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Dry, cracked and raw paws

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Can't add photos at the moment as I can't remember how but my 10 year old English Pointer Badger has sore paws. One pad is raw. No idea what has happened. He hasn't been anywhere apart from a DIY dog wash a week ago.

He's on week three of the monthly arthritis injections. He was just starting to perk up again and now he's so sore.
Vet did a swab yesterday but it didn't come back with a whole lot but she suggested antibiotics, a paw balm and wash. I'm going in tomorrow to get the antibiotics.

Washed paws with a weak betadine last night and put pawpaw cream on them, then put baby socks on him but he's eaten one sock over night :banghead: Though he is walking better this morning.

Could it just be a case of old man dry feet? He has always had dry paws but never this. Is there a good cream to apply? Good boots for him to wear? Would antibiotics be worth it?

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I'd be thinking infection from the dog wash. Whether it's bacterial or fungal though ? I've never had a dog with "old man dry feet". I'd be doing the antibiotics and the paw paw and if it doesn't clear up an antifungal

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Cheers Rebanne. So it is possible for them to catch things from a DIY dog wash? Stupid me didn't do the rinse section first. But I did it after Badger was out at least.

He's much better this morning after some a good dose of pawpaw cream then a manuka honey cream last night and some special booties.

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The antibiotics will help.  :)  


Yes, it's possible to catch things from dog baths that others have used. Kennelled dogs kept on wet concrete can sometimes catch it from each other as well. 

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