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  1. Did you see that it is sold online? Could it be landed in OZ via that means or totally out? :) Yes thanks VizslaMomma I checked online stores before I contacted the Company that makes the vaccine but none ship it to Australia
  2. Thanks for replying. Yes your right Powerlegs - it's very different I finally received a reply to my 2nd email to the USA company that makes the vaccine and unfortunately they can't supply to Australia
  3. So far I have been unable to find out if the Neopar vaccine is available in Australia for at risk puppies. I thought someone on here might know. This is a parvo vaccine only and can be given to babies at an early age for those wondering.
  4. Seriously most dogs love crates if they their use has not been abused by owners. Ours are only in them for shows or for other short periods of time but if one is left up in the house they will get in it very quickly. They are so handy for illness or injury, and of course all young puppies need crate training.
  5. No child was hurt during the taking of this photo :laugh:
  6. Over the years we have had two unsuccessful frozen surgical AI's. The same bitch had 3 live cover litters in between the AI attempts with no issue falling pregnant. I've heard Phil Thomas is the one to go to here in Brisbane. I personally know 2 breeders that between them have recently had 3 litters (all around 6-7 pups) with frozen semen TCIs at Monash in Melbourne. I would definitely consider flying for that result particularly for the less invasive TCIs.
  7. Years ago my daughter's bitch was pregnant, got to 5 weeks and was showing and then started to look smaller over a couple of days. She had a brown sludge discharge. She was treated with AB's and went on to have a normal litter next season. My own girl was mated and was in whelp. At the ultrasound at 4 weeks there was 6 puppies that had implanted with 3 in each horn. The repro vet could clearly see that only 4 foetuses were viable and the other 2 had died and there was no heartbeats. She absorbed these puppies and she went on to whelp the remaining 4 puppies. The vet said it was quite common in dogs and unless you ultrasound most would never know that there are frequent losses within a litter while in utero. This was a human grade scanner by the way. To answer your question yes!
  8. OMG just read this topic. Best of luck with the delivery of the babies. Fingers, toes, legs all crossed for you and your girl
  9. Totally agree with Steve! Most bitches that are in good health can produce enough milk for their babies! It really is supply and demand, given the bitch is drinking and eating enough and the puppies are feeding frequently. I sometimes can't help thinking when reading posts on various breeding sites that new breeders should read up on breast feeding to understand the mechanics of the process LOL IMO some panic and start supplementing which will only reduce the supply and may not be necessary. In a normal healthy litter, we have found it helps in the first few days to help out at the milkbar making sure the little ones get their share and all the puppies are rotated around the best nipples. We also like to make sure all the puppies feed together ever hour in the first 48 hours and find it gives them a great start with no weight loss! Harder with big litters and not enough nipples of course, and if you don't have anyone to share the workload in staying awake. Some people may think it's wrong to interfere and unnatural. In reality dogs have "litters" due to the amount of losses that can be expected if left to their own devices. We have had 9 puppies in each of our last two litters which is big for beagles and luckily have not had to supplement.
  10. I don't believe umbilical hernias are necessarily genetic. Any tugging on the cord can also cause this problem. I witnessed a breeder stripping down the blood and then tearing the cords herself and the whole litter had UH due to the pulling. I bet she never did that again!
  11. I believe it depends on the bitch. My girl who is very fit had her last litter at nearly 8 with no problems. We did get a full blood screen before mating just to be on the safe side.
  12. Both my beagles have had ear problems this year for the first time ever. I just wanted to say both were prescribed "EasOtic" which is very expensive but what a result! Neither had an ear flush and the treatment is once a day for 5 days which makes them really squelchy, then it just keeps working for another 5 days as a residue. After that beautiful clean fresh smelling ears! Worth the money and very easy to use compared to other treatments as you can treat them lying down or upside down. Now I just have to remember to use a normal ear cleaner weekly to keep them that way Edited to add - this is a corticosteroid, antifungal and antibiotic.
  13. Totally agree Jed! That makes neither the places you have seen nor this place correct. We all need to lift our standards so we can see that this is wrong And he would be selling to various Pets Purgatory stores, and the large puppy barns (forgotten their names) which advertise in the Courier Mail .... one at Everton Park, one at Stafford, one at Underwood. Totally agree Jed!
  14. Oh Wendy, tears are rolling down my face reading your tribute to your gorgeous Brianna I don't come on to DOL as much these days but I always remember your posts about Brianna and always though what a beauty! She had a wonderful life with you and your family and didn't suffer by the sound of it which must bring you some peace. She will always be in your heart xxx Hilary
  15. Cindy has had her litter of 9 little tri-coloured beagles....and wait for it....all whelped in 2.5 hours :D 7 boys and 2 girls born Saturday evening. Actually 1 boy is a broken tri :) All strong and healthy so far. I was disapointed as I couldn't get out there as I had to work. Although I have been out to do a puppy watch shift so Sara could get some shut eye, and they are all fabulous. Cindy is the best mum ever and apparently no one pushes as hard as Cinders - check her out: Last photo by Erin Ison - Asalei Photography. Just beautiful thanks Erin x
  16. Well not long to go now! Poor Cindy is so over this...... Xray said 7 puppies. All will be tri-coloured this time.
  17. Bitch had 3 litters all outcrosses - resulted in 1st 4 pups, 2nd 5 pups and 3rd 4 pups. Inbred - 1/2 brother sister mating both progeny of the above bitch - result 11 puppies (a big litter for a beagle) with 9 surviving puppies and 2 stillborn. Four other litters over the years were all between 4 and 6 puppies most outcrosses with one linebred.
  18. My vet charges me $27. No consult just the squeeze.
  19. Agree with dogmad for the same reason. Beagle breeder that we know also lost a pup (12 weeks). Shit happens I know but I would switch to a wing.
  20. Frustrating I hope it will be nothing serious also.
  21. Have you any news yet SLF? Good news we hope!
  22. Looks like you need some company Merrirose..... :D Good luck by the way We have a litter due around the beginning of March confirmed yesterday by ultrasound. Cindy is about 5 weeks today :) We are expecting at least 5 puppies. This is 5 year old Cindy's second litter - last time she had two huge baby girls and we lost one unfortunately. Hopefull of smaller puppies this time around with a bigger litter.
  23. It's scary waiting I know! Fingers crossed for a positive result SLF
  24. My male beagle can't have chicken wings or pieces with the skin either. Poos are totally encased in mucus. Gross!
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