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Horrible treatment of HUNTING greyhounds

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It is absolutely awful, these hunters are sooooo deliberately cruel. if they just hung they are lucky, they have some very cruel "traditions" (I won't go into detail)  It isn't just Galgos either there is a breed called Podencos (bit like a Pharaoh hound) that also is commonly used by them so so sad:cry:


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7 minutes ago, twodoggies2001 said:

Yes it is terribly cruel, but if the Spanish can do what they do to the bulls in the name of entertainment then nothing surprises me. 

Yes. I must confess I have secretly done a happy dance when I saw footage of a matador getting nailed. 

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:) Probably because I ve had cultural diversity rammed down my throat for the last month or so, long story (Im not saying it is right just the person there probably doesn't really actually think what they are doing because it has always been that way, it is the norm). Things like that kid who mowed down all those emus with his car when they get caught that's what I loudly cheer they are deliberately being an ass...... it is not the norm in Aus to mow down emus. 

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