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Diabetic Home Made Diet for my Latest Foster

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I have googled and googled but cannot fine a home made diet for a diabetic dog.  Mostly sites for selling the cans and kibble come up and when a homemade diet pops up, for as many people who agree with it as many disagree.  Every body argues about the various ingredients including rice and carrots !!

When my latest foster arrived, she came with about 10 days’ worth of Satiety (despite being a little underweight), but these cans are hugely expensive and she has one a day, so that isn’t really sustainable.  

All I was told at the vet the other day when I went for injection lessons was no red meat but Adult Kibble would be fine.  

I would like to make my own so the little girl can have the correct, nutritious and enjoyable diet, but need some help.  

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