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  1. Lots of pet supply stores have the Kong Cloud Collar. Call around to find the right size before you bother going out. As others have said, your dog may still be able to get to the stitches, but I'd still try it first. And I had a good giggle at Darcy (little Westie) wearing his collar. He looked like he was wearing a haemorrhoid cushion XD
  2. Have you turned this place in Essendon? http://www.petandaquariumwarehouse.com.au Helpful staff who can offer diet advice. Cheers, Thanks for that. I hadn't seen them. I will check them out!
  3. Sorry I don't have a recommendation for you but I would love to know where you recommend in Preston? Preston Market! Turkey necks, turkey chops, pork bones, beef, chicken... all the good stuff. I also love Psarakos (corner Normanby and High) for chicken (offal is same price as at the market, but the rest is more expensive - though not by much), and salmon heads there are very good value. There's EA Salce on High St, and they won't let you look at what's in their freezer but they have some good value stuff. I liked going there for frozen roo tails. I think they have VAN refrigerated food, and maybe Big Dog BARF.
  4. Does anyone have a recommendation for RMBs, poultry, or offal in the Pascoe Vale/Glenroy/Broadmeadows/Coburg area? I have been travelling to Preston but if there's a decent supplier closer to my new home, I would love to try it. The Coles in Pascoe Vale is pretty rubbish for raw dogs... they just have chicken necks. Nothing else. However, there is a butcher next door that I am yet to try.
  5. Poor Pebbles!! That would really hurt :/ Someone near our small local park keeps dumping bread. I know they want the birds to eat it, but is that species appropriate? Now I try to pick it up and put it in the bin before the dogs eat too much of it. It annoys me more than I know it should! Thankfully I haven't seen any needles lately, but I do see the odd needle wrapper. Ick.
  6. I would say that's completely on topic and I was going to mention the same thing. Other threads in this community on the subject of motion sickness in dogs have mentioned that an adjustment to the atlas bone can be a cure!
  7. I don't know who you live with so this may be irrelevant: Talk to other members of the household so that they understand the goals, rules, and can cooperate by not feeding the dogs anything outside of the diet you have prepared. Also, think about whether there might be overly friendly neighbours sneaking treats to your dogs when you're not around. My dog lost a bit of weight when one neighbour moved - she was very difficult to convince to stop feeding him! I know what you mean about the small meals. I have a Westie who loves his food (and it shows). Most days he just gets one chicken frame, which would weigh less than 200 g, and he is at a good weight and isn't starving. Chopped kangaroo tails are good too - the larger pieces (>200 g) go to the big dogs, and a smaller piece is the right size for one day of food for the little one.
  8. I found a place to buy green tripe! I have some in my freezer now, and the dogs have all had a serve today. I will be interested to see if there is any improvement to their health. The shop is in a northern suburb of Melbourne - this thread has put me off broadcasting its name, even though the owner said to tell people they've got it. So PM me if you want details! It cost $9.35/kg and will be frozen by now (I got it raw - it's not as gross as I was expecting, but is still not pleasant). EDIT: The pet supply shop I was getting tripe from has now closed. As others have said, tripe is available in the K9 Naturals range, and I think I have seen it in Vets All Natural packaged food. I'm not sure if it's green tripe in the VAN though.
  9. Have you tried other bones? The 10+ year old malamute I live with loves salmon heads, spines and tails.
  10. I'm pretty biased because I've seen a chiropractor my whole life, but I don't know what I'd do without chiropractors. They're not all great, unfortunately. My dog, and the other two I live with, are lucky enough to see a chiropractor regularly. The Westie (~10 years old) was not putting weight on one leg, and sometimes he was limping so badly that he had to be carried home. He had a few adjustments, and now he is weight-bearing and he runs around the park, never needs to be carried. He still sometimes favours the leg (like he'll put it down for one step, then not the next, and so on), but the improvement is great and he seems a lot happier.
  11. Northcote Leader article This is my council. The headline got me worried, but it's not as witch-hunty as I anticipated. Surprisingly, there is only one pro-BSL comment.
  12. Are these stem cells being used for any other joint conditions? I have only done a bit of research, but I only found cases of bilateral cruciate ligament disease in horses that were treated using stem cells.
  13. Where do you get them from? I can only get beef and sheep hearts. Some chicken shops sell them. If your local one doesn't have them, maybe ask if they can get them in. I know the nearest chicken shop to me is happy to order things they don't stock, e.g. turkey necks. Whole chicken hearts are great for small dogs too! The little guy here gets two as part of his raw diet once a week, while the bigger dogs get five times that.
  14. What kind of power dryer? Is this specifically for groomers? I'm guessing my hair dryer won't cut it
  15. This. I know it's simple, but it's the most effective. Humans who need to lose weight should adopt this approach too - smaller meal portions, more exercise. There is no healthy quick-fix. Our dogs are fortunate in that we control what they eat, so they can't give in to any cupboard, cafe or supermarket temptations. When my dog needed to lose weight, I kept reducing the amount of dry food he was fed, until he was only getting 1/3 of a cup and a bone each day. Then I changed him to completely raw (starting on the diet meal sizes) and he slowly (and healthily) reached his ideal weight, while eating more food (in terms of mass/volume). If you're worried that your dogs will be too hungry on reduced meal sizes, you can add bulk by giving them grated carrot. Edited to add: If you give your dogs treats (ANY treats - a bit of your meal, training treats etc), remember to reduce the size of their next meal. I know too many dogs who are overweight, and might be normal sized if their owners realised how fattening dog treats can be. Another thing is to make sure all members of the household are aware of your goals. When I lived with my parents, there was a lot of sabotage :D
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