about a month ago. We found it better to pay a few dollars to get into a less crowded spot. But it's great to be able to have our four legged friends touring along with us.
  4. What an absolutely awesome photo Persephone.
  5. Looks like a beautiful spot. Lucky people, lucky dogs Do you find it easy to find places you can camp with the dogs?
  6. Thanks for asking PK. Molly is doing really well. She has settled in to " the only dog - top dog" quite well. We frequently have others stay or visit us so she gets loads of dog company and plenty of attention from us. And she appears to really love going on our road trips. We on the other hand are still struggling with the loss of Zena. 4 months now. It's hard but she was just that kind of dog. The collars are awesome. I can just imagine a lot of them runnning around together. It would be a site.
  7. Just before leaving on our last camping road trip my daughter bought for Molly off an online shopping site an LED light up collar. It cost her a whole $2 with free postage and it came with batteries. This collar has 3 settings, flash, fast flash and just plain light up. It is pink for my girl and it was absolutely fantastic. She would wear it when the sun went down and right up until bedtime. It was perfect as we were usually camped in remote places and with Molly being mostly black we could see her wherever she wandered to. And despite being worn for approx. 3 - 4 hours every night for 10 nights the batteries still work. Not bad for $2. I was very impressed.
  8. Off on a road trip with our gorgeous girl again. Headed north this time for some warmer weather. Once again Mollys behaviour was exceptional. She even made friends with a black lab. Great time had by all.
  9. We lost our little 9 year old girl 3 months ago and I can definitely say there is no fast or easy way to cope with the loss. We miss her like crazy and some days all I can think of is her. It is a difficult thing to live with. Frank will have good days and bad but just having a close supportive friend will really help him. Just be there for him and encourage him to talk about his little mate. Looking at photos and remembering the good times is all I can suggest and just let him take each day as it comes. My thoughts are with him.
  10. What a great guy and such lucky puppies. Love it.
  11. Great pics.
  12. We had our little girl desexed last year and she came home quite miserable. Slept solidly for 24 hours. The next day she was very slow and she didn't seem very happy at all. She is also normally a livewire. When the stitches came out after 8 days the minute we got home and let her back inside she was literally bouncing off the walls. So happy, so playful and so back to normal. We opted not to have the cone as it would have driven her nuts but it was winter so she wore her coat 24/7 and while it was on she didn't even consider licking. Just a week ago she actually had cause for a vet visit and this time had to wear a cone. She was totally not normal. Would just sit and stare into space. Bounced back to normal again once it was off. I reckon your little one is clingy because she possibly doesn't want to be left at the vets again and I suppose she'd just be feeling totally odd. We might have such energetic little fur friends but some are just a bit sensitive .
  13. I agree. I have always used Wahl products. Good price, good product
  14. Should have gone to spec savers
  15. Hello and welcome