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  1. Maybe females are different to males. Maybe it's the girls that try it on a bit , haha, but I do agree Mackiemad that short bursts of training are best. My Zena, as a small pup, during home training would just walk off when she had had enough. She was very willing to run through everything but if we went over the same command too many times she'd just go. That was my cue to try a new command and mix it up a bit. Needless to say she does know a lot of tricks, words and commands. How old is your little guy?
  2. Fair enough Showdog. I can only go on what other owners have told me about the giants and standards. I have only owned minis. I will disagree with you though about the stubbornness. When I got my very first mini, 20 years ago, the first thing a dog obedience instructor ( who had worked with all breeds for 40 years ) told me was that they are fantastic dogs, eager to learn and please but yes you do need to be firm other wise they will rule the house in no time. Intelligent to the point of putting it all over their owner if they are too soft. And stubborn if you let them. I can honestly say my second mini, Zena, who is 9 is all of the above. She is a stubborn girl, likes to do everything I ask of her but on her own time. But she knows what I say and she's never in trouble. She has always made us laugh. She is the most amazing, beautiful girl I could ever have owned. Over the years of reading on the internet she is a schnauzer right down to the last word. I have often sat reading and thought, my gosh are they writing about my girl. Lol. Her daughter Molly, who is 5 is exactly the same as are all of her brothers and sisters. I also know other people who own minis that are not related to mine and they all say the same thing. But don't get me wrong, the stubbornness is not a bad thing in my eyes. It just shows the dog is smart and thinking and the schnauzer seems to be blessed with lots of brain power. Both my girls have been trained and learnt things very easily. An absolute dream to own.
  3. I've always been led to believe all 3 sizes of schnauzers were very similar. I have always had minis but a friend owns a giant as well as 3 minis and she swears that the giant is just a huge mini. Same characteristics just more foreboding at the gate. Minis are definitely stubborn but hey keep a firm hand on them and they tow the line brillliantly. Highly intelligent, and very eager to please. I have people that have bought puppies from me who have owned other breeds previously and they all reckon they are now schnauzer addicts. Won't own anything else now. They are just a great all round dog. Sorry if I sound totally biased.
  4. Total scum. Should be shackled in the streets and left for regular people to best the s***out of. On a nice note though I know the brother of a young guy who took on one of the staffys from there and the dog is gaining weight and confidence in human beings again. Sounds like he has finally found a good home.
  5. Interesting read Boronia. Sorry to hear of your loss. We are coming into that time with one of my precious girls. She was given barely a month to live 5 weeks ago but with my love and her determination she is still here. Still here with sparkly eyes and a wagging tail. We know our days are limited. And that's hard to accept. Anyone who knows me knows my girls are an important part of our family. We are absolutely devastated to be losing Zena. We have been down this road several times before with a gorgeous boy and several cats and that last moment is special and I think that only an animal lover would understand. I know some people must think I'm crazy but then they don't have pets. On the other hand both my mini schnauzer girls have produced a couple of litters each and those people who bought puppies from me are amazing. These are true pet owners and have been so supportive during this rough time. More than I could ever have imagined. They understand that losing a pet is similar to losing a human relation or friend. I personally think that yes it can be harder losing a dog just because we spend so much time with them and do everything for them. Plus they give so much unconditional love in return. A friend and I have talked about this just recently. She feels the same way. We are very much alike. She has 2 of my puppies and is so attached to them. Just like I am with mine.
  6. Cool. That's good to know DeltaCharlie. I shall pass this on to her as well as she is an older lady and will worry a bit less.
  7. Thanks for all info. Good point Rebanne about being stolen. Purebred whole dogs would definitely be on some people's agenda. I have spoken to my friend this afternoon, I have actually been looking after her little fella for the past week. She was very grateful for all of the info and I have a sneaky feeling he will be weighing a little bit less very soon. Lol
  8. Thank you everyone. I shall let her know and see what she decides. She does live in suburbia and goes to a dog park every day. And mentioning the c word, is it relatively common in male dog parts?
  9. I have a friend who owns a 2 year old male mini schnauzer and she is unsure whether to desex him or not. I have females and they have been done but I have never had a male done before. Some have told her that once over a certain age it's not a good idea. I've never heard that before. Just putting the question out there for her. Any advice would be good.
  10. Hey bushriver. I can't see any problems with drumsticks. What size dog are you feeding? I only have little ones and just in the habit of buying the wings and necks plus I also have a cat who eats them. Couldn't imagine her munching on a leg. Haha
  11. Hi there. I know you mentioned a mid/large size dog but reading further everything you want comes in a smaller form of a mini schnauzer. Plus they are very adaptable and can be quite ok on there own during work/ school hours. I have 2 little girls (previously had a male) and they are just the most awesome dog. Highly intelligent, love their family, make brilliant guard dogs without being aggressive, can be energetic but if you're having a lazy day they are happy with that also, extremely affectionate and best of all non shedding. Pretty darn good package. Good luck with your decision
  12. Hey, thanks. The support and comments have been great. I think I'll be a dol fan forever. ZM
  13. Thank you. Yes it is a difficult time and we honestly don't know how we can live without her. We got her when she was 8 weeks old and what a whirlwind. She has always loved life and been such an energetic little thing. Our lives have been so much better for knowing her and she has bought us a tremendous amount of joy. Plus through her having 3 beautiful littters of pups we now know the most amazing people and have so many more friends. All thanks to her.
  14. Hi, I am new to this as of a few days ago. I have actually started on the palliative care subject as my sweet 9 year old mini schnauzer Zena has been diagnosed with hermangiosarcoma and I just wanted some advice/ support from others that have gone through similar. We are totally heartbroken.I have also looked on other subjects and I am finding this forum really interesting. I would also like to thanks those that have commented on my posts already. Everyone seems awesome. I also have a second little girl. Zena's daughter Molly, she's 5 years old. I would love to post some photos but just haven't yet. My girls are gorgeous but then I am totally biased.
  15. Thanks Jumabaar. Nice to know there are options out there. I really do worry about my Molly. (Zena's daughter) At 5 years of age she is still a little live wire and loves to play and wrestle but I guess that's what we are here for. The added bonus though which could help is that we often dogsit her brothers and sisters and also her own offspring. She has had 2 litters but is now desexed. I offer dog boarding and schnauzer grooming to all my puppy owners. We don't like the thought of them going to boarding kennels. I am actually kept quite busy through the year with them all. All my puppy owners are such beautiful people and have been to visit my Zena and have been very supportive. Over the years we have become close friends with a few and one in particular brings her schnauzers here every other week. It's awesome for all concerned. And yes, Zena is definitely hogging the bed and lounge. Loves sitting and being with us and her comfort is first priority. Tdierikx - I am sorry to hear Shadow was so young. I hate the whole cancer thing as it seems to take too many of our young four leggeds. I have read so much in the past few weeks and it just upsets me to know that horrible stuff like this is so common.