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Heavy breathing, pain, and the awful decision


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Jarrah is 14 and declining in many ways.  I'm fighting with the big hard decision. Latest problem is that she pants heavily at night.  Two related problems.  One, I suspect it's a sign of pain.  Two, it keeps me awake and makes me anxious. 

I've moved and don't have a trusted vet within 2000km. I have a vet appointment tomorrow with a vet I don't know (though I know the practice deals with a lot of rural people and isn't inclined to be sentimental) to make the awful decision. The rational brain says there's no point to doing a lot of tests and palleatives.  My emotions want to keep her going. 

Seeking advice generally about how to interpret excessive panting, and how to make the awful decision. 

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Mezza is 14 nearly 15, @sandgrubber, but he is a Pomeranian.  Since being with me he has put on a lot of weight and now on a diet.  He also pants heavily and so dramatically (to use the vet’s word) that he wakes me at night.  At first she put it down tohis being overweight and also having a full coat of hair which, judging from the state he was in when I released him from the pound, he hasn’t had for many a long year.  


However, after further tests and x-rays, he is now on a suite of medication (Gabapentin and Meloxicam for pains in his legs {he has been on these since he came here} and now Doxycycline and Aminyllin for the other issues) and seems to be doing well.  He has always had a good appetite hence the o/weight. 


Good luck with Jarrah - so difficult not having a known vet you feel you can trust totally, but you are very experienced and, hopefully, they will recognise that and treat you and Jarrah with the respect you both deserve.   


As to how to interpret excessive panting: my vet found “crackling” in Mezza’s lungs and variations in the width of his Trachea.  Since being on medications, the panting is not as often as before and the crackling in his lungs is still there, but has reduced - not enough for the vet to be happy though and his meds regime is continuing.    

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The vet didn't see anything major... apart from old age and excess weight.  Partial collapse of larynx could be responsible for panting.  Weight loss should help if that's the problem.  Prescription: 20% less food, 50% more meticam. 

It turned cool again today (14 C and raining).  Jarrah pants less when it's cold. 

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