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General Camera Advice Needed

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I am taking photos at an event early next year and I get frustrated changing the lenses over mid shoot. I had a 3100 which I gave to a friend and I am sure I could borrow it and I now have a 5100. Which one should I put the longer lens on? Both cameras have the regular lens and a longer one.

If I could afford it I would go out and get the one that does both, although is the quality as good?

Sorry for such general questions. But I figured I might as well as the Dolsperts

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Most definitely not a pro but the things that I think need to be taken into consideration would be:

What type of event is it?

What length are your 2 lenses?

How close/far away will you be from what you are shooting?

I would then put the lens you expect to need to use the most based on the event and shooting conditions on the better body.

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Its a family event held on a farm. So various lighting, distances, subjects etc. Thats why I am thinking 2 cameras might be better than one. I think the majority of the pics will be close so will use the regular lens on the 5100 and the longer lens on the 3100. Thanks for your input it has given me a different view. Fingers crossed I get it right...lol

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ok ..things I would consider is what time of day, what light is avail, is it indoor/outdoor, what kind of photos are we needing ie portrait or group shots? Both? You need to consider if light is low having the best lens with the lower f stop to deal with that situation. If you are doing group shots well how wide the lens will have to be considered to get that shot. do you have a tripod? Or flash?

Are the lenses you speak of kit lenses???

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