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When a dog runs up to a pup


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3 hours ago, Amazetl said:

It bothers me sometimes when people do ask and since I have a very nice friendly well behaved dog I say yes but then sometimes the person (adults and children alike) lean down and get in their face and pat them all over their face. Now I know my dog can handle that but it still worries me that at any moment things could change if they are uncomfortable plus I don’t think it’s fair, and if they think that’s fine and do it to another dog that does react...


It’s a good chance to teach people how to approach a dog but sometimes they are so quick. 


What does everyone do in that situation so the person isn’t insulted that they’re doing it wrong and has a positive pleasant dog experience? How to you teach them when they are so fast even if they’ve asked first?

Ill be honest i dont care if i offend people when i say No because people wont have the same nice fuzzy manner if something doesnt go to plan .
Having said that owning showdogs i often have to say no at shows & be nice .
Rarely is anyone offended when told No & the ones who are i tend to find are just rude entitled people who think there at the petting Zoo & can do what they want .
I will give a reason  & i will also let people happily touch the dogs .
I see it very easy i am my dogs advocate,im in charge off how an interaction can end & its my job to read the moment & say yes or No for my dogs sake ,sanity & safety . 
If i dont advocate then i have failed them if something goes horribly wrong .
For those who just touch without asking its rare but they get told sternly that thats inappropriate & i will stress not all dogs are equal,breeds have jobs & that you have no idea of a dogs history or even health status aka deaf,blind etc etc .
Education a must but i dont suffer fools around my dogs .

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On 09/04/2023 at 3:10 PM, Tassie said:

I'm increasingly willing to just say "Sorry, no" to people if it's not appropriate for one reason or another  for people and more particularly their dogs, to greet my pup.  (And with my previous 2 BCs, I would just say ahead of time .. Sorry, my dogs aren't super friendly, and move away if that was possible ... or do a 180 turn and go.   Both those dogs really liked most people and most dogs that they knew.   They were well adjusted, well travelled, and competed successfully in a number of disciplines, but I don't see the need for them to meet and greet or be greeted by every person or dog they meet.)

I'm quite happy to say "Sorry, I'm doing some training, could you give us space please" to anyone, and to say "Sorry, No" or sometimes just No .. if people let their kids or dog come too close without having asked.   I upset a couple in Bunnings one day, when as I was talking with a person who had asked if they could meet the puppy, and concentrating on my puppy having a lovely experience, and this couple pushed their trolley with some kind of designer pup eight up next to mine on the other side without even asking .. fully expecting the puppies to have a play date there and then.    Umm no, not happening.   I apologised to the person who had been visiting with my puppy and moved off.  

It is good to see that there are increasing numbers of people and children who ask first if it's OK for them to meet  the pup .... that gives a great chance for coaching both pup and kids.

And in answer to @coneye -   I have a trained "emergency turn and go" on lead for avoiding situations i don't want the dog to be in ... whether thats unwanted interactions with people or dogs, or with critters like snakes.    Trained as a game.

Think the key issue here is what you said , I HAVE TRAINED , turn on go to avoid situations ,, excatly what i used to do often with 2 big extremly dog reactive dogs i owned it was part of there training , however i would summize you are comfortable training dogs how you want them same has i am , but not everyone is  , and theres a difference between  you myself or anyone else comfortable with dogs especielly big dogs , and someone like my wife  who lacked then and now the confidence , all she would train a dog to do is react more

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So we’ve been at the beach for the week. It’s hands down ( I think ) the best place to bring a in training puppy . All the dog owners that come here have super well behaved dogs as they know the beach is a highway so dogs can’t just run out and the camp site has rules no barking , dogs in sites - the usual.

zeus is living his best live socialising when I let him and when we are training people just understand and keep away . 

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