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Thanks guys its been 2 and a half years since my boy was taken,i think about him everyday he gives me strength,as well as my new boy Galileo (leo) hes just over 2 and just been diagnosed with pemphigus foliaceus, its just heart breaking ,if anyone out there has had to deal with this disease, i would realky love to hear from you

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Oh no :cry:  :cry:.  How gutting for you to have to deal with something seemingly quite intractable.  I have never heard of pemphigus foliaceus so naturally googled it as I am sure you have too @Galileo.  I found this encouraging - albeit it relates to humans:


Can pemphigus Foliaceus be cured?

Currently there is no cure for pemphigus foliaceus but it can be managed successfully. The aim of treatment is to put the disease into remission so that it has minimal impact on the person's quality of life.


I would be chasing it up with your vet unless you have found satisfaction there.  If you are not happy with your vet’s treatment/knowledge/support, perhaps consult a veterinary teaching university??


I agree with @Snookthat you might find more responses in the Health forum.  Rainbow Bridge can be a bit confronting and upsetting.  


Good luck and do keep us informed.   

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