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  1. We have a few dog friendly cinemas in Melbourne! Gus loves them!
  2. Melbourne local here. I know EXACTLY the ones you mean! The down jackets bit killed me. Hahaha.
  3. Hello everyone! Been AWOL for some time, been busy raising a toddler and working etc. (Photo below for everyone's peepers!) My question is, does anyone else just get CRAZY puppy clucky sometimes? Like, beyond practical clucky? Every now and then I think 'how hard would a third dog really be?' and it just spirals from there. Haha. Part B is how hard did you all find adding a third to a group of 2 adults...hypothetically speaking...haha. Gus and Rosie are 4 and a half now, so well into adulthood. Anyway, have some Gus and Oscar spam. Watching their first local footy match. Both very excited)
  4. I would titre, given admittedly this is their first vaccs since puppy ones (dogs are almost 4, so we are a bit behind, but they get a yearly vet check) but we need them to board in March, but titre testing at a decent cost are even higher, I am still on the lookout for that though, and in conversation with the boarding kennel over whether that would be sufficient. Haha. Just covering my bases. Some of the clinics I have called are up to 108. What the fudge... Thanks for the suggestion, will pop on a few facebook groups and ask around. I like the idea of Maverick vets hahahaha
  5. Anyone have any suggestions for vets who do not charge the earth to vaccinate dogs? Just need the c5. Last time we got it done at cost at work, I cannot bring myself to pay ~90 bucks for it now!
  6. People are very good liars. Ask any one of the people here who work in rescue, I would say all have been burned or almost burned at least once.
  7. Just out of curiosity and I could be remembering this wrong, but aren't all of your dogs from the same breeder? One who has a less than stellar reputation on the health testing front? If that is the case, while I am sure they are wonderful dogs I would be very wary pinning any problems they had on the desexing alone. I have heard some awful stories come out of that kennel.
  8. We are! Gus is looking fab, Rosie needs more so will have to top her up as now it's warmer and they are doing more she is looking a little too slim for my liking. If you don't have a membership I'd be glad to take you in one day! I love the place, it is ridiculous! Haha.
  9. I met a flat coated retriever once - I asked quite timidly if it was one - you should have seen the beaming smile on the owners face when he said "Yes - I'm amazed you picked that" The one on my couch would have tried to leave with you! Hahaha. Anyone stops to even make eye contact and he takes that as consent to love on you.
  10. If this ban were not being implemented with a drop dead date 12 months from now, that choice wouldn't have to be made. I have to admit this is how i feel too, a longer timeframe to allow consultation with rescues, allocation of resources, people, fosters or plans for holding dogs. I feel like a flat 12 months is a short time & as much as everyone is convinced trainers/owners are scum, come 12 months they're stuffed and so are their families.
  11. Mentioning dog fighting is another thing that worries me, who is to say this isn't just going to continue underground as well and remain totally unable to police? Dog fighting may be banned, but it isn't gone....
  12. Should be on a Billboard, Gruf. ETA: Glad to see Gruf taking centre stage again :laugh: :laugh: Have you ever met a Greyhound?? They LOVE to race! There is nothing cruel about training and racing Greyhounds. The issue is about training methods and reducing over supply. Should we ban pet dogs as well? I mean, they have no choice to be a pet. What about agility dogs? Show dogs? I wonder if it would be possible to keep it as a dog sport, IE no money in it but for the sheer athleticism and enjoyment of the dogs. Probably not now but the idea is nice!
  13. Absolutely not cruel to desex if you don't feel you can manage an entire dog or not to desex if you do not feel comfortable doing so. BUT there is science to say at very least delaying until adulthood is important if you do decide to go down that route. There are many wiser people here than me with better advice but just wanted to chirp in and say someone will always judge you either way, you gotta do what's best for you guys. :)
  14. This is exactly my feeling. I believe it is already very hard to find them homes, will only get harder. What do you think this means for pet or show breeders? Will you guys have a hard time getting breeding dogs or will there be much impact on you guys if it goes nation-wide?
  15. This is so lovely, we just lost my grandma and while she was calling the ambulance at 2am unable to breathe she was stocking her cats bowl and making sure she had enough to eat until Mum could get down there. We found kitty a lovely home with one of my Grandma's cousins in the end and it made her a lot more comfortable to know Kitty was sorted out and happy.
  16. Honestly that sounds less like dominance and more like bad puppy manners. Unfortunately they don't magically grow out of it, but with some good boundaries it does pass. In the park situation I'd be working on a really good recall to call Pup back before someone does get sick of her puppy play style.
  17. Feed less but there is no need to fast for any time, IMO. You will just be hassled into oblivion! Haha.
  18. You aren't alone! Every few months after a heap of good behaviour I leave The Whippet From Hell inside alone and I regret it immediately. Last time it was a tin of baby formula...a whole tin...
  19. Make the collar AWESOME. First off, make sure it fits well and is comfy, is she longer coated or short? Second of all you want the collar to be around when all the good stuff happens, things like put collar on the floor and put threats in and around it, hold collar in the air and a treat behind to encourage your dog to put her nose through it to get the treats, put it on at mealtimes and off again after, stretching the duration longer and longer each time without stressing her out, of course. http://iheartdogs.com/help-my-dog-hates-collars-the-best-way-to-put-a-collar-on-your-dog/ Here is a good article that breaks it down a bit more. I am sure other more experienced people will have some good ideas too!
  20. http://www.bestfriend.net.au/ This place looks amazing!!
  21. Oh this is so sad, but what a last second wind he had with you guys! I remember seeing his new beds and PJs! So so lucky!
  22. Wow! I have always heard never to touch marrow bones! Interesting...
  23. OT but Oh My God, OSO, Do people really go after you for their dogs shredding their beds? Good god. I wish I had someone to 'blame' for that, it is a regular bloody thing here! Haha.
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