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  1. Hi all! So I'm deviating from my cattle dogs, and delving into the world of border collies! This is my first dog on full register, as my first cattle dog was associate, and second on limited, so I'm going to do a bit of showing with her! So, I need ideas for a show outfit and colours! I'm thinking solid color, and will definitely be pants suit! Pup is black and white, and I'm thinking pale colour, either pale pink or yellow, so as not to detract from her colours. Thoughts? Pictures of the above colours against a black and white dog? Annnnnd finally, any suggestions as to where I might buy said pant suit? Thanks, Melissa
  2. Grass seeds are the devil! I took my inside cat outside on her lead the first time in months and she got one in her eye!
  3. Hi all, Super excited, the obedience club I co-founded last year has been successful in getting a grant for a FULL set of agility equipment!! So, my question is, where do clubs get gear from? Must be ANKC standard, as I regularly compete and hope to get others into competing! I guess a major factor when considering where to buy from is that it needs to be delivered to south west queensland. I am going to have a chat to local carriers and see if they can help us out. Thanks!
  4. I got my girl out of the local rag. She is registered, and they are certainly reputable and ankc breeders I will be going back to in the future.
  5. Yes unfortunately I think her situation is going to be a hard one to crack.... I told her some kids where I work will walk the pup for her. She'd have to pay but it's certainly a better option... Anyways, she seems to think that 10 minute ball throwing is enough exercise for a young lab who has totally no manners. Major face palm here.... Poor dog is all I can think....
  6. Thanks Mita, I will contact them!! I seriously think she doesn't realise she is dong anything wrong by them
  7. Hi all, I actually run charleville dog obedience and agility! Unforunrwly she is one who has had very little expereicene with dogs, however overestimates her abilities. She wont come to training Because it is too cold. ii have kept quiet to see what others opinions were of late :) So, on the cat idea, she is actually getting another cat next week, after giving hers away a couple of months ago to the neighbor because she 'had no time for it'. So now lets add a kitten to the mix of animals! Yesterday Arvo she locked them in her house while she went out. I heard the pup whining, but it often does when she isn't home anyways, so I kept going about my business, as it wasn't a cry for help, it was simply a whinge. Later on, I saw her and she told me that they totally destroyed her house! Had knocked all her medication over and gotten into a whole bag of chocolate! The cleaner turned up today and it was a huge huge job, glasses smashed in the kitchen and everything! The lovely older lady who already has two dogs of her own has taken them again as she has gone into hospital yet again. I suggest she crate train them so they can be safe and secure when she is not there as it certainly takes any worry out of my mind when its super cold for example and i crate mine inside wheni go out! She didn't really take any notice! The RSPCA ideas are good, but unfortunately we don't have an RSPCA here. The dpi lady does the call outs etc, but the RSPCA is fairly difficult in actually getting people out here etc. I am doing an exam at the nighbourhood centre on Monday, and I was going to have a chat to them about the options. Social workers etc aren't very accessible out here. The older lady who has them says that my neighbor always comments on how well behaved they are when they return home from her place, so I am hoping the older lady says something to her now too. Seems this predicament is getting slightly worse. Thanks guys for all your suggestions and support :)
  8. Hi KJJ, I do agree, I feel for her and try to do as much as I can. Come hell or high water, She wanted a lab to train as an assistance dog. so, i went to the trouble of finding a reputable breeder that had has dogs go onto be assistance dogs, he, however, didn't have any pups,which meant she would have had to wait. Se didnt want to wait however, So she got one off a breeder, a breeder who was quick to give her a pup without asking all the questions. It's just hard as we Iive a small town and those help organizations aren't easy to come by. I am kinda cranky with it, I don't mind helping, but there is a difference between helping and the helpfulness being abused.
  9. Curious on people's opinions of this. My neighbor has rather bad health issues, pacemaker, breathing problems etc, and she is only about 35. She has a Tibetan spaniel who has totally no manners and a 6 month old lab who is a ball of destruction! She cannot walk them as she gets too out of breath so easily. They spend all the time with her, and I can see some separation anxiety developing in the lab. She had to go to hospital the other day, the little dog was running the street, as it always gets out. We live in a street where there are stray dogs everywhere, mainly of the pigging variety, coz that what the local past time is. Anyways, she asked me to feed them, I barely have time for my own. I schedule my life around my own, in that I take them out to feed the horses, and take them out where I can if i have things to do. I don't have time to look after someone else's dogs, as I also work full time. I can understand that she likes them for company, but her hospital visits are very frequent and she has no family here. While I do as much as I can, I can't always do it all for her. Clearly she has taken on more than she can chew.... It just annoys me because ultimately, it's the dogs who are going to suffer. Why take on such a responsibility if you cannot handle it?!
  10. Thanks Sandra, have emailed white rose. Unfortunately with samford pet resort, they do in fact change over $50 a day for basic if you are only boarding one dog
  11. I think the cost would be a major turn off for me, unless I had a major behavior issue of course. But for normal training, some of the prices are
  12. With all the private trainers becoming more prevalent, what draws you to either a cccq (or other state canine control council ) affiliated club or a private business?? I'm just curious is all, as it seems that there are more and more private establishments popping up all over the place. I personally like the cccq affiliated clubs, but that's because I compete regularly in cccq comps and enjoy being able to access several different trainers, all of which bring a unique training aspect to the club. What is everyone else's thoughts?
  13. I like this comment :) I've got two dogs, the first is a 'purebred' Aussie cattle dog from a Pet shop, before I was introduced to the world of pedigrees and back yard breeders! While he looks like a cattle dog, his temperamant is something else, thinking bully breed of some sort. He is gentle soft and just a nice dog. Because I am fully aware of the issues of snapping with cattle dogs, I made sure to get that out of him when he was young, and now, no snappy issues! My next is a pedigree Aussie cattle dog. I treated her exactly the same as him, however, no matter what I did about her snapping, it's still in her. When she gets super excited, she just can't control herself and will snap and mouth, more mouth than snap, but it's definitely still there! Not with me, but with other people, as she is quite a dominant dog with others if given a chance. So, the stereotype of snappy cattle dog is certainly there. A temperament fault, I think not. I know what cattle dogs are about, and I'm fine with this, I just manage it how it needs to be managed. When they're working its certainly not a fault. For a city person who cannot exercise or train them, sure, it's a fault, but why would someone such as this get a cattle dog anyways. I think in some instances, Temperament is definitely genetic, whether it be parent specific or breed specific, it's just 'in' them!
  14. Unfortunately dogmad, it's the same in this area. Being a big pig chasing town, LOTS of bogans own these bullmastiff bully type dogs! However, it's so great to see a young boy here with a Dane x bull mastiff bringing him to obedience classes! Is the most dopey well socialized dog ever! Hopefully those types will be the ones we see more of, but unfortunately, I'm not holding too much hope!
  15. Hope Toby is feeling better :) it super annoys me with people like that, what if Toby was aggressive but you had full control, what then? Last weekend at our show I couldn't get over it and was getting very very annoyed! I have two cattle dogs, one used to be super with all dogs and people, but now, is a little funny because of all the stray dogs allowed to wander In this town. As soon as another dog shows an ounce of dominance, he goes for it, it's like he is getting in first. Mind you, he is fully controllable in public... Competes off lead in agility and obedience fine! The other is a snappy little girl who was allowed to be bulled at puppy pre school, as a result, she can snap if feeling intimidated. Again, I can control both and the little one even hides behind me when meeting new dogs, as she knows she gets in trouble if she ges cranky! Anyways, last weekend, I entered them in the show, they compete and do well in the little pet stuff, and was doing an agility display. While I was holding them off to the side, these people are talking to others while their fluffies are on a long lead wandering wherever they like! Elvis is thinking mmmm dinner! It got to the stage where I had mine pretty much by the collar coz these fluffies were getting too close! I don't understand how people can be so daft about this sort of thing, just like this owner was with letting her kid hold the dog!
  16. Tough situation... I rehomed two of my three cats when things went pear shaped with my ex. I had my girl originally, and they came later, and were always 'his' cats and she was mine. So when we split, he said he didn't want them. They always used to gang up on my girl and play fight her and stress her out; there was no way I could take all three. I persevered and found an awesome home for them! I even went back after 12 months and saw them :) Puddles is a very happy cat, and still as loyal as ever. Best thing I could have done for all parties involved! Good luck!
  17. Isn't Stamford pet resort the one that charges over 50 a day?
  18. And the RSPCA are onto no kill shelters and not these puppy farmers? Same on RSPCA
  19. Hi all, I know this has been done before, but it was in 2009 the thread I found.. Many things can change in four years! So, any decent kennels in the area? The ones in Bracken Ridge? Dog is a little snappy and not great with other dogs, so they need to be trust worthy and not stick her in for play time. Am actually driving from west qld, so anywhere between toowoomba and bris would be fine also. Thanks!
  20. I have done agility trials with all my older kids and they are all masters titled. A fast BC will beat a toller, however, tollers can certainly be competitive. Are thy steadier than bc's? I'm steering away from a bc's because they are or can be so neurotic!
  21. Would you recommend these guys for agility comps?
  22. Hi all, Just curious as to how people have made their own gear? In particular jumps. Are there any good templates out there? Thanks :)
  23. Yes & that is why they are not that easy to get :laugh: Very few dogs at a trial will get a quallie, so don't feel bad or embarassed if you have a fault or two. It's all about having fun with your dog :) Most people are happy if they get round the course without being DQ'd (Disqualified). The vast majority of dogs in a trial will get DQ'd. Oh... What constitutes a dq? It's just hard as we have to travel 10 hours to get to any comps, a qually would be nice :) but, am looking forward to it anyways, regardless of the outcome :)
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