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Dobermann Health Issues

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I love Dobes .... we have had two in the last 12 years.

The first one had to be PTS at 7 years old due to Wobblers.

The second one had to be PTS at 5 years old due to cardiomyopathy.

Are there any breeders that are able to produce a Dobe free of these two issues.

I want another Dobe but I don't think I could go through the heartache again!

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I lost two to cardio one at 11 one at 8, one had wobblers. I feel your pain. I couldn't have another, however there are some very good breeders doing really good things. All the best with finding your new mate

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It's sad isn't it! I lost one at 13 due to another dog attack otherwise she was healthy, no hip problems no thyroid problems just a good girl. She was back yard bred not that I advocate that at all (I was 10 years old when we got her my parents and I didn't know any better). My other girl passed in her sleep at 8, I presume cardio as she was running around and healthy the night before..she was also BYB, well I *think* although we did get the pedigree of her dam so I know some of the lines she came from.

Fast forward 15 years and I got my next girl, who will be 6 this year from a 'reputable' breeder. She cost me an arm and a leg as a show prospect but turned out to be extremely dog aggressive (to other bitches not dogs), she's very full on but a nice bitch. My next girl who is currently 4 is everything I have ever dreamed of BUT I have dug into her pedigree, her sire is an Am Ch and so his information and that of his grandsire etc is available on Dobequest. I know there is some cardio in the lines so I am just hoping it doesn't befall on her.

Sorry for the long winded reply. Basically I know whom I would purchase from again and who to steer clear of. I also think cardio is a big problem in the USA with a lot of show breeders who test for everything, you can just never know with a Dobermann what will happen. I think this breed is for people who have deep pockets or are willing to spend their money on their dog, I also think any prospective owner needs to be prepared mentally for any events that may happen. We may not always have this breed for a long time but it was always be a good time.

I do believe some breeders in Aus just want BIS winners and some only use sound stock. You'd ideally want to see an older bitch or sire being used because genetic problems don't often crop up between 1 & 4. No breeder could EVER or should EVER proclaim that their stock is DCM free as this is untrue and completely misleading but if you want any recommendations you can PM me if you like :)

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