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Doggo has High Liver Enzymes, thoughts?

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Good afternoon,

Took my Doggo for routine tests after finding low grade (Mast Cell Tumor) MCT near lower back. Liver Enzymes have quadrupled above 700 since test  2 weeks ago.Vet thinks it may be Lymphoma. However she has no signs ,other than Doggo was just a bit flat. They performed liver function test and its inconclusive,  Doggo seems okay now eating running around and Doggo has been prescribed Prednisone just in precaution (started today) .

Vet is suggesting we start lower range chemotherapy because if it turns out to be Lymphoma :confused: we may do pallative care instead of removing MCT.
The Mast cell operation would be quite simple to get wide margins because of location. My preference would be to remove MCT as it has been diagnosed early.

Doggo has been taking antihistamines & Fish oil as well as Lymphodran plus to stop the MCT histamines for 2 weeks.

Any thoughts, suggestions.

Thank you  in Advance:)

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Sorry to read this. I can't offer any suggestions but hope all goes well for you

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I would take your dog to the Oncology Dept at SASH and have the MCT removed with wide margins.


The oncologists at SASH said to me you wouldn't go to a GP if you had cancer would you.  You'd go to a Specialist.  It's the same with dogs.


I went to SASH after my Vet of 15 years got it all wrong with my dog's MCT.  The blood tests & MCT biopsy that my former Vet  did were confirmed by SASH to be totally incorrect.

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