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Dog In Playground

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So I was at a local park today with my son 4.

The park is a really good one, has two kids area, a adult exercise area, tennis court and a dog fenced area. All a reasonable distance from each other.

So I like to preface by saying I strongly believe in including dogs in family activities- anywhere I can I would bring the dogs when we had two ,now just Chloebear. That includes kids parks- i have her on short leach beside me on a bench, sitting . I'm happy for kids to come give her pats- so long as they ask and if they are little there is a parent.

Today at this park this lady turned up with her beautiful GSP and sat at next park bench - then proceeded to tie dog lead to bench- dog had halti

Now the bench was about 4 metres from the kids play area and it was about 3pm so pre school and younger . Mine seemed to be the oldest there .

Her little one wanted to go to the other little park which was a walk across the park- probably 70-80mtrs away .

So off she went and left the dog.

This is why I'm mad- there is a beautiful dog and of course he was a kid magnet - all the little ones were running over going doggie doggie . The mums were saying to kids as they intercepted them "yes lovely dog but you can't run up to a strange dog as we don't know him"

Why do that as a dog owner , I understand the dog was probably very friendly but isn't it irresponsible to leave your dog loosely tied to a park bench alone 3 mtr from kids who aren't yet at an age that know not to run to every dog.

Am I wrong to think that?

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Steph M   

Nope. What an idiot. No matter how much you trust your dog, why put them in that position?

Stressful and risky for everyone.

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