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  1. Wow. What breed of dog is he and how on earth do you get a dog to that wonderful age?
  2. Wow. So gorgeous. Love the little piggies. And oh the guinea pigs bought back memories of ages ago. My kids had some and they were totally awesome.
  3. Twodoggies2001where do you get frozen chicken feet from? I know you are in Vic and I'm in Qld but where should I look for them.? They sound interesting to me. My little girl loves her bones and if they help with joint problems later in life they could be a good thing.
  4. I'll second the puzzle toys. I'd like to see more variety at a reasonable price.
  5. Oh, Scottsmum, you haven't made me feel worse. I too believe dogs understand more than we give them credit for. And I truly believe Molly is probably just lonely as when we are home we do so much together. Yes, she probably is spoilt. Um ah my fault!!! I could try something foodie. She's always thinking of her stomach. She does have a kong like toy that treats can be put in. Maybe I could throw that at her as a distractionmight keep her busy for like all of 5 minutes. Lol Cool story too by the way.
  6. Thanks Scottsmum. Your comment makes me feel a bit better and hopefully she does just need time to adjust. She's smart so really she should know that things haven't changed too much and we will always come home to her.
  7. Thanks for all advice. Maybe a radio might work. I can try it. Our whole routine hasn't changed since Zena's passing. My husband works and I am privileged to be able to stay home and keep the household running smoothly. We live a casual lifestyle and I only ever go out a couple of times a week just for a few hours. Out for dinner occasionally and out and about on the weekends. Where possible Molly goes with us. This is no different either. We always have taken the girls with us if we could. Every week day morning I walk Molly for approx. 1 hour and some afternoons we go for another half hour walk. She does play with toys. Loves a good rough game and loves her soccer ball. I am an active person and keep busy all day and she's my little shadow. They both always have followed me everywhere and love when I work outside. I give her bones a couple of times a week. Keeps her occupied when I'm doing something she thinks is boring. Keeps her teeth good too and she absolutely loves them. We have always made sure our dogs have enough stimulation in their lives. I often have pups that I have sold come and stay with us while their owners holiday and being schnauzers quite a few come to me for their grooming as well as play dates so she has lots of dog company as well on occasions. I actually am kept busy with them all. There is usually an extra dog here every week. I guess she just doesn't appreciate us going out. I admit she does love being involved in everything. Thanks HMD. I am thinking it is loneliness as she does spend most of her time with us. I think too it must feel different being the only dog now. Despite Zena being her mum she was never dominant over Molly. I always said she was a big softy where Molly was concerned. She always let her get away with too much. But Molly wasn't dominant over Zena either. Very much on an even par. Never had any arguments. They were great together. I guess I can try the radio/ shirt ideas and see how we go. I just hate the thought of her being unhappy. I'm a softy too
  8. As a lot of you would know, we recently had to say goodbye to my sweet mini schnauzer Zena. As you know we still have her daughter Molly. Molly has just turned 6. She has handled Zena's passing quite well. Better than I thought she would. She just has a few quiet moments when I think she's a little down but mostly she is a happy little girl. Has helped me so much through this time. The problem is she has never spent any time on her own. Obviously she has always had her mums company for her whole life. We now have a slight problem whenever we go out. She sits on the lounge looking out the window and whines, howls a little and occasionally yaps. The yapping could be at something she sees happening outside though. Her whining and howling isn't very loud and as we live on a large block ( 2 acres) the neighbours who aren't very close wouldn't be hearing her. I know this all goes on as my daughter works different hours each day and she is upstairs and can hear her. My mother in law also lives in a granny flat attached to the house and she confirms the noise. My daughter does attend to Molly if home so that's all ok and before anyone suggests leaving her with the M I L, this I do not want to get in the habit of doing either. I really think maybe in time Molly will settle and get used to being left. We are all going through an adjustment time due to losing Zena. Apparently she doesn't constantly whine and most of the time it is very quiet. I just hate the thought of her being this way. Is using tough love the right option or should I do something else? At the moment we haven't been out for very long. Only a few hours at the most but I am worried about when we actually go somewhere for the whole day.
  9. SG your story of the toy that played music reminded me of a Christmas reindeer kids toy that if the belly was pressed it would play Santa Claus is Coming To Town. Molly absolutely loves this toy and has it constantly singing while she bounces around with it. Much to her disappointment it only comes out at Christmas time. And yes we have names for all our toys too. We have bunny, a pink floppy rabbit. Chook, a large soft squeaky chicken. Obviously ball, a ball and oh the list goes on. Our dog toy box has way too much in it and yes Molly is quite clever and can pick out most by name. She does love her games
  10. Wow. That young. I thought a bit older. I love them
  11. How old are the little cuties? I always thought I'd love to own a little kid but just don't think it's a sensible idea. I do love all creatures great and small.
  12. I'll second that!!!
  13. Too much cuteness!!!! Fern is sooooo pretty but I always have a soft spot for the real little ones.
  14. So cruel. Why would anyone do a thing like that. Hope he is caught and receives a punishment that fits the crime.
  15. When Zena was a young pup ( 9 years ago) we bought her a pink fluffy thing which her first litter of pups got hold of. It survived and went through 2 more of her litters and then finally had to be thrown about a year ago. It could only be washed so many times. It always amazed me as even the boy puppies adored this "pink" thing. Everyone loved it. The next toy to be used and abused by a multitude of puppies and still lives on is a "skunk". A black and white ( not any more) long toy. Perfect for those rough tug of war games. A favourite with all. And gets tonnes of use. And lastly I have one male pup ( my Mollys brother) a 3 year old who visits us regularly and he will hunt through the dog toy box and find his favourite toy. A grey plastic squeaky shark. Never fails to find it.