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  1. Phoebe has puppies!

    My gosh how time flies. Beautiful pups
  2. 52/2017

    Just one of my many hippeastrums. I definitely have no green thumbs but I am proud of these. Probably because they look after themselves
  3. 52/2017

    Thanks PossumCorner. We have quite a few green tree frogs around and our recent rain has bought the happy guys out. Quite funny - they start croaking and Molly starts barking. She just wonders what the strange noise is but after hearing them for a while she gets used to them.
  4. Lymphoma

    We lost our little girl to cancer earlier this year. I say give her and you as much time as possible but with her best interests at heart. We helped our girl with pain management, it was our only option although most of the time you would have thought nothing was wrong with her. We knew when enough was enough as you will. Just enjoy all the time with her as possible. Good luck.
  5. Goodbye Bubby my darling

    Such a sad time for you. Bubby sounds like a beautiful character. My thoughts are with you
  6. 52/2017

    Warmer weather and a drop of long awaited rain has bought out an old friend.
  7. Healthy, wealthy and abused: interesting read

    Such a true but very sad story
  8. Phoebe has puppies!

    Wow. Haven’t they grown So cute
  9. 52/2017

    My mother in laws baby peachface. It is a few weeks old.
  10. Kidney failure

    Funny how men change. My hubby is the same. He said losing Zena was so much harder than he ever imagined. He was absolutely gutted when we said goodbye to her and between us so many tears have been shed. 6 months on and we still can have a good cry. Ingrid sounds like a sweet little girl who was obviously loved a lot.
  11. Kidney failure

    So sorry to hear of your loss. It certainly is a tough decision but we know when the time is right. Take care. My thoughts are with you.
  12. 52/2017

    Thanks. Now I know. Yes, it always did look spectacular at my mums.
  13. 52/2017

    Not sure exactly what this plant is but certainly don't want to get too close. My mother was moving house and kindly passed it on to me!!!!!
  14. 6 months on ..............

    It has now been 6 months since saying goodbye to our Zena. To us it still feels like yesterday. The tears, pain and extreme hurt are all still there. Not a day goes by without thinking of her. Actually she is my first and last thought for each day. Some people might think us strange but for us she was just that kind of dog. She had such an awesome personality. Feisty and such a little go getter but also so gentle and very loving. She had quite the knack of doing something each day to make me laugh. She could easily brighten the gloomiest of days. She loved life and lived it to the fullest and it hurts that life ended up being so cruel to her, giving her this insidious disease. We wish we could have done more for her but..... This little girl was so intelligent and seemed to have a lot of human characteristics. She had this very quirky grin that she used in circumstances that would be used by humans not by a dog. For example many a time when Molly was a wee pup and would do something silly I would say to Zena, "what a dummy Molly is" and she would give this huge grin. Too many examples like that to write about. And of course every afternoon when "Dad" come home from work naturally he'd get the biggest grin of all. She loved her Dad and would hover waiting for him to sit on the lounge and without a doubt seconds later she'd be up by his side. She also seemed to know when the weekends were here as she would pester just him in the kitchen for a biscuit treat. Only from him and only on a Saturday and Sunday. So many stories of how smart she was. I could go on forever. She loved going in the car, boat, camping, going for walks and meeting people. She was a little social butterfly. Everyone loved her and she loved everyone right back. She became a mum at 3 years and produced 13 pups over a period of time.She was an excellent mum and loved her puppies. We kept our Molly from her first litter and Zena was never cross with her. In my opinion she was way to soft and let Molly get away with way too much. I have seen Molly grab a bone right out of Zena's mouth. Zena would let her take it but it was me who would rouse at Molly. I always called Zena my sun goddess as she loved nothing better than sitting in the morning sun on our balcony watching the world go by and barking out a hello to any passer byers or laying on the grass "legs up" soaking up the suns rays. She was just adorable. 6 months without her and the house still doesn't feel right. I see her and her wiggling butt everywhere. I know in spirit she is still with us but I'd really just love one more cuddle. What more can I say.We loved you Zena and hope you are now at peace. One day I believe we'll all be together again. Love my Zeeny Weeny.
  15. 52/2017

    Meet our other four legged family member, Lucy. Despite looking very mean she was actually just yawning She is 8 years old and gets on very well with Molly. Lucy loves her dog