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Dog Buzzers.....


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@pesh Id previously thought when my old stafford girl passes that I will get some buttons for Jonah as I reckon he would take to the idea. Wellmy old girl passed 3 weeks ago and I bought a 9 pack of these today. Got them cheaper on AliExpress (same brand) as these are in US dollars. Will let you know how we go!



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On 04/05/2023 at 7:16 AM, Little Gifts said:

I bought some to try out with Jonah but we never started. Keen to know more Dogsfevr on what has worked and what hasn't for your pup.

He was just given free range to use them at first & grasped that concept so quick .
Im not wanting them out 24/7 but in his case they have been a great brain game for him .
He is  a bright pup gets bored very quickly but the reaction of the buzzers have made it a real fun thing for him thats not the norm .He is a very "foot" dog that swats,touches,shakes without training so the buttons allowed me to teach a foot & reward game for him that also teaches focus & self control 
I just got the 4 set to start 

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