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Liver shunt rapid onset symptoms.Advice.

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My doggo was taken into vet for follow up Ct scan of chest (unrelated issue).

By chance they found portosystemic liver shunt. Inoperable so we will follow palliative Care


She was eating drinking perfectly fine prior to CT scan, and she has always been woosy after anethesia. Following Ct, She was little poorly and not eating at all and had signs on minor  was put on IV for day or two following this and responded quite well.

Walking and eating little by little upon returning home.

So as this was quite a shock to us all, dog went from 90% active older dog. To little disorientated and unbalanced. This has improved, but not completely.

 We gave her Nutrigel today, and she seems to like that, what other ways could we stimulate her appetite whilst she recovers.

 I have a few questions, as all of this is quite sudden development its taken us all by suprise:

1/Has anyone dealt with HE before?

2/Can anyone recommend Low protein diet guide they have used for Liver Issues?

3/ Vet advised us she may stabilise or may deteriorate, but she's a tough Dog and we want to give her chance to recover, I also don’t want her to suffer. Family has spoken about giving her ‘her wings’. Its hard/sad decision. At what point do you decide, and what suggestions in regards to “wings” would you recommend to make it easier on family? 

Thank you.

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Cant help with a shunt but had a bitch with a liver tumor.
From the first weird sign to asap vet diagnosis we where told 3 months enjoy 6 months if your very lucky 12 months .
We where given the diet options but our vet is also very real & had good trust in us to know which path to take .
She lasted 10 weeks & was feed what ever she would eat .Eating became a struggle each week & all i can say is you will absolutely  know when .
We gave her every chance diet wise but when it changed to eating being a struggle we knew it was time for palliative care & to make a decision on just needing  food to next stage .

My advice make the most of every day ,take happy snaps & make memories  hope for the best but be realistic about the worse

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Your vet should be able to prescribe a liver diet, my dog had a shunt (congenital) that was repaired surgically but prior to that he was on hills L/D and thrived on it. Lactulose also helps to break down the larger proteins that can cause hepatic episodes when the liver is unable to do it's job. 

There is a FB group called Liver shunt and MVD/HMD support which has a diet and mediciation protocol with lots of advice for both congential and acquired shunts (your boy sounds likely to be acquired if he's older as congenital is usually picked up earlier).

Also chat to @JulesP who has done a fabulous job managing her shunt dog. 

Hope that helps :)

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