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  1. She’s a little cutie. Sweet name. Lucky people.
  2. Barking collar advice

    Very tired but not desperate. Just honestly have never had a dog behave like this one. We have others here all the time and never have problems. Just taking a bit to sort him out but plan b seems to be working. This dog should have been tired enough. We have a huge back yard and Molly was running zoomies with him on and off during the day. I also spend a lot of time outside making sure they are kept busy and not bored. I always have ball games but that’s where things differ. This guy doesn’t even know how to play fetch and as for hiding food etc I don’t think it would work as I called him for a treat this morning and I dropped it as he came to me and he literally walked on it. He certainly hasn’t got a schnauzers nose for food.
  3. Barking collar advice

    Yes this is about the dog I’ve mentioned in other threads. I totally get why he is behaving like this. Even though his first night was perfect. He has been here before and was ok then. No problems. It just isn’t about the night yapping. I believe we now may have that sorted. It’s about his whole behaviour. Seeing him with his owner and how she was with him shows lack of basic training. I have dogs staying with us very frequently and these others all know my house rules and behave accordingly. I just had one little guy here a week ago and he was exceptional. His last stay was over a year ago. But it was as if he remembered. And as for the toileting issue, this dog is well over 12 months old and his owner still gives him treats if he actually pees outside. To me this is ridiculous. Sorry if I offend anyone but that’s just my opinion.
  4. Barking collar advice

    Thanks boronia. Very nice of you to offer but at this stage I will leave it. Still working on options. Plan B for Oreo is in place tonight and fingers crossed we all sleep well. But thanks anyway. I do appreciate it.
  5. Barking collar advice

    Just wondering if anyone has had success with using barking collars and if so what would be the best type and brand ?
  6. The thing to remember is that they are highly intelligent and learn very quickly. So training is quite a breeze. And are just totally lovable. They love their family and need to be included in everything. A pure delight to own. Personally I can’t see me ever having any other breed. A new little girl for you. That’s so sweet.
  7. Would love to see some photos when your mini pup arrives. I have always had mini schnauzers. Currently just have one beautiful little girl. I am very biased and think they are just the greatest. Good luck with your new arrival.
  8. Can I lock a dog in a small room?

    Jwt, I can understand you wanting a dog. They are great company and a fine addition to any family. But they are a lifelong commitment and they do require a certain amount of attention, money and training. A dog is not just a possession to be bought out when you want, it’s a new family member and in my opinion you can’t just shut it away when you can’t be bothered by it. My dogs are involved in every aspect of our life. That’s why we got a small dog breed. Because it suits us. I realise you are trying to work out what suits your family but if you can’t work and continue on life as you are without locking a dog away for a few hours each day then I don’t think a dog is right for you. I know a lot of dogs are locked outside all day while owners work but it’s really not fair on them and that’s why I think some people just have a dog for the sake of having one. Most dogs in my opinion love to be with the family and should be trained to have manners so they can be around all the time. My dogs have always just sat quietly if we are doing things that don’t concern them but if we are busy doing household things then they run about and follow us and yes they are very good company. I would be very concerned about your child. If you were to get a young puppy then the child would need proper supervision and if it took a year to “ not squish “ guinea pigs then how long will it take to not hurt the puppy. Puppies also have very sharp teeth and your son may not appreciate a puppy chewing on his fingers etc. and this may lead to him hurting the puppy. If you were to get an older dog then unless it’s used to such treatment from a child it may hurt him. You have already returned one dog because it didn’t suit your needs. How many times can you do that? And as for a cat, well I wouldn’t go there as most cats that I know do not tolerate nonsense and they have very sharp claws that will hurt. I wish you all the luck with whatever you decide but a few years down the track when your son is older and more understanding might be a better option.
  9. Oscar

    So sorry to hear of Oscars passing. Such a sad time for you all. My thoughts are with you.
  10. Totally agree with you. Poor dog. Stupid owner. Pity the next dog he owns.
  11. Teen Pup Behaviour

    Molly is only allowed to bark/chase the black and white peewees. We have a bird feeder that attracts a lot of lorikeets and king parrots and she knows better than to bark at those. I’m so glad she can distinguish between them, but then peewees have such an awful voice.
  12. Would like opinions on blue staffys

    Thanks everyone for all the useful info so far. I shall let my brother know all of your knowledge.
  13. My brother currently owns a brindle English staffy who is getting on in years. Still acts like a pup at times and has no health issues but talking with my brother on the weekend he knows when Diesel passes he will get another and has already been looking at breeders. He has his mind set that he would like a blue one next time. Just wondering if they have any issues. His very first staffy went blind at 4 months of age and on the recommendation of the breeders vet was pts. The breeder did look after my brother and gave him another pup. The current Diesel. He is now 12 years old.
  14. Those Crazy Labradors

    I am so sorry to hear your devasting news. 12 months ago we were in a similar situation with our little girl. She had an untreatable cancer. She was just 9. It is a heartbreaking situation to be in when you know they are dying and there is very little you can do. We were told she had a month but my beautiful, strong girl lasted 2 months. We just kept her happy by trying to do her favourite things like camping, drives in the car etc. I fed her whatever she wanted but that was difficult as she lost her appetite and was very hard to feed. I recommend you spend lots of time with Oscar and take lots of photos. I actually made a photo book of my girl. I originally was just going to have a few of my favourite photos of her but once I started I realised I had so many and couldn’t just pick a few so I made the book into a tribute of her life starting with photos from the day we got her right through every birthday, Christmas, holiday and special occasions. Everyone that now visits us that knew her is made to sit and look through the book. It just means a lot to me. On the off side it is very hard to watch them deteriate with their illnesses. And there will be b ad days as well as good but you will know when the time is right to make that decision. That’s what everyone kept telling me. I often wondered how but yes we knew. If anything my little girl told us in her own way that she’d had enough. It is the hardest thing to do but somehow you need to stay strong. At times I wasn’t. And it is taking a long time to get used to her not being here. We still miss her terribly. My thoughts are with you.
  15. Fingers, toes and everything else is crossed. Let’s hope Sniper continues on in good health for a long time to come.