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I love my job! Working with animals...

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19 hours ago, persephone said:

Dream job ..(most times ) They all look extremely content and  beautiful :) LOVE the photo of the lamb & goat jumping   LOL .


January's rain events in Sydney have had the grass at the farm go a bit nuts @persephone... I got so jack of how long it was between the paddocks and at the back of the shed that I took my whipper snipper to work and made it short enough to walk through comfortably. Luckily for us, we don't get many snakes where we are, or it would be a real worry...


Fingers crossed you guys get some rain soon... enough to regenerate the grass for your sheepies... it must be so hard for them fighting for what little there may be with the native animals (read roos)...


I do love my job... working with young animals and raising them to be big and strong and happy is so rewarding...


Even more rewarding is seeing them clamouring to go out visiting people and bringing joy to others... huge bonus!


Here are a few more photos of my little charges...














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Got me LOTS of slobbery leg action yesterday... we have got 3 new tiny calves at work... woohoo!











Reggie and I already have a bit of a bond going... he's such a funny little larrikin... we played games like walking under Aunty T's legs and learned how to give kisses.


Randy is the lazy one...likes to lie around in funny positions making you think he's dead... *sigh*... until there is a bottle on offer... then he's all action... lol!


Rory is the quiet shy one...but coming out of his shell nicely with lots of chin and cheek rubs...


Damn, my job is so hard sometimes...NOT!!!!



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