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Question On Panting


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As some of you know, my beautiful 10 yr old Westie girl has a tumour in her spinal cord compressing on her spinal. She was given 3 months to lie in January.

She has been doing so well.

We have had a few frightful times where she stops eating and won't take mess but each time she has come through.

The vets can't believe it.

Anyway she is eating really well, doing well but tonight while laying with me on bed she is panting lightly for no reason.

She does not feel hot.

I think her pain levels are increasing.

She is not obviously in more pain but maybe it's hard to tell because she us still eating, she limps all the time now. It's just the panting.

She is on the highest level of med's she can have now - 4.

We had to reduce one from nightly to every two nights then I stretched it to every 3 then every 4 and now it's back to every 3.

I call the specialist vet tomorrow morning and see what she says.

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