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The Claytons 52/2019

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an image that made my day today ..two quick shots..One keeper! more by good luck than good management

Hope this counts     Took a photo....(attached)  made it into a little 'world in the clouds ' and I like it!  

Terrible photographs taken at full zoom from the verandah of the homestead last evening ...I was walking, and caught the movement of something in the river!When I looked, I thought a kangaroo had swum

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83859932_10157186852479007_2499360380006957056_o.jpg?_nc_cat=102&_nc_eui2=AeG3UO5E8wzIEi0DlimNJP9lj8k-BtCxeOqaAHLROjG6JK5xn0jzf2oa7b7PvC3njfl1F-np5CloGQNc6XYQ_7yeilsoVkZMovQbfon3_Gepqw&_nc_oc=AQllGo6gqasJ4gKdGLj8LYgAJN5o12GPihR2Xuh7coFOOmGGBI6UHHf0qt5C58S8nudUyEZMUMRCUCozU8Das9Xw&_nc_ht=scontent-syd2-1.xx&oh=08f351fafff7246b7eb5322e37c4f0a5&oe=5ECF3E21Terrible photographs 1f641.png?_nc_eui2=AeFoaLsifVAQbR7QlvGQw:(
taken at full zoom from the verandah of the homestead last evening ...I was walking, and caught the movement of something in the river!
When I looked, I thought a kangaroo had swum across, as they sometimes do. When I watched, I noticed this roo was in the water to access the reeds growing there!
It would grab the top part of the reed, bend it over and chew away ...wade/swim to the next, and so on. It exited the water just after I grabbed these few shots, sadly.

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For a change from being so down about so much - just before Covid was upon us I had decided life would be better with a couple of peacocks posing around.  I was offered a 'lend' of two very special ones, a pied girl and a white boy, whose home had been caught up in the bushfires.  These are loosely under what with dogs we call breeder's terms, it doesn't have a name with poultry, not common.  Then had the offer of two pairs at a low price as the owners had sold the farm and they had to be off the property urgently.  Then was offered ten chicks only if I could take the ten - I only had room for six, but found a home for the other four.  So suddenly I had twelve peacocks, another case of be careful what you wish for.  Then Covid happened and I wasn't up to taking photos or much thinking of anything but CoronaVirus.


This is the pied girl, who needs a name.



and the white boy, who will be stunning when his tail/train is full size in spring (they moult their long tales every year).  He also needs a name.





And the Pea-chicks: growing fast, about half-size now and starting to get some colour.  Two male and four female, that was lucky odds.









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Is that a little mist of green grass? That's about what we have and it is so welcome.  Just need another nice fall to back it up before it dries off.  The euros will appreciate it, I was just looking at the "asparagus hay" shot.  Oh and thanks, Cleo it is - I mean she is.


This little fellow was snuffing around before the drop of rain, I hope it encouraged some ants to the surface for him to find a meal.





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Oh..a snuffleupagus!! :love:  Busy echidnas here as well. 
Yes..a mist of green..needs another drink very soon ! 

I think Cleo is very pretty :) The white boy will look amazing with a new tail ..I do prefer the coloured though :)

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