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  1. Hi PF, When she was in the crate in the front yard for intro's, he went straight up and tried to bite her through the wire, and kept doing it until I pulled him away with a stern 'NO'. Even on the lead he was seeking her out to get to her and snap. Hes going for her nose/face, and she hasnt been near him except to grovel. When she approached him an hour or so later, and I had him on lead, he lunged and snapped right at her face, he would have taken a peice out of her if I hadnt pulled him back in time. When they were outside together (3 of them) in the very large front yard, she was just sniffing the ground and (he was muzzled) over he went for a sniff of her butt, then he rolled her over onto ther back very roughly and was trying to get at her neck with quite fierce growling, like you would see in a real dog fight and she yelped. She got scared. She hasnt over stepped the mark, she hasnt even tried to play with him since then because of his instant aggression. I wouldnt worry if he was just mouthing her, he did that a bit to Hairy when he first came, with a few growls, but more playful and sorting out who was boss, but with the pup it was full on aggro. He only had the muzzle on for 5 mins at at time, because he was still trying to bite her nose/face through the screen door when she was in the sunroom. Right now, pup and Hairy are in sunroom, Charlie is asleep in the lounge after a long walk with my son. Edited to add: Charlie has a great temperament, hes very happy and trustworthy with any child, adult, our own cats, and loves everyone and any dog that comes to visit, however for some reason, he did this to a young male rotty pup about 2 months back that came for a quick visit, with all adult dogs hes been fine, especially females as he loves them.
  2. Hi Everyone, Our new little bundle of joy arrived today, she is a 9 week old Staffy female and very socialised (from ARF). I have two male dogs, one is Charlie a Staffy x Beagle who is 5, and Ive had for 3 years, the other is Hairy, (from ARF too) a 2yo Silky Terrier Cross who we've had for 4 months. Charlie is such a freindly dog, loves everyone and everything, my g/f dogs come up and hes so happy to see them. Now when pup arrived, they met her in the front yard, she was in the crate, and I introduced them one at a time. Hairy licked her to death, Charlie wanted to bite her. Put pup into sunroom with a screen door between them, Charlie still wanted to bite her (and not a nip either), Hairy has played with her quite a bit, very happy to share his food and everything. I bought a muzzle for Charlie this arvo, to put on so he can still be around her, but not able to hurt her. I have had them all out in the front yard, they were doing okay, but then he rolled her and tried to get her again (thought couldnt). Ive made sure I have paid him heaps of attention, and the pup less etc, fed him first tonight, and given him treats when hes sat etc. Should I leave pup/Hairy together in the sunroom and have Charlie with us in the lounge to reinforce hes still the dominant dog? I know intro's can take a long time, but for some reason, Charlie still wants to bite her. Any further ideas for day to day transitions? Im trying to give each dog equal time in with us, but pup squeals when left alone, so I usually leave Hairy with her.
  3. Hey Boxagirl, How is Bondi doing today? Hope shes feeling heaps better, sending some good vibes for her.
  4. Does she wee there or poop there? If she wees there, the smell is so hard to get out, but a good scrub with Biozet usually does it. If there is any smell there, she will be drawn back to it. Stress does cause this, one of my cats was most put out by a new member of the fur family and decided behind the tv cabinet was a good idea too, (what is it with tv cabinets? ) Another thing they say to do, is to put their food in a bowl where they have been dirtying (behind the tv cabinet) some dry food etc. They wont usually pee/poop where they are fed. Hope you sort something out, it can be very frustrating.
  5. Hi, You might like to check out this page, its a list of breeders of Alaskan Malamutes, personally If I was getting a purebred dog, I would certainly only buy from a registered breeder, and even then you should do your homework. :D http://www.dogzonline.com.au/breeds/commun...sk_malamute.asp 8 weeks is much better for the pup,and the owner. Breeders who arent registered may have something to hide. You want to know that the parents have been health checked, that there are no genetic or behavioural issues with both parents (which you dont really know just from seeing the dog). And most, if not all registered breeders are trying to improve the breed, and only sell quality, healthy pups. Unfortunately dogs without papers (even as a pet) you really dont know what you are buying. A pup with that pigmentation on his/her nose is up for a lifetime of daily sunscreen or having the nose tattooed. Good Luck.
  6. Cane toads....erk. When I was a kid on a months holiday in Queensland, we took to them with the slug gun. (dont send hate mail....I was 12 years old, and was told by the people we were staying with that the cane toads poisoned the dogs water..so I had a big hatred for them ) What about a soft muzzle for the doggies that love to hunt them at night time?
  7. Thats fantastic news BustersMum......lets hope he continues to do well, and you should be so proud of yourself for giving this little guy a second chance, despite his sickness.
  8. :D Hi Greentea, Sorry if I sounded a bit sarcastic......just having one of those days I gues.... :p I agree it sure does help to have access to money in case of huge vets bills....in my area my vet (which is a country vet) they dont let you pay off any bills, no matter what the circumstances are, which is pretty unfair, seeing as when I had horses a few years back, I spent over $2,500 on one horse, which ended up having cancer of the eye, then had a maltese dog with all sorts of probs, ended up costing me well over $1200 for all his problems (teeth mainly) and as well as the usual vaccinations, desexing for my cats and other dog. Once when I was desperate and my cat had an abscess that had burst, and I didnt have any cash till the following week, I pleaded with them to see him, and had to leave my very precious sapphire ring with them until I paid the bill the following week. Whenever I call them, they always say "Payment is due on the day, otherwise we cant see you"....I find this very callous of them. Unfortunately the next vet is half hour away, and I dont drive except locally. Golden owner, let us know how you get on with your boys ears.
  9. Hi, Hope your Goldens ears will be okay, sounds like an infection of some sort, those ears can really pong cant they? Hi Greentea, A lot of people would find it very hard to have a few thousand on hand all the time!! If I had that much I could get a decent car instead of my 24yo rustbucket.....
  10. Thats not good news, but sending positive thoughts to you and little "Billy". Caz
  11. Poor little guy, hes sure been through a lot....Im sending big hugs your way for the litle guy and for Buster and yourself.... Let us know how hes getting on please. Caz
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