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  1. So sad to hear of Orla’s passing. Another beautiful soul gone. My thoughts are with you.
  2. 52/2017

    Welcome to little George. My son was 8 days over and 9lb 12oz. Extra cooking makes the big cuddly bubs All the best to you and your family. Lots of fun happy times ahead. And lots of photos!!! At least you have ended the year on a happy note. Take care
  3. 52/2017

    Yes, please. Waiting for all info
  4. 52/2017

  5. welcome from south of france :)

    Welcome from Australia Beautiful looking dogs.
  6. 52/2017

    Sorry. Little crab is showed up twice.
  7. 52/2017

    A little Fraser Island crab
  8. Thunder Shirts and Adaptil

    Our storm came about 3pm today. Not a lot of thunder. Mostly rain. Molly seemed just a little anxious. Once it stopped raining we went for a walk. She was quite ok. We also had an afternoon storm yesterday and she was just happy to sit on the floor beside me while I did some ironing. I think the night storms affect her more as she can see the lightening. Hope you no Tempeh got through it all ok this afternoon.
  9. Thunder Shirts and Adaptil

    Just jumping in on this thread. Molly has only just started getting anxious with storms as of last season and as LG has stated, this storm season seems to be here early. We usually try not to make a fuss of her and try to distract her but a very loud storm started the other night right as we were going to bed. I know she reacts to the lightening and she will head under the blankets to avoid seeing it but she wants to be right close to us and then the shaking and nervous panting started. It was also quite hot so I was worried about her being under the covers. I have never used anything to calm her down. I don’t think she’d appreciate a thunder shirt as she hates wearing any coats. I have been looking into the rescue remedy specifically for storm stress and was wondering what everyone’s opinions on it were.
  10. 52/2017

    Just a puppy photo this week. I had the pleasure of looking after a neighbours 10 week old westie pup for the afternoon. Jock is full of attitude but oh so cute. Molly likes him too.
  11. Sad story. Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do though. Maybe there was a medical reason for his behaviour. A few tests would have been a good idea. Nobody will know now. Life sadly does go on though. I certainly feel for them and poor Coolio.
  12. Phoebe has puppies!

    My gosh how time flies. Beautiful pups
  13. 52/2017

    Just one of my many hippeastrums. I definitely have no green thumbs but I am proud of these. Probably because they look after themselves
  14. 52/2017

    Thanks PossumCorner. We have quite a few green tree frogs around and our recent rain has bought the happy guys out. Quite funny - they start croaking and Molly starts barking. She just wonders what the strange noise is but after hearing them for a while she gets used to them.
  15. Lymphoma

    We lost our little girl to cancer earlier this year. I say give her and you as much time as possible but with her best interests at heart. We helped our girl with pain management, it was our only option although most of the time you would have thought nothing was wrong with her. We knew when enough was enough as you will. Just enjoy all the time with her as possible. Good luck.