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The Claytons 52/2019

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We didn't do 52/2019, I sort of finished 2018 then like everyone ran out of puff to keep on.  But it's spring summer so will chip away til Christmas, no promises, and hope everyone who takes the odd shot will join in.


September snapshots.


A bit of rain last month was a welcome novelty, a dry finger dam filled up and the Spoonbills found it, lovely to see them again.





A feral cat moved in, initially unwelcome - we don't choose to have cats because life is difficult enough for birds already - but this one picked off the hundred or so rats that over-ran the hay sheds, we also can't poison because of the danger to owls especially.  So she was allowed to stay on and has doubled in size - so much younger than we thought when it first appeared.





Full Moon a week or two ago - one of those nice Halloween orange ones.





From the front door - kangaroos on the neighbour's land, they don't much come onto our spot because the alpacas get all "bells and whistles".





From the back door - Arnold the littlest pony and Harley the tiniest sheep catch some morning sun in the freezing cold.









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an image that made my day today ..two quick shots..One keeper! more by good luck than good management

Hope this counts     Took a photo....(attached)  made it into a little 'world in the clouds ' and I like it!  

Terrible photographs taken at full zoom from the verandah of the homestead last evening ...I was walking, and caught the movement of something in the river!When I looked, I thought a kangaroo had swum

Posted Images

Oh..all right then ....

Grape Marc ( steamed  grape seed/skins left over after wine making)  is good drought feed for hungry sheep (and euros ) 

Image may contain: outdoor and nature

I deliberately took a walk the other week to capture colours ...with surrounds of red and dry ... any bit of colour ..even a single plant  becomes something spirit -lifting :) peach blossom/wisteria/clivia/bluebells and an un named succulent hanging basket :)

Image may contain: plant, flower, nature and outdoor

Dags with his new Syn-Flex collar  :)

Image may contain: dog and outdoor

and err..another euro ..a youngster :)

Image may contain: tree, outdoor and nature

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Not wrong on the colour or lack of it - I did nothing for about six months or so, it was depressing enough just looking at it without creating reminders. 

That's lovely that your animals share nicely with the visitors, mine tend to carry on like selfish little brats.

That young euro is a gem, gorgeous attitude.

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More cat woes - yet another feral has moved in to call the car-port home.  He was calling on the previous stray, I think she has a de-sexing tattoo - but this boy is all battle-scars and male hormones.  Will try to trap him and take to vet, get desexed and whatever shots - I'd like them to go back to their old homes but obviously that's not in their plans





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If I'd thought faster yesterday I'd have tried to do something inspired by Hans Heysen.  Almost home and held up at our crooked bridge by a flock being moved to another property.

Lots of dust, and a hot and tired kelpie.











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