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PetRescue's new "bulk messaging" feature


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PetRescue has announced this week that the Matchmaker Project's "bulk messaging" feature has been turned on (https://bit.ly/2H5zxPI).

Rescue groups - of course - contact every successful adopter. But this new feature is designed to require rescue groups also respond to unsuccessful applicants. It is presented as a way for groups to speed up their communications processes; with a few clicks groups can respond to the public with a (PetRescue branded) message declining their application and inviting them to apply for other pets.


But here's the real kicker. This new feature is actually a trojan horse for another, much more insidious addition;


PetRescue want you to tell them who adopted your pet.


After the bulk emails are sent to the unsuccessful adopters, rescue groups are invited to choose which applicant did in fact adopt the pet.




We've seen in the past that not only are adopters contacted on the regular to have their stories used for PetRescue's self-promotions and fundraisers (https://bit.ly/2J1Frmz) but that by clicking this link and identifying these successful applicants, you are giving PetRescue a beautifully washed contact list of donor targets that they can then put through their automated on-boarding process to start soliciting for a donation for themselves.


You are giving PetRescue your rescue group's supporters on a metaphorical platter. 


PetRescue does not need to know the confidential details of how your group operates and who it adopts to. Rescue groups SHOULD NOT GIVE PETRESCUE INFORMATION ON WHO ADOPTS THEIR PETS - EVER.


PetRescue is now by far and away the biggest threat to the financial sustainability of rescue groups I've seen in nearly two decades of researching animal rescue in this country. The potential harm to groups from this new feature cannot be overstated.


If you're a rescue group volunteer or foster carer talk to your group's president as a matter of priority to ensure that they are aware of this issue. Share this post in your rescue group channels. Rescue groups have to stop this resource suck before it gets started.



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I feel like a broken record and have posted this a few times before :o but our adoption rates have not changed at all since we left.

Rescuers; if you're scared to leave, do a trial run.

Advertise your dogs anywhere and everywhere and you will still keep getting adoptions.

Try Rescue Network, Pound Paws, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, E-newsletters, Gumtree , build a cheap and cheerful website, blog about your animals, notice boards, go to council/community run adoption days, even trivia nights to get your name out there .... and there's more I'm sure. Oh and brand your material such as adoption forms etc so people know who you are, remember to do post adoption followup calls or emails too.

You don't have to be big, just pro-active and thinking outside of the box. :) 


As for the new system. WTF? :eek: You'd have to be crazy. 

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Check with legal experts re requiring Rescues to reveal  who adopted their dog.  It needs running past legal eyes how this would sit with the strict privacy laws.  As it would be the Rescue passing on the new owner's information,  they'd bear the onus if there's any breach of privacy laws.     

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Please download this alert and email it to anyone who rescues, and uses the PetRescue website. They're likely too busy doing *actual rescuing* to be aware that this is going on behind the scenes and that they are at serious financial risk. Especially if they have limited resources or are under-resourced with their technology.

All rescuers are flat out at this time of year, which is why this might have escaped your attention. All of your enquires and adopters have been sent this mailing today._Simply make a donation to our “Happy Desexmas”.jpg

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