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Lure Coursing 5/12


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I saw your Staffy run, (Booker T is his name inst it) , he ran very well considering the length of the grass, aswell as being so hot,

Congratulations on making Field Champion, :rofl:

Bree lost the lure in the grass, and was hopping all over the place like a rabbit trying to find it again, she had fun though,

But the little buggar decided to run around the catching pen at the end and had me and Craig out there trying to catch her afterwards, she hasnt tryed that stunt for a long time, the little devil,

I am not entering Bree for the summer cup, I am going to give her a break over the summer, but we will be popping along over the next few months to help out,

I might not be there on the 5th as I might have to go back to NZ for a week or so,

Good Luck everyone,

Susan, :rofl:

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Yes, i saw bree going wandering around she was having a lovely time. A few dogs lost the lure i spose thats why they werent marked down too much. I thought the scores were pretty high considering. I think booker has hurt his foot, might have been cut by the string/rope, as he got tangle/caught in it a couple of times. Now he wont let me look at it. Hes a big sook. Did u see the rabbit hopping behind the cars, it was the bravest rabbit in warrick that weekend. He must not have got the memo to stay away.

See ya there if the sook is better.


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HELLO TO YOU AND SATCHMO!!!! I remember you both fondly and SO DOES ILAH!!! she loooooovvvvveeeeesssss Satchmo :confused: I hear you guys are coming down to lure coursing on Sunday too! You'll have sooo much fun. It only took the puppy run and Ilah goes nuts when she hears the bike. Looking forward to seeing you again.

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read all this with great interest could someone explain field champion to me and how lure coursing works.


Simply said; the dog is chasing a plastic bag and the dog who runs best (not fastest) wins a price. They look for entosiasm (sp), they way they run, stretching out ect. have a look on the website posted on page 1.

And it is great fun!

To everybody, does warwick have a website as well???

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