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Puppy aggression

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Hey I’ve got a 13 week old English staffy and he has been really good with people and other dogs as most puppies are ,we have been socialising him as much as possible with other trustworthy dogs his met about 5 different dogs the last 2 weeks that have been mostly between the ages of 7 months to 2 or 3 years old and my families 13 year old dog and haven’t had any problems, but today we met a 9 week old English staffy puppy just happened to have walked by out the front of our place and thought we would introduce them and he was alright for the first 5 or so minutes and than started growling and being aggressive towards him growling and and barking and went to go him and not in a puppy play way ,where the bow and jump around I’ve never seen him do such a thing, when the other pup was standing there quietly not baiting him or anything, should I be worried, is it a dominance thing since he hasn’t played with any pups smaller than him since we have had him or maybe was he tired, it’s just the last thing I want is my pup to be aggressive to any other dog or person!? 

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He may have realised that the other pup was smaller and younger and could be dominated? Maybe now is a good time for your pup to learn "leave it"...



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Also keep in mind your dog doesnt need to meet every dog to be social ,owners often get that very wrong & push there dogs to say hello to everything without reading there dog at that moment .
I very much doubt  its a dominance thing but more a havent been taught the process off meeting other dogs & you learning when its time to walk away .
Puppies can get cranky at the drop off a hat over stimilulated,tired but owners will insist they go say hello .
Learning to not say hello is just as important,learning self control when approaching another pup/dog the same.

My pups at this age actually dont interact that much with other dogs & are very social .
Why because i dont want them trained into thinking every dog they see is more value or must go see or that it’s e pe Ted they must say Hi 
I show my dogs they have to happy around dogs in close contact more than most .
I have large dogs that can play rough & be imposing .
My guys learn self control,focus .
When it is playtime its based on the other pups,there owners & closely watching if my pups/dogs have had enough & sometimes they just dont care & want to walk straight past which means i have succeeded .

Dont over think it many owners do but maybe take a step back & reading the situation more & focusing more on teaching your dog how to cope .
Not all dogs play with bums up,some are insanely vocal,some in your face .Some dogs just dont want to hang out with others .

So in your case the introduction for the first 5 or 10 mins was fine after that thats when watching the dog & reading its body language would have said time to move on /Your pup may have had enough & needed to switch off & the humans werent seeing that

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On 11/10/2020 at 4:45 PM, Izcherie said:

he was alright for the first 5 or so minutes

..and that's about enough time :) puppies' attention wavers- they get fed up ..they might not WANT to play for more than 5 minutes. It is up to you to remove your pup from situations which might get stressful . 

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