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Dog food; no meat, just grubs

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I saw a program on ABC tv recently about using insects as protein .... think it was Landline.  There is a woman who has been supplying “the industry” for years now and she visits schools doing taste tests.  She sells insect powder to be used as a part replacement for flour and also coats insects in various ingredients (eg chocolate) as nibblies.  


The program also featured people from [forget - maybe Brazil] who use insects and insect powder in their commercial cooking - the business is in northern NSW, I think.  They have to import their supplies as the Australian industry isn’t sufficiently developed to meet the demand.  


Nothing about dog food though. 


I have never been adventurous with food, so I won’t be giving it a try.  I imagine Bunter would wolf it down, though   :laugh:  :laugh:

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