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Herbie goat kid... for his adoring fans...


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Herbie and I spent some quality time with the camera in tow today... not easy getting photos of something that decides it wants your lap, shoulder, face, stomach to climb on... lol!


Here he is next to my mens size 8 workboot... he's tiny!




... and a quick shot as he was running to me...




...and being goofy...






... and just being handsome...




Such a cool and interactive little man... I'm in love!





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We have a Herbie doppleganger who is about 10 weeks older than Herbie... and they both went on a job together today... twinnies!!


Doppleganger's name is Harvey, and he's only about an inch taller than Herbie!!


I'll try to get photos of them together soon, OK?



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He gave me lots of lovely memories in his 4 weeks with me... I'll treasure them and remember him with smiles and joy in my heart.


Raising baby animals can be so rewarding... but sometimes so heartbreaking too...


Every now and then one comes along so full of personality and joy for life they touch your soul. That was Herbie.



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